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RJ aka Rick Johnston the AZ English Bulldog SCAM Puppy mill owner selling sick dieing, unpapered, low quality English Bulldog puppies for top dollar BEWARE! RJ uses a number of sites for his Bulldog fraud! of Southwest Bulldogs - southwestbulldogs.com, Hollywood Bulldogs - hollywoodbulldogs.com, Bulldog Stud Services - bulldogstudservices.com, kentuckyhomebulldogs.com - Kentucky Home Bulldogs, Arizona Bulldog - arizonabulldog.com, California Bulldogs - californiabulldogs.com, GBBA Bulldogs - gbbabulldogs.com, Route 66 Bulldogs -route66bulldogs.com, sonoranbulldogs.com - Sonoran Bulldogs . RJ also calls himself the breeder of MTV Rob and Big Meaty. Which is bs because RJ aka Rick Johnston did not breed meaty. RJ is a puppy mill dealer. He purchased MTV Meaty cheap from Europe & give him to MTV for FREE! Yes RJ Bulldog guy gave Meaty away free as a sales tactic.
RJ aka Rick Johnston has scamed so many people and left so many people with sick English Bulldogs, vet bills & no papers that he changed the name of his business and the name under which he operates many times. He was Rick Johnston but now he calls himself "RJ" and has many scam sites full of internet SPAM business, please see list below "Arizona Bulldog", . Rick Johnston and Southwest Bulldogs is under investigation by the Arizona Attorney General for fraudulent business practices -- obviously the reason that he's changed his name and the name of his business. The Attorney General would welcome other complaints against this fraudulent operator. If you have had a similar experience with Rick Johnston and/or Southwest Bulldogs, contact the Arizona Attorney Generals Office of Consumer Information & Complaints. [protected] or [protected] There is also a conversation going on among several people who have been scammed by this Bulldog RJ man about a class action law suit. Please remember he is very tricky. As of right now Bulldog " RJ " has many scam sites & even fake names such as RJ & Peter Genot. Respond to this email if you're interested in more information. For more information on the fraudulent businesses practices of this man, search "Southwest Bulldogs complaints" or "Rick Johnston complaints" and you'll see why you should run fast from this unethical person! The stories of sick, dieing, unpapered low quality English Bulldog puppies that RJ has sold for top dollar seems to be endless. After 1 1/2 years, I still have no registration papers for the female English Bulldog I bought RJ specifically for Bulldog breeding purposes -- not to mention the fact that I've been told by two veterinarians that my Bulldog has major genetically defective and shouldn't be bred anyway. I've talked with many others who have experienced similar problems with RJ aka Rick Johnson or Peter Genot and whatever he's currently calling his business. Rick Johnson at Southwest Bulldogs made up this whole scam about "genetic breeders" I paid $25, 000 for my 2 Bulldogs! They are UGLY! They do not even fit the Bulldog standard! People ask me where I got them and absolutely can't believe what I paid for them! I meet people at the park that paid $1800.00 for their puppy and they are twice as good looking as mine! Even the dog on Rob and Big has a REALLY SMALL HEAD just like all of his ugly dogs! He does NOT breed champion Bulldogs but claims on his site that he's a champion English Bulldog breeder! Every one that I have heard of has gotten sick and crazy looking bulldogs from the fraud rick aka RJ.
BEWARE ANY BUSINESS CONNECTED TO RICK JOHNSTON of Flagstaff, AZ and SOUTHWEST BULLDOGS! He might change the names under which he operates, but his business practices will remain the same. Please look out for List of scam sites we know that are owned by Bulldog RJ Rick:
Southwest Bulldogs - southwestbulldogs.com,
Hollywood Bulldogs - hollywoodbulldogs.com,
Bulldog Stud Services - bulldogstudservices.com,
kentuckyhomebulldogs.com - Kentucky Home Bulldogs,
Arizona Bulldog - arizonabulldog.com,
California Bulldogs - californiabulldogs.com,
GBBA Bulldogs - gbbabulldogs.com,
Route 66 Bulldogs -route66bulldogs.com,
sonoranbulldogs.com - Sonoran Bulldogs .


  • Ca
    Caiden Nguyen Feb 10, 2009
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    BBC Documentary on Pedigree Dogs Exposed:

    American Kennel Club Bulldog Standards:

