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On February 26, 2007 there was an ad in the Grand Forks Herald
advertising two weimaraners for sale. I called right away. There was no
answer, so I kept trying to call through out the day. Finally I got an
answer, it was Anna. She said that both of the weimaners were still
available, so we asked her a lot of questions about them. She told us
that they were raised around kids, cats and other dogs. She stated that
they were completely housetrained. That they were in perfect health and
shots were up to date. That they were AKC registered, and that they were
asking $400 each/or best offer. So my husband and I asked to come and
take a look at them. Anna insisted that we meet at a local pet store,
rather than at her home. We, at the time didn’t think anything of it,
and we agreed to meet at a local pet store. We drove over 80 miles, and
met Anna, and two of her friends inside a local pet store. Anna was not
very friendly, but she talked and talked about the two weimaraners, what
they ate, what they liked and what they didn’t like. The female dog’s
name was Savannah, who was 6 months old and the male dog was Ashton, who
was 10 months. She told us that Ashton was very calm and laid back and
that Savannah was a bit more active. She stated that Ashton was a very
expensive dog because she had bought him out of state, and then had to
pay to have him shipped to her. Anna stated that Savannah hadn’t cost
much, as Anna had bought her from a local breeder. Anna claimed that she
did weimaraner rescue, but did not go into detail.

My husband and I talked amongst ourselves for a little while. I had
decided that I wanted to buy both dogs, but he wanted only one. He
thought that two large dogs might be “too much”, as our house is not
huge, and we have four children and a cat. I managed to coax him into
buying both, on the condition that if two got to be "too much"; we would
ask Anna if we could return one to her.

So we went and talked to Anna. We told her that we would like both
Savannah and Ashton, but that my husband was a bit skeptical about
having two large dogs. We asked Anna if we were to buy both, could we
return one if need be. Anna totally understood and said that was fine,
she would be more than happy to take one back.

My husband then asked Anna if she would do a package deal, if Anna would
take "$600.00 for both, (or $300.00 for each".) She said that was fine.
So my husband and I walked through a local pet store and bought about
$200 worth of pet supplies. We then met up with Anna again in a local
pet store, and I paid her $600.00 in cash. (Anna had required that she
be paid in cash, when we spoke on the phone, prior to meeting her and
the dogs.) I took one dog and my husband took the other. Anna had two
portfolio folders with her, one for each of the dogs, containing health
information and so forth. Before handing the folders over to us, she
removed Ashton’s AKC paper, and Savannah’s AKC paper from them.

She told us that her husband wasn’t around today, so he hadn’t signed
off on the papers, and that she would have him sign the papers and then
mail them to us as soon as possible. My husband and I, glanced at each
other thinking that was a bit weird, but we said that was fine, and we
gave her our address. She then helped us put Ashton and Savannah into
our truck and then handed us a bottle of Dramamine and told us that
Ashton gets carsick and needs to take one pill 45 minutes before riding
anywhere. (After she had just told us that both dogs were perfectly
healthy??) So we took off for home.

Once we were home, Ashton was running all over the house checking things
out. Savannah found herself a quiet place next to the couch and pretty
much stayed there and that’s how it remained for a couple of days.
Ashton discovered our cat and was constantly chasing him. (After we had
been told by Anna that he was great with cats.) They weren’t good with
kids at all. Ashton would run from them, and Savannah would growl at
them if they even walked towards her. And our kids are great with pets!!
Later I found out that Aaron and Anna have no kids. And Anna had told us
that they were great with kids????? NOT!!!

