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I have spent well over $ 500.00 since May 31, 2013 and either it was damaged, missing, or incomplete. Finally after the 3rd complaint they refunded me my money on missing tattoo ink for my husbands business they say they are refunding my money on the ink. I have yet to receive a refund on the grommets, or receive the grommets. I ordered a LED Power Supply with foot peddle, and clip cord, well after a month of waiting I received the LED Power Supply, and to no surprise the foot peddle, and clip cord was missing. Needless to say I filed yet another complaint today ( 7-3-13) on this matter, and advised Light In The Box that I was very disappointed and wondered how they can run a business when all they do is screw up my orders. I paid for 3-5 day shipping and I do not receive my orders for almost a month. I paid for shipping on stuff I ordered and never received. Something needs to be done about this Company that is nothing but a scam. They make sure they take their payment out within an hour of orders, and it is us, the customers, who get left ### out of luck. I refuse to do any further business with Light In The Box from here on out. They have no Phone number in which to reach them, so all we are left with is to file a complaint. They provide a website for customer service, yet they claim to no receive e-mails from customers. And when we file a complaint they reply, and ask that you submit a good review in return. I can not submit a good review when I am constantly getting missing items in my orders. I honestly think that the Better Business Bureau should be made aware of Light In The Box and how many complaints are being made on this company. I understand no company is perfect, BUT when you continue to screw up orders to the company, and then refuse to make sure our products we order from them are accurate. So my advise is NEVER ORDER FROM LIGHT IN THE BOX. They make their money by taking advantage of their customers, and not own up to their mistakes. Light In The Box should not be allowed to even be in business. They are a pathetic excuse for a customer friendly business. I made the mistake of trusting them with the items for my husband and my business, because they failed 100%. If we were to screw up at our business I would be completely ashamed and do everything I can to resolve the problem. We would not continue to make the same mistakes after the 1st one, because our customers are the reason we are a business. Without them our doors would shut for good. So how are they so much more different? They failed my husband and I, and in return because of them being completely irresponsible, it could have cost us our business. I am glad I caught it now, my business can be repaired, but the reputation of Light In The Box CAN NOT.


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    LightInTheBoxCares Jul 05, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for shopping with us and telling us about your experience. Please send us your order number, so that Customer Service can find you in our system. In the meantime, you can open a Customer Service ticket and you will be able to check the progress of your request by accessing My Tickets on our website. Follow this link to view the ticket center:, and our customer service team will help you there.

    Thank you,


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