    English bulldog breed to get a facelift

    My name is Caiden Nguyen from Houston Texas. I bought a 8 week puppy from RJ back in October 2008, his name is "The Saviour's Little Helper" but we call him "Turbo." I am pleased with the service and my puppy, I researched Bulldogs for a period of 2 years before I purchased and I notice many big differences in the breed. First of all the AKC and Kennel Club of London have all the Standards and when it comes to the bulldog pups and grown bulldogs out there have many distinct issues, like the oversized head, short legs, oversized chest, huge folds over the nose, their eyes are too far apart, and their under bite is way too excessive- you should not even see teeth when they have their mouths closed, this does not include the hip problems and breathing problems and birth problems. Bulldogs are one of the most line bred dogs which are abused in breeding. I do not know what your dogs look like but I think your bulldog is not along the same as what you are seeing on the streets because Arizona bulldogs are genetic Bulldogs, I would not compare them to the street dogs. Meaty has a smaller head compared to all the ones I have seen and the Breed Standard is not for them to have a large head that out weighs their proportion body. You have to remember these dogs were used for the purpose for Baiting Bulls, the bulldogs being bred today are not in the same level as the original bulldogs. The Bulldogs today would not perform or shall we say “live” through the bull baiting they once we subjected to. The heads are not suppose to be too large like the $1, 800 bullies you mentioned and I have seen. I think you did overpay for your pups only if you wanted what the line breeders are breeding, like the short legged, large nasal folded, over sized head, and un-proportioned bulldog. But if you are looking for the athlete of bulldogs which RJ is working on getting back to the breed’s original health and code., then you did not overpay. Do not compare your bullies to the ones out there, like I said I have not seed your dogs and I hope your dogs do not have any problems. I am just posting as a customer whom has purchased from RJ and his company. I did receive my paperwork and I actually call him periodically, sometimes he is busy to talk but I always get my service with Gail or Steven Brown. One of the reasons I purchased from RJ is because I believe the bulldogs should not have the overweight look and his dogs actually look like athletes or Gladiators compared to what is out there. But the biggest reason I chose RJ is because he works with Maureen Shanklin or “Mo”, which runs an orphanage in Woodstock Maryland. 16 children which are orphans actually raised my pup and MTV Professional Skater Rob D’s pup named Ms. Beefy, I really believe in RJ and Arizona Bulldog’s cause to help these Orphan kids. I understand you have had a problem with a few things but I really have my faith and trust in what RJ, Gail, and Steven are doing. I know how you feel when you feel there is something wrong with a particular service, I encourage you to call RJ and work out the problem, I wish you the best in your journey. I bet your Bullies are beautiful no matter what and do not become a victim of comparing your dogs to other dogs, make sure you compare them to the AKC Bulldog Standards. I really believe our dogs were not meant to be judged so harshly on their appearances, that is what has been causing all the breeding of dogs for pedigree standards and all the specialists are saying that we have been making a huge mistake. I admire Horse Breeders when they say the perfect horse is not a certain color, so I encourage us to love the reason we chose the Bulldogs, for their… characteristics of impression of determination, strength and activity.. And temperament: Alert, bold, loyal, dependable, courageous, fierce in appearance, but possessed of affectionate nature. I wish you the best friend and anyone whom reads this post, As for me and my family (& TURBO) we believe whole-heartedly in the work of MR. RJ and Arizona Bulldog. May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and your family.

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  • Ty
    tyler Feb 19, 2009

    First off do your research, look up Rick's dog, Bomberland Edition Limited (Freddy), and LOOK at the pedigree. According to Rick's standard Freddy is a LINE BRED DOG! With GGG Grandparents he has the common names of "Tugga Tough Decision for Kelloe", "Merriveen Hi-Daze", "Merriveen Frozen Asset ", and "Kelloe Hello ". Then as the generations progress, there are no Duplicate names, though they still contain the Kennel names Merriveen, Lynmans, Kelloe, and Ocobo. Meaning most all of Freddys ancestry are interrelated. Freddys parents, grandparents, and great great grandparents were ALL line bred dogs. Yet Freddy is advertised as some genetic, non line bred marvel by Rick. So here are some questions for you;

    If Freddy, a line bred (by Ricks definition) EB which is a product of kennels that practice selective line breeding, is good enough to be Rick's top Dog then how can you as a consumer justify spending $3, 500-$6, 000 for an EB that is exactly what Rick claims its not? That being a line bred Bulldog. Heck, why not just purchase a dog DIRECTLY from Bomberland Kennels where Rick Purchased Freddy? The puppy would be cheaper EVEN with international shipping and the currency exchange rate!

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  • Ty
    tyler Feb 27, 2009

    Here is the link for Bomberland Edition Limited's Pedigree,


    Check out on the Moms side you will see the name Lynmans Living Legend line go through 3 Generations, including his parents Lynmans Lamplighter, and Lynmans Madam Cyn. Which means Freddy' mom is a result of an Uncle banging his Niece. Also on the Moms side is Kelloe Alum Chine, who as you can see is the daughter of Tugga Tough Decision For Kelloe and Kelloe Hello, which happens to be the brother of Freddys GG Grandpa Eng.Ch. Kelloe Kid Glove. Who banged his half sister producing Feddys Grandpa Eng.Ch. Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar.

    Merriveen Frozen Asset, and Merriveen Hi-Daze G Grandkids produced Freddys dad Eng.Ch. Merriveen Rough and Ready.

    Take a couple minutes and see all the fun family connections you can make on Rick's "non-line bred dog" JUST with his Pedigree. Start looking up more detailed histories of some of Freddys ancestors and the picture becomes shockingly clear.

