Epsonmy new xp series printer

M Aug 01, 2018

I bought my printer a couple months ago. It worked twice and after that would either not print completely or print in only 1 color, a different color each time. I contacted your support and you tried selling $200 worth of firewall for my mac. YOU are not Apple and should not be giving advise to mac users. You are EPSON and should only be giving support for your products. To be suggesting that much money for a $60 printer is completely unacceptable. I was then told to update my computer because the software was messing with the printer. I updated my computer to its highest capacity for $75!! I then attempted to print after that and it still was giving me issues. I again contacted your support to see what the issue was and agent flat out refused to help me. He said I needed to get a technician. OUTRAGEOUS. Get a separate technician out here costing more than this printer is worth and you are the ones that sell this product. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HELP. This printer worked all of two times. If you are unable to help, you need to send out either a replacement or give your customer a credit for one that does work. Horrible customer service and policies, will never again buy your products and will tell anyone I know to stay away from them as well.

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