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Enhanced Billing Services, Inc.Billed for services not requested

About 6 months ago I noticed my phone bill was higher. Upon further inspection I realized I was being billed from some company called Enhanced Billing Services. After trying to get AT&T to block them with no results, I contacted the company directly. It took several heated conversations to get them to reverse the charges, and that was after 3 months were already billed.

Imagine my surprise when this month's bill came and there they were again! This time, however, their phone number is disconnected and I can't contact them to cancel! My uphill battle begins...

ps: This is allegedly for long distance service and I still haven't figured out how they get my phone number; you can't stop the leak when you can't find the hole!


  • Mi
    Michele Salerno Oct 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Illegally charging me for service I did not request. Refused to refund charges and refused to stop billing.

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  • As
    asr9378 Jan 06, 2009

    On most recent AT&T phone bill, ESBI (Enhanced Services Billing, Inc.) charged a voicemail to our account (We don't have voicemail), and I cannot get through, the line is busy. AT&T tried to connect me when I called them, even they couldn't get through. AT&T was able to separate my bill, they detached ESBI from my account so I can continue to pay my regular bill without paying ESBI.

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  • Ja
    Jasrec Feb 04, 2009

    Just ran into the same scam!!! ATT said they would stop billing me for the service in the future. However they said I had to pay the $42.60 on my current bill!!

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  • An
    Annette Feb 20, 2009

    Please note that the company that is listed here as Enhanced Billing Services is the incorrect company that is being complained about. THE CORRECT COMPANY THAT YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT IS ENHANCED SERVICES BILLING, INC OR ESBI.

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  • El
    ellen stroebel Feb 27, 2009

    Our small biz was scammed in this manner with ESBI attached to our AT&T bill $14.95/PER MONTH. We did not authorize voicemail, don't need. It just appeared four months ago. AT&T credited our biz account but said the we have to contact ESBI to remove it permanently. I will be contacting our congressman regarding this scam and hope that everyone else will do the same.

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  • It
    ITOA223 Mar 13, 2009

    I got one better! WE are a small business... a taxi company. We have over 30 different phone numbers since we are a taxi company, The ESBI tagged everyone of our numbers for $14.95!!! I just got the bill and it was more than $1500. EXTRA!!! than the regular bill! I couldn't believe it! After I started yelling and saying the FCC is involved they immediately told me they would credit my account for the past six months! THIS place is a scam, there are NO services being provided...AT ALL. its wire fraud at it's best. contact the FCC.

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  • Eu
    Eunice Mar 21, 2009


    This is my second bill from ESBI, I call them the first month and they said they would cancel the services I did not ask for. But I see it's still on my march bill

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  • Je
    Jennifer Apr 13, 2009

    I just received my March phone bill through AT&T and there were 2 charges on there (one for March and one for April) for $14.95 each plus tax for a total of $31.92 for ESBI. I called the number listed on my bill and the person I talked to said someone had signed up for the service online through some coupon website but the e-mail address she said was used wasn't mine. She said she was cancelling the service and a credit would be issued on my next phone bill. We'll see.

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  • Cr
    Cracker5 Apr 22, 2009

    They got me, too, for two months billing. They will not tell me how they got me to sign up for this and claim they sent me an e-mail telling me about my 800 number. This is patently untrue. They are pirates! AT&T would do nothing. I had to call the company to cancel. No refunds.

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  • Pa
    patty317664 May 18, 2009

    I was billed on my phone bill through Windstream. I got through to the company and they are cancelling but said I had to pay the April bill...we shall see about that...I will be notifying my phone company on Monday.

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  • Sp
    Sport526 Jul 15, 2009

    I was just billed for $15.32 on my AT&T bill & when I called the number listed for ESBI, I told the person that I did not sign up for this service & that I wanted it removed immediatly. She did not argue with me or say she wouldn't credit the charges. She even sent me an email confirming the cancellation & credit. Even after that I didn't trust these people so I called AT&T & told them what happened & she assured me that I would be credited the $15.32 & that if I had another charge on my bill next month & should call the FCC which she gave me the number for. Hopefully I won't have to do that & those crooks will leave my account alone. Make sure you look over your phone bills because it's soooo easy to miss this! I almost did!

