Enterprise Calgarycargo van rental/hail damage

C Aug 03, 2018

We just got a phone call from Enterprise saying that the vehicule we rented has hail damage to the roof. Before we returned it we did an inspection and found nothing. Also, when we got the cargo van, the guy was too small to see correctly on the roof and said, well it ''seems'' ok.

We asked for some pictures and as you can see there's nothing there that points to hail dammage. Also we flew back this morning to our hometown so can't go to look up the so called damage ourself. The person on the phone told us that you need a balcklight to see the dammage, but that she didn't have one so that's why we can't see it.

Also, she said that it had hailed in Calgary 2 days prior and that's maybe why there was dammage to our location, but we were not even in Calgary, we were in Canmore, then Banff/Lake Louise.

Enterprise Calgary
Enterprise Calgary
Enterprise Calgary
Enterprise Calgary

  • Updated by charlzlez · Aug 03, 2018

    Also, when we did the inspection, that lasted 2 minutes, the guy told us that anything smaller than a golf ball wouldn't be taken into consideration... and never mentioned antyhing about hail.

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