We had left the house for about 2 hours one day and when we returned the
house was in shambles, and the dogs had broken a $100 floor lamp that we
had just gotten. That was it for my husband. Ashton and Savannah were
totally opposite of what Anna had told us. Ashton was very hyper and
Savannah was very mellow. My husband said we would keep Savannah, and
Ashton needed to be returned to Anna. I called Anna and asked if she was
still willing to take Ashton back. She immediately became loud and
hostile. She seemed to take it personally or something. She was asking
“what’s wrong with Ashton?? Why don’t you like HIM?? Why do you want to
keep Savannah?? What did Ashton ever do??" Anna agreed to take him back
but kept questioning why! Why! Why! Anna told me that her and her
husband were leaving town for a week, but they had a friend who lived in
the same town as us, so she would see if her friend could come pick him
up right away. I said that was fine. So Anna asked me to give Ashton his
Dramamine and have all of his paperwork ready to give back. Anna’s
friend showed up only 20 minutes after Anna had called her. I told her
friend that Ashton wasn’t ready to travel, as he had only had his pill
20 minutes ago. She said she had to go. She asked too, what was wrong
with Ashton? Why didn't we like him? I explained that there was nothing
wrong with him, that two big dogs were just too much. She was very rude.
I asked her for my $300.00. She said that she didn’t have any money but
Anna was going to mail it to me and I was supposed to call Anna. So I
gave her the papers and the dog and she left. (Ashton did NOT want to go
with her, she was pulling him by his leash with all her might and he was
resisting with all of his. I offered to help but she snapped "no!" and
dragged him to her car. I immediately called Anna who told me; yes she
would be sending me my $300.00 and also my AKC papers for Savannah. I
waited for over a week and it never came in the mail. I called Anna (now
back from her trip). She told me that she would have her husband sign
the AKC papers and send the money the next day.

I waited a few days, again they never showed. I made several attempts to
get her to send my papers and money and finally I told Anna that if I
didn’t have my papers and money within the next two weeks, I would take
her to court. Anna exploded!! She told me not to threaten her, and I
told her that it was a FACT and NOT a THREAT. She started yelling at me
and calling me every name in the book. She then told me that I was not
getting any money, because Ashton was only worth $100 and Savannah was
worth $500. (After my husband specifically said $300.00 each at the time
of purchase and that was fine with Anna then.) Then Anna (still yelling
at me) stated that she wasn’t turning over any AKC papers until I got
Savannah spayed. WHAT??? I said! That was NEVER in the deal! What was
she taking about I asked her. Just because I made her angry, now I
wasn’t going to get the papers. She obviously had it planned all along.
She knew she would never get $300 for a dog without papers, or full
registration. Telling us that her husband would sign them and then they
would be mailed was a scam all along. I demanded that she follow through
with our deal- I wanted my money and my unlimited papers, and she told
me no way in hell was I getting either. I wondered what was wrong with
her. Was she really going to scam me out of the papers and $300? YEP.

I called her and called her trying to collect what was mine, and she
refused. She was rude, constantly yelling, and calling me every name in
the book, and I had done nothing wrong, except for trusting her. So I
began searching online for any information on Anna and her husband, so I
could find out what his name was. That is when I learned that she breeds
Minpins and weimaraners! Much later I also learned that her husbands
name is Aaron Goodnoe. I also learned that they have around 40 animals
living with them in their house!! She claims she is not a puppy mill or
a kennel! Whatever. I had a friend of mine call Anna and ask if she
could come out to her home and look at buying a Minpins puppy from her.
Anna told her no, that she wouldn't want a min pin because they were so
hyper. Why won't Anna let anyone come out to her home???

So I sued. I filed a small claims suit against her. I would have sued
her husband also, but I did not know his name at that time, and Anna had
stated that he was in the military. So on April 6th, 2007 I sued her for
$300.00, unlimited AKC papers for Savannah, and a bill of sale for
Savannah, so that I could get her microchip changed to my information,
costing me $25. Anna was served by the sheriff, (which cost me $40.10).
Anna had 20 days to respond, but she did not respond. Instead her
husband started calling me on the phone, trying to make a deal with me.
He asked me to drop the lawsuit, and he would give me Savannah’s AKC
papers, with full breeding rights, but no money. I refused. He kept
calling and calling trying to make a deal. And each time he called I
could hear Anna in the background screaming and swearing and calling me
names. At one point she grabbed the phone from him and started yelling
at me and told me I could never breed Savannah. I replied that I didn’t
need papers to breed her, and that I would breed her with or without papers.

Anna went ballistic!! She told me that she was going to register the dog
in her husbands name in order to hide from the courts and me, and told
me that since I didn’t know what his name was, I would never be able to
sue him for the papers. Her husband, Aaron, got on the phone and said
that I would never find out what his name was because Anna had kept her
maiden name, which was Goodnoe. And then he laughed.

