Resolved ESNTrain, Erasmus Student Network ESNPrivate Train cancelled, no refund

I would like to complain against Platform GmbH of Switzerland, who sold me a train trip onboard the ESNTrain for 700 Dollars.
ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network.
This private sleeper train would have brought me on a 12 day journey from Vienna to Zuerich, Rome, Zagreb, and Budapest.

The train never appeared in Vienna and was cancelled.
I've got stranded in Vienna with nowhere to go. With some money left I could only afford to stay in a hostel in Vienna for these 12 days.
One year later, I still haven't got my money back for the tickets.
The damages (hostel costs) were not reimbursed either.

The company Platform GmbH is telling me that its suppliers is
at fault.
According to this site Platform GmbH failed to pay its suppliers in time and didn't have enough money for that.

Platform GmbH sold tickets for a train, it could never afford.
This is bad fraud in my mind.

Two people are behind this ESNTrain project:

Bernhard Jaeggle, an Austrian citizen and student of ETH Zuerich and BOKU.
Matthias Fenner, former President of ESN and now director at ARUD Zuerich drug clinic of Athos Staub.

This is all very mysterious.

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