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  • Ka
    kat o tonic Jul 15, 2009

    I have complacently paid this fee for 12 months, not realizing it wasn't some fee connected with my ATT broadband. I finnally looked into it and found this site. Jeez, there is a thief on every corner! How can ATT bill for something they have no clue just doesn't make sense. I am working on trying to get this sorted out, and in the meantime, I am NOT paying that portion of my phone bill! What a RIP! I don't even know what the 7734 it is for cripes sake.

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  • St
    Steve240 Aug 06, 2009

    I too complacently paid my company's phone bill not noticing this line item. Looking deep into the invoice from AT&T the line item was supposedly for providing voicemail for one of our fax lines. When I called Enhanced Billing Services they told me one of my employees authorized it in 10/08. Then I looked into it and found they'd been billing our company for 3 years and charged us anything from $14 to $60 per month. Enhance Billing Services said they'd be sure to get back to me in two days with the recorded message with my authorizing employee. While I'm NOT waiting for this bogus return call, I'm working with AT&T who I see as totally responsible for perpetuating the fraud. If I tried to just add other companies' charges to my customers' bills, my customers would freak.

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  • Ga
    Gamers33 Aug 10, 2009

    Hello. I have been rippd off and scammed like this also. My regular bill for AT&T is about 45$ a month. But this month I recieved a bill of about 60$. The charged for Enhanced billing Inc was 14$. Well AT&T customer support is also a pain in the butt. Had to call Enhances service and they said i will be credited. What they said was that I signed up for the service on an ipod website? WTF? sorry for my language. They told me about that i have used my email to sign up. And they told me my email. The beginning part of my email was correct but they were missing part of my email. So why would they know my email? My serivice for ISP is AT&T. Are they scanning my outgoing internet?

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  • Ro
    Ron F. Aug 25, 2009

    I was billed $15.85 by Enhanced Billing Services Inc. via AT&T. EBSI claimed my wife ordered the voice mail service 08/03/09 using a LocalNet email address. The computer that used LocalNet has been off-line since Dec. 2008 and LocalNet serve was canceled Feb. 2008. ESBI had a FTC judgement against it in Aug. 2001 and ordered to return $350, 000 in ill-gotten gains, yet AT&T is still collecting ESBI fraudulent charges. There must be a vast amount of money being made by ESBI's scam because they haven't changed their tactics. Tried filing a complaint against EBSI with the FTC, but it can't be done on line anymore. Seems the only solution is to make third party billing is make it illegal. Despite ESBI canceling service and issuing refunds thier intent is fraud and should involve jail time. Contact the FTC, FCC, and complain. Write your U.S. representative and senator about the problem they should something for what we are paying them.

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  • He
    headwaiter1615 Sep 15, 2009

    I am fighting with ESBI and a second company that lista as MYBILLINGSERVICES, INC.# . both are using AT7T bill thru. I have been trying for a week to get a response from the sights and on the phone . So far no go .

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  • Ct
    cthurber1 Sep 25, 2009

    I too just noticed that on my verizon bill there is a charge of 20 dollars this is nuts how are they getting away with this. I cannot afford to pay for this and did not ask for it that is for sure

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  • Fe
    feelingripped Oct 05, 2009

    I am shocked at all that I have found googling this company! I too have AT&T phone service and only this week found, after actually going over my most recent bill, did I come to see that this charge isn't for what I thought it was. I receive a discount on my internet through AT&T for using a bundle plan, and had looked at this only briefly on my bills, thinking that's what this was..a credit rather than a charge. Realize now that you have to go over everything!! I called this billing service to inquire what exactly this was for. The foreign lady on the other end, which I could barely understand her, said something like it could be from a gift card?? What?? That perphaps I clicked on something agreeing to use their service?? Nope..not I! Then tried to say that maybe my husband agreed to it...nope..he doesn't use this computer EVER...nor does he deal with the phone bill. Then she said we'd been with them for 10 months!! I argued with her, trying to make her understand that I DID NOT do anything she said we may have did to add this to our phone the end, she said she'd cancel this bogus account we had with them, that we may see if on our bill for the next two months, but to disregard it..she also said they'd refund my money...$15.25 a month, for the 10 months. She tells me she'll connect me to the 'fraud department'. I sit and listen to the recorded music, and then I was disconnected! She sent me an email, a basic email, saying the account was cancelled. Nothing was said about a refund. I am guessing this is so bogus, that I am out the money and will have to fight this more. I did contact AT&T and I am seriously considering dropping them as my carrier. They seem to be uncaring about their customers, if they can allow this to happen. I said this, and was told it's the FCC that allows this to happen..there should be some seriouse regulation changes!! I mean, how can a company allow their customers be taken for?? CRAZY!!!

