Enterprise Holdingsdiscrimination and defamation of character

I was in a victim of sexual assault in June where I was raped kidnapped and drugged for over 14 days! I was in a car accident on August 20, 2019 and had to rent a car from the Burbank location Non-airport location which is out of cars As all enterprises are usually so after waiting an hour for of us in the minivan to North Hollywood enterprise location therefore I got a vehicle which was not true my car insurance because I was going through some issues with my car insurance I'm so I paid out of pocket And for the first vehicle I got when I got back to my hotel I parked my vehicle in the parking spots in the hotel parking lot where it wasn't involved in a hit-and-run while it was parked I was inside my hotel room came outside notice of vehicle is it therefore took a back negative and having a corn hour and had it exchanged did I didn't push report give them the police number no questions asked got another vehicle at this moment they gave me a Jeep compass 4 x 4 OK took that one home or to my hotel notice I was getting little bites here and there from the vehicle and mosquitoes moving on because we have those up here and over the next couple days my body was infested with bites not bedbug bites bites therefore I am mediately called enterprise and told him the situation but because of the local office that I picked up the car his clothes and take it to the airport where they took they put me in a Nissan rogue sport I'm at 350 pound gentleman get a Nissan rogue sport is a compact car compact SUV therefore I cannot fit in it safely but they didn't have any other vehicles even though they had a whole lot of them and they were getting ready to close therefore I felt as if I was being discriminated against as well as they didn't care so then I brought the car back to a different location and got another vehicle as as a Burbank a Airport lady said that I'm not allowed to bring back a car to this location anymore so therefore I had to go out of my way to find another location to return the car because it was an excepted their understanding of the white marks which they said that they filed the complaint which I would be hearing back from somebody would you never did and I'm still waiting for that issue and I also called the hotline is well talk to somebody and escalations on the trainee and management and she stated that she would get to see the property door is the proper people to handle this and I'm sure no one October 2019 mid October so little pissed off therefore I rent another vehicle because of course my car still in the shop mind you with all of this going on my hotel room gets broken into and I was up at stolen as well so I didn't push for that as well and went to the car from the signal Hill location here in Long Beach and my credit card because of the issue with it being stolen declined the general manager or whoever RJ showed up at my friends house or my mail goes because I moved out here because of the rape in the drug in the good nap shut up at her house and demand of the vehicle which knowing I was down the street from Signal Hill and he drove an hour and a half in the opposite direction to go find me without you know communication so when I went to when I called the location I spoke to the manager the Auntie bad signal Hill and he said it does some verbal arrangement where I would just come in and bring a money order I was with my credit card of course was not working for Payment and he's like OK the time so brought money order they were already closed and I had to take it to the airport airport and excepted it and then therefore you will pay the airport to go with available and then I'll be goodbye and they're like hey we need another payment room so I go and bring another money order for you know $330 the times on the one before that was for was for 200 so together with that that's what 530 OK and that was it on October 2 is when I dropped off the second money order And I told Yante anyhow be paying him for another extension whatever when I get my check from the victims of crime for my Amazon if that happened and I get that on Wednesday I went in there on Friday which is October 2 and the check was mailed out on Friday should be here in glad and I am well we know take care of everything and you know at that point and when I left the building I had a zero balance that was on Friday we are now in Saturday will apparently overnight I got around to $136 somehow and I got a flat tire in my mini Cooper convertible that I rented from signal Hill I got a flat tire from the car mind room 75 miles away from home and call enterprise assistance extremely rude don't value the job apparently I don't know the customer service I had to wait five hours for tow truck to come and get me five hours it's hot outside I'm in the desert 75 miles I'm in San Bernardino time and after the guy gets there with the tow truck five hours later takes me to the nearest location it's open which is an Ontario California OK this is 21 miles from where I was get it thinking that I was just going to go to the shoes the car because apparently the new guys don't have cars for your rental cars so go ahead and talk to Tristan apparently he's the manager that location in Ontario California extremely rude no customer service skills no management skills and made me feel but belittled in front of other customers knowing that I called him prior to that and he said well that's your problem that you have a flat tire fix it yourself when I said no he's like well you didn't buy there's insurance I said well my mind my lawyer told me not to because my State Farm and cover that so I'm sitting on to California airport and no vehicle because he said he will not exchange my vehicle mind you I'm still in the [censored]ing Contract and he said he will not give me a recall on separate after $136 balance and I said I had an agreement with the signal Hill location and he said unfortunately so they're closed do you have their cell phone numbers for the managers is it do you give out your cell phone number to customers so why would I have theirs he said well you have an agreement with them I said yes at the location I go to to pay them the money orders Monday at this point it's already seven hours and it was eight hours now that I've been with her vehicle I'm sitting at the airport waiting for answers and he won't help me and you said will see you gonna have to vacate do we keep this area so then he picks me up at the enterprise location is is that there's nothing you can do he's not gonna give me a vehicle and he will give me that because it has a flat tire and plus I ate that I owe the money and whatever so my angel Uber does not allowed to pick up at the airport But Tristan said you can go ahead and order and Uber and I'll take you wherever you need to go I just paid you guys for $330 money order today's ago so therefore I didn't have anymore money until I get paid on that Wednesday or Tuesday and so frustrating that I get kicked out of the enterprise location stranded in a home at this .54 miles from my house or the hotel that I'm staying so was no money and no means of getting home being stranded 54 miles from my hotel room at him which is been covered by the LGBTQ Center of Hollywood because of my victims of crime I had to walk five and I'm half miles to get to the gas station to use the seller to use her phone because my cell phone died and they wouldn't let me charge my phone over there and I had had the worst of days and I it's like me another four hours at that point to get home by time we got home it was in a while the past 3 o'clock in the morning because my friend had us wait for his check to go through that way he can wire me and Uber hermit shack OK I was highly dehydrated I have an eight anything and my blood sugar was really low I called enterprise again to file a complaint and she said we'll go ahead and handle this in the appropriate action like you guys always say and I advised her that I wanted to speak to somebody about her and she writes me that there's nobody above her she is the highest trade me an escalation just talk to and she will give me a corporate‘s number because of him with his corporate or the complete email or anything so I promise to do my complaint before I've been on file legal action against them because I feel as if knowing what happened to me and I made them well aware of my situation hard to be renting a vehicle is a different note on the account but I will block so I am now sitting in my hotel without a car no means of getting to my appointment for my victims of crime OK we're getting to the LGBT center to do my age test because the gentleman have aids or do you do in the SUV testing so I feel highly highly discriminated against by your company and I invited you guys to get a hold of me since you guys keep on saying it as well but you guys never do mind you I did the first complaint back in the August let me know beginning of September we're not made October, and no word from anybody I feel because I'm not tall skinny good looking and that I am but more feminine that your staff can treat me the way the are!! Not only am out all that money and no car !!

  • Enterprise Holdings Customer Care's Response, Oct 22, 2019

    Ryan de la Vega,
    We’ve noted your comments and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to [protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Carol H.

Oct 06, 2019

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