    The point I am trying to make here is that when it comes to English Bulldogs you are NOT going to find a Non-Line bred dog. Chances are also high that you can end up with an EB that has some kind of health issues. But the difference between a "Good" breeder and a "Bad" breeder comes down to how much they know about the dogs they are breeding, and what kind of land mines lay hiding in the lines they have selected to breed with. As well as HOW THEY DEAL WITH GENETIC/HEALTH ISSUES WHEN THEY ARISE. If a customer who purchased a dog from your kennel comes to you with a Genetically sick dog, after going to the VET, and you say the Vet is wrong THAT is a sign of a bad breeder. Since the breeder says "no way can something be wrong with my Dogs"! They have a term for that, and it's called "Kennel Blindness".

    If you are looking to purchase an EB then take the time to go to Dog shows in your area, get to know different Breeders, find one that you like and have a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW THEY WILL WORK WITH YOU IF YOUR DOG GETS SICK!

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  • Je
    jenna1 May 08, 2009

    Anyone who pays $25, 000 for bulldogs he thinks are ugly is an IDOIT. You should have done more research. You don't just give someone that much money for something you don't look into, then come on here badmouthing the guy. Have some integrity. You made a mistake, get over it.

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  • Pu
    PurpleKissa Jul 22, 2009

    Ok I think I am corresponding with a scammer after the last 2 emails.

    Here is the history.
    Found the listing on www.Kijiji.com

    From: Micheal Willis [mailto:[protected]@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 11:49 AM
    Subject: Akc english bulldog female mostly white" Ad on Kijiji

    Thanks for the interest you have for my puppy and also thanks for the mail. So I quite appreciated your interest on your proposing in purchasing my puppy. She is still very much available for adoption. She is 12 weeks old, This puppy health is OK!, 1st shots, AKC registered, Baby is so animated and will keep you entertained for hours. She really had her own distinct personality. Loving and very affectionate personalities are standard with other animals. She is very affectionate and like to give kisses all the time.

    This female pup presently weighs about 2.3lb so i live here in Florida(USA) with the baby and i really need a lovely home for my baby that is why am adopting her back to the state, I love to take care of her myself due to the problem i am facing, so i don't have much money to take care of her the way i want that is why i am looking for God fairing person and i caring person that will take good care of my puppy the way i want.

    So if you are interested in having the puppy, i want you to get back to me with your full name, address, phone number including the nearest airport to you. Please if you know that you are not going to take very good care of my baby, do not reply me because is not that i didn't have time to care take of her but i am only giving this puppy out due to my bad condition and i don't want something harmful to happen to the puppy .So she is priceless therefore she will be going for free, so i will like you to get back to me with your Full Name and Full Address including your Nearest Airport with your Phone number so that we proceed with the adoption process and also find out shipping cost, I want you to know that you are paying for the shipping cost..so get back a to me asap so that we can get back to you with the shipping cost..

    Best Regards. Thanks

    Subject: RE: Akc english bulldog female mostly white" Ad on Kijiji
    To: "'Micheal Willis'" <[protected]@yahoo.com>
    Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 10:48 PM


    I the closest major airport is Kansas City, Missouri or Omaha, Nebraska. Both are 2 hours away.
    Could I talk to you on the phone? Not sure how all it would work.


    From: Micheal Willis [mailto:[protected]@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 6:14 PM
    Subject: RE: Akc english bulldog female mostly white" Ad on Kijiji

    i got your info i will be on my way to the shipping company, i will get back to you on what to do next...

    From: Micheal Willis [mailto:[protected]@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 7:19 PM
    Am in the shipping company right now and all the shipping arrangenment is made but the shipping company said they neded to confrim the shipping fee befroe the puppy can be ship out to you.Shipping of the puppy is $250 and $50 For care/feeding the total amount is $300, All the papers will be coming with the puppy, I will be very happy if you can promise to update me with her picture every month.This baby is very good with registered/registrable (AKC, NKC, etc.), Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate Additional information.Here is the shipping company payment information you will need wire the money via western union.

    Receiver's Name : NICHOLAS CERVANTES
    Address: 3882 SW 33st
    City : HOLLYWOOD
    State: FLORIDA
    Zip code: 33023
    Amount Send:$300
    Test Question : In God
    Test Answer: We Trust

    As soon as i confirm the payment they will send you the booking info which you can confirm via (Pet Air ) and also get back to me with the Western Union details
    Sender's name: ________________________
    Sender's address:________________________
    Sender's city:________________________
    Sender's Zip code:________________________
    Sender's state:________________________
    MTCN: _____________ (money transfer control number)
    Amount Sent:

    So you can go to any nearby (GROCERY) store around you and have the payment made Western Union to the information above, I await your reply with the MTCN(# ) and sender information exactly as it's on western union form filled, As soon as the payment is confirmed they will have the baby schedule for shipping and get back to you with the airway bill number so as to enable you to track the shipment status.


    Now what should I do?

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  • Ki
    kidfixer May 23, 2010



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  • Ib
    Ibreedbulldogs Apr 05, 2011
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    If you wan to breed you will choose you dogs more wisely, maybe you shouldn't be breeding if you don't know how to buy a good solid dog. Use your brain, it was put there for this reason. We do not need any more irresposible backyard breeders buying any puppy off any website and breeding it.

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