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  • Si
    Sick of this! Oct 12, 2009

    How would you like to be us? Our company has a toll free number that is very close to Enhanced Billing Services and we must get at least 20 calls per month of people trying to reach them. Since toll free calls are billed to us, we have to pay every time someone calls us by mistake. This has been going on for at least 10 years or more and it really stinks!

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  • Ma
    Mattie Franks Dec 20, 2009


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  • Ha
    hammerhead611 Jan 05, 2010

    I just received my phone bill and there was a charge from ESBI for a "Voice Mail Monthly Fee" on it. I have not signed up for this service and do not want, nor need, this service. I called ESBI and raised holy hell with them about the charge. I told them that I, nor anyone in my house, has signed up for this service and that I want the charge credited back to my account and that I will not be paying for it. The idiot I spoke with said that we signed up online for the service, but could not tell me what site we signed up through. What a crock of SH!T. I told him that if this charge appeared on my bill again, it would not be paid and that they would be hearing from my attorney.

    Now to contact AT&T and inform them that I will not be paying for the ESBI charges and not to expect full the amount my bill shows to be paid. If they have a problem with it, I'll cancel service then and there and go with my cable company for phone, internet, and cable (been thinking of going that route anyway)!!!

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  • Li
    lingar Jan 16, 2010

    I To just found the charge on my phone bill this mouth. it was 13.99. but when you are on a fixed income thats alot of money. called at&t about this and they me I would have to call that company to get it canceled. So I did and they are closed for the weekend ha ha.I Had a block put on my phone so this would'nt happen again. Or thats what AT&T told me on the phone today. So next mouth we will see if its still there. I will not pay this amount. Only the right amount to at&t. with I think is too much to. ESBI is the company that showes on my bill to. At&t should contact the person before they add thing to the bills. what has this county, come to. money grabing SOB'S.

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  • Do
    dogandcats Jan 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I found this charge on my January AT & T bill. I called ESBI # and waited for over 20 minutes. Finally,
    "Allie" answered, said someone had requested it online from an old email account. I told her my dog doesn't use the computer and I didn't order it. She told me that she would remove the charge and the credit would appear within two months. The AT &T bill said I had to call ESBI not them. I am ready to cancel AT&T and use only my cell phone if they can't manage to keep scammers from entering my account. I asked "Allie" to email me a copy of the request for ESBI services to my old email account (which I use only for friends who send jokes); she indicated it would arrive in 10 minutes. It's been 30 and no email has appeared.

    This smacks of a potential class action suit. Any pro bono lawyers want to help?

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  • Wm
    Wmnewk Feb 01, 2010

    Att. General Needs To Do Something NOW about this

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  • Su
    sue-she Feb 09, 2010

    This alleged company is HORRIBLE. They first appeared on my AT&T bill, unrequested and I did not know what it was for. Previously, I had been charged for two or three months a rate that was higher than I felt it should be, so combed my bill and then I called AT&T to question what "Enhanced Billing Serviced "was. They said they had no power to remove it or to prevent it, and to call EBRI directly. I did, repeatedly, every month . It took approx. six months to receieve a credit for what I was charged.

    Last October I received an e-mail congratulating me on accepting their service and how to use it. I emailed back that I had NOT accepted their service, nor ever had, and to delete me from any and all lists, accounts, etc. Yep, they stiill showed up on my next AT&T bill. I called ATT&T who told me that they had no control over this, and that all telephone companies go through this, due to the government regulations to prevent a monopoly. It is beyond me to think they have no control over their own bill!! I understand the need to prevent monopolies, but let the rogue company do its own billing so we can see loud and clear just what and who we are dealing with, and not have it affect our home phone bill, if AT&T is so innocent in this. At this point, I would not be suprised to hear that the phone company actually receives a cut of the charges that EBRI generates. It seems like fraud to me, and I am sick of fighting it with both companies. What can I do???

