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Manager of ettihad airways, I would like to inform you that the employees who deel with clients unfortunately are unco-operative. I booked five tickets for my family and me among offer time but I faced some conditions that don't allow us to travel. As a natural procedure I called them to cancel the booking and cut the cancellation's fees but they refused. I moved to try another solution which is delaying the flight's date and again they refused. They even refused to solve it in anyway. I asked them to let me contact you as the manager of the airway company and surly you could solve the situation and satisfy your customer, but your employees could say nothing except -not allowed, not allowed-. Loosing five tickets is unacceptable and even unfair especially if you put yourself in my situation. Waiting for your prompt reply. My booking number is 32fnkc


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    Abu yousef Jul 11, 2012

    To whom it may concern, I really feel sorry to know that such a big airways company has lack of solutions. All over the world clients faces different conditions and they may cancel, delay or change their flights' booking. As a sequences the airline company should has the ability to adjust the case according to the client' s satisfaction. It's correct the rules are clear but the future is not. Everyone can pass through difficult experiences, thus we must concern. I booked for my family through the offer but unfortunately we got in trouble when we decided to cancel or delay or at least change our flights. The employees refused to solve it. They insisted on closing all the doors. Any one in my situation would shocked as it happened to me. It is really a big shock. I hope that you as a big, famous airline company find a proper solution that satisfy both, the client and the company at the same time.

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