Envidatec GMBHthomas frank sets up fraudulent companies & refuses to pay employees


I worked with Mr. Thomas Frank, Detlef Borst, and Peer Schuback to help them set up a company to expand in Bangkok, Thailand. They had financial problems and after nearly a year of working with them, I did not receive my salary. My expenses went unpaid for nearly six months, and having confronted them several times, I kept being told there was a problem with their accounting office, and the money was on its way. Thomas Frank promptly left Thailand with unpaid expenses, unpaid lawyer fees, and a police record. He has been reported to the authorities as well as to the Labour Department for owing employees over 25000 Euros in unpaid salary and expenses. He and the rest of the management team refuse all emails. and will not comply with any legal authorities that have tried to make contact. They are taking government donated environmental funds and trying to set up new 'overnight' companies in other countries to illegally run money through their banks. This behaviour is ruining people's lives and needs to be reported and stopped!

Envidatec GMBH

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