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  • Ja
    Jana Narita Apr 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was out of town at a business convention on the week this rotten company said set up an account with them and authorized through email allowing them to make charges for undisclosed services. I keep careful watch on my spam and emails and delete every one of them, so I know that's completely false. I've never even heard of them before much less received or sent them an email. But they won't be getting a dime of my money! They are simply one of hundreds of scammers out there and I usually hang up on them before they get their second sentence out these days. Through email is a new tactic which should be illegal but since they've tried everything else I suppose this is the next area we have to be watching out for with other companies as well. Sad we as consumers have no protection and that the government buts in too many other areas of our lives, but not the ones that really help us! They won't be getting my money that's for sure and they can bill away but it won't be paid! Imagine how much money we could all make if we simply tapped in on everyone's phone bills and received $160. a year from hundreds of innocent American's without giving them anything back? What it comes down to is we have to all be watchful of every charge made on all our bills and question everything!

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  • El
    ElizabethAnnSmith Jan 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had this charge show up on my At&t account several times over the last two or three years. Each time I call and have it removed. Ii have contacted ESBI each time and each time they tell me that I have signed up for their service on the internet. This is totally not true. Each time I have it removed it shows up again a few months later and I have to go though this again. I have complained to At&T each time also and have got their explanation of how they are only billing on behalf of a third party. Well it showed up again this month and I hit the roof, this has gone on long enough. I called ESBI and had the charge removed. The man on the line told me he would cancel my account and I wouldn't be charged again after this months charge! Really? He thought I am going to pay this? I didn't order it, don't want and haven't used it. I let him know that no uncertain terms. Then I called At&T and demanded to know how and why anyone could place a charge on my phone bill without my permission. The first person I talked to was rather snippy and finally ended up transferring me after I refused to accept her explanation of third party billings. She transferred me to the FCC. I couldn't understand why she transferred me to them and neither could the man I spoke to there (I think she just wanted get me off her line). But I did find out from the man at FCC that this practice by ESBI and other companies is called 'cramming'. I also found out that I have the right to have AT&T block any third party charges from my account. I couldn't believe it! As many times as I have called over the last couple of years complaining about this charge showing up on my phone bill not one person at AT&T has told me I have a right to have them blocked. According to the man at the FCC I also the right to file a complaint against At&T if I request the block and they don't follow though on it. I have called At&T and requested the third party billing block - and if this charge shows up again I will be filing a complaint with the FCC against both ESBI and At&T.

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  • Kk
    Kkgarner Feb 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Billing summary on AT&T bill stated ESBI $14.95 for fax mo. services plus taxes. I am unenemployed/have 4 in 1 fax machine. Called [protected]. Chrgs been on my acct since Nov. Sd I authorized - I did not authorize. 1) cxl this srvc and get a conf. #. 2) called AT&T ask super [protected] (my phone provider). Put a 3rd party block on acct for NO 3rd party charges w/o authorization, gave me a conf. #. 3) Credited my acct. since November. 4) will call back if not credited for this month

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  • Cw
    cwinplano Aug 17, 2011

    Trust me, stay away from AT&T. They have the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. Customer service reps hanging up on you or disconnected like their pathetic wireless service. There is virtually no way to hold anyone you speak with accountable for what they tell you. So expect to be lied to often and expect terrible hardly working properly service. How they remain in business baffles me.

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  • Dr
    drfig Aug 17, 2016

    bill for monthly service appeared on ATT phone bill. Phone contact rep claimed order had been placed on-line then confirmed by email. Service was for enhanced email, long distance fax, voicemail. However, information on their files had our name incorrectly spelled (not even close) and no other proof of order beyond a treferenced elephone number. Back search failed to show that an email had ever been received at our known email boxes. Refused to credit for the monthly charge $14.95.

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  • Wi
    willnotberippedoff Aug 17, 2016

    I agree.
    I was contacted by the same company, also called Digital Voice Mail, saying I requested service and was going to get billd the $14.95.
    I have already contacted my State Attorney General, also the State Attorney in Minn, where this Digital Voicel Mail lists an address.
    24078 Greenway Road suite 3 Forrest Lake Mn. 55025...
    I suggest you contact all federal and state agencies to let them know about thios company.

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