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I purchased a vacation package and was unable to use it before the 12 month deadline. I was told I could get a 6-month extension but how do you do that when either you cannot get through by telephone, or the telemarketer tells you that she will forward the information to a supervisor and they never call me back. I have made numerous telephone calls and met with zero success!!!

Karen Schultz,
Ames IA.


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    onesoldeir Oct 16, 2009

    I was called last night and told that my package expired and I needed to purchase another one for 250+ dollars. I refused because I was given the six month extension also (when originally purchased). I used one part and booked the other part today and they made no mention of my package being expired.

    The one who called said that although I had 18 months to use it I had to book within the year and if I PAID I could have two more years! He got off the phone pretty quick when he realized he could not get a dime from me!

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