Epoch stole money from my checkng account for years using a debit card number. I Never knew about this site ever. So here is some ways to get back at Rand, the EPOCH founder.
[protected]@epoch is the founder. The mailing address is Epoch, P.O. Box 11149, Marina del Rey, CA 90295.
Epoch Phone # [protected]. The FBI email to complain about Epoch scams is fbi.[protected]@live.com
Shawn Henry of the FBI is incharge of the Internet Scams from the FBI.
Do not give up. What is a way to get back at Epoch is to get some snails from yor backyard and put them in a small box and send it off, slow mail, so they rot. The smell alone will make them eat there own puke.


  • Epoch.com May 29, 2013

    Epoch is a well established payment service provider for thousands of websites. We are fully compliant with all card association rules and we staff a customer service department 24/7/365 available by phone, email, or instant chat.

    For the record, Epoch is a billing company. You didn't join Epoch, but, were billed by Epoch for a site you purchased from. Epoch is a billing company/service provider.

    If we can be of any assistance regarding your purchase, you can reach us here: https://www.epoch.com/en/index.html

    And, hopefully no snails were harmed as a result of your post.

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  • Gw
    Gwilson6969 Aug 19, 2017

    I too was charged by the billing company, Epoch. For the record I didn't purchase anything from the web site they claimed I did. I suspect it came from a dating site that I subscribed to for only 2 days and cancelled after only one day when i read the copious fine print.about automatic renewals ( would a reputable company do that?) That dating site did cancel but my info somehow went to another site that Epoch bills for, a site I never went to and verified it by looking at all the places I visited that my browser records. So while Epoch seems to want to make you believe they are an innocent party. and claim that you purchased something when you didn't then their association with these companies they should review the procedures they operate from.
    When I called Epoch I would get responses such as what web site was it ( I had no idea) what is your sign in name and password ( I had no idea since I never opened an account) what are the ( first 6 and last 6 numbers (out of 16) numbers of my credit card ( like I;m going to do that!). Here's a crazy suggestion for Epoch: Put a transaction number on the charge that shows up on your card account.. They can easily find your account to the bogus web site.

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