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E Sep 06, 2018

To whom it may concern

Our electricity has been cut due to tempering. We paid the fine of R6052.00 on 13 August 2018. Proof of payment was taken to Eskom Bellville office. When my mother asked when reconnection will be she was not given a contact number mor a waiting period but instead the person told her not to phone because if she should phone they will take longer. It is 6 September 2018 they have proven their point which is we must just wait we were in the wrong.

I have been phoning since 16th August 2018. Everyday someone gives me a different story and another protocol that Eskom has and up till today I really dont know what it is.  I respect and understand each company got a protocol to follow but hard to understand if alot of people at same company give you different protocols everyday.

Upon yesterday phone call the 4 September 2018 i phoned. Told the guy it was tempering and he jokingly said that with tempering they take their own time and we must wait and we may even wait till December. He said that he is just being realistic in saying it because this is what happens and it is just for them to come switch on electricity. He said ee can go to offices in Bellville to a Zurina Booysen and cry or beg for them to reconnect us.

I was upset yes and feels its pathetic for a call centre person to serve the public in that manner. I even told him he could have been more sympatheyic he tells me he just being realistic. Of all the calls to Eskom that was the worst.

Eskom van drives up and down in our area every day which mean there was no paper work given to them or are we in a pile of paperwork of people that is on punishment for tempering?

We paid our fine so how long more should we wait?

We were given two reference numbers: [protected] and [protected]

Please advise

Thank you
Mary ann

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