Erie Island Travel Plaza / Perry Plazastaffing and product availability

I Aug 12, 2018

I am an escort for bus tours. We allow about 25 to 30 minutes for a stop and reload which is normal and usually no problem. On 8-11-18 stopped with tour group at 9:42 am not overly crowded. Group breaks up into multiple foof sites. I finally ordered at
10:13 am received order 10:20 am. Others at this time in other lines still didnt have there food almost everyone had to eat on the bus. One person wanted a cinabun, they were told about an hour till ready. Only saw 3 people staffing burger king clerk had to stop taking orders at register to fill and pass out orders. Most people had a similar experience. On the return trip we stopped at the opposite plaza same mile marker.
This was at 6: 24 pm same basic story, finally had order taken at 6:45 pm. Not quite as bad, had deliberately allocated more time. Same thing only 3 staffing burger king clerk stop taking orders to fill and pass them out. Now the same person that still wants a cinabun is told it is only a 15 minute wait till they are ready. Pizza place tells others it is 15 minutes till they have pizza available. Our tour company chooses the coffee stops for convenience but these time frames might suggest we look for alternative locations even if they are more off the beaten paths. I am speaking for myself on this issue but everything i relate here goes into my written report about the tour. My itinerary on the return stop said 35 minutes based on adequate staffing which would indicate problems in the past.

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