I won my court case. Well, the $300.00 + $55.10 for court cost anyways.
The judge explained to me that he doesn’t have the right to order a
person to turn over any type of document in small claims court. He
apologized for not being able to allow me the papers, told me if Anna
didn’t pay or if I had any problems with her to call and let him know,
and wished me luck.

When Anna received the papers stating that I had won she hit the roof
again. Her husband called and told me I would never see a dime, or the
AKC papers. I told him I no longer even wanted the AKC papers, and that
Anna had to pay the $355.10, that she needed to be a responsible adult
and pay me the money just as the court ordered her to do. (Aaron was no
longer letting Anna talk to me on the phone because she would always
loose control and after screaming at me, she would hang up on me, never
getting anything accomplished). Aaron was so upset that Anna had lost.
He couldn’t understand why she never even got a court date. I explained
that she had 20 days to respond, and that if she had read the papers, it
stated so in plain English. So then Aaron told me he was going to
counter sue me. FOR WHAT?? I told him to go ahead. And he was still
trying to make deals with me. He said if I would give them Savannah
back, they would return my whole $600. (They couldn't return my $355.10
but they would give me $600?? Ya right.) I told him to quit trying to
make deals with me, and that I would never return Savannah. He then
became irate and told me that he was going to call the police and report
Savannah as stolen and get her back. (Also at one point Anna told my
husband that she was going to come here and just take the dog. He told
her if she ever stepped foot on our property he'd have her sent to
jail.) So anyways I told Aaron to go ahead and call the police because I
had already gone to my local police department and filed a report about
what was going on. (And I had, early on, as soon as I learned what these
two were like. I knew they would eventually try to report her as stolen
and if they ran the microchip, it would place her to them, the police
knew what was going on. Aaron was speechless for a moment.

Aaron made it clear that they were not going to pay, even with a court

So I had to drive 80 miles again, got to district court to get an
execution, so that the sheriff department could collect the money for
me. I had to pay $10 to district court for the execution; then I had to
pay $75 to the sheriffs department to collect. When Aaron and Anna got
notice from the sheriff, Aaron called me and tried to make payment
arrangements. He wanted to pay me $50/month. I told him no. I paid in
full when I bought the dog and I wanted my money in full in return. He
tried to tell me that they were flat broke and couldn’t pay me.

(By the way I’ve been watching their website,,
watching them sell puppy after puppy for $550-$850 each!! But they have
no money? Aaron claimed that they only make $100 profit off of each
puppy they sell. Whatever. I told Aaron I wanted the money in full and
that was final.

Aaron called me later the same day and said that they were able to come
up with $355.10 (all the while I could hear Anna in the background
saying “this is f-----g b------t”!), and that he was going to mail it
right away. I said ok. That was almost 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t
gotten a check in the mail.

And to top it off, we ended up having to part with Savannah. After we
returned Ashton, Savannah started peeing on the floor, she chewed
everything in sight including my leather sofa, she was horrible with the
kids, and she would wake us up at 2am every morning and seemed to
suddenly develop a severe case of separation anxiety or something. I
placed an ad in the paper and got a ton of calls. I even received a call
from a lady who asked me where I got Savannah from. I told her and she
said, “It wasn’t from Anna Goodnoe was it?” When I replied that she was,
she said that she had a run in with Anna and Aaron and she was glad to
be rid of them and never wanted anything to do with them again. Anna and
Aaron had been to her place to look at buying one of her puppies and
Anna said they looked sickly, and “wormy”. Aaron and Anna left and then
Anna kept calling and emailing the lady telling her how sickly and
“wormy” her puppies looked and that they didn’t want one. Because the
dog came from Anna and because there were no AKC papers, she passed on
buying Savannah. We finally sold Savannah to a retired couple who would
be home with her all the time. We were only able to get $150 for her.

So after listening to lie after lie, harassing phone calls, being called
every name in the book, being swore at constantly, being threatened,
ending up having pee on my carpet, a chewed leather sofa, and having
everything else in reach being chewed not to mention being out over
$800.00 and having NO dogs - THANK YOU TO AARON AND ANNA GOODNOE!!


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    Todd Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you're not getting any help or response from these guys, you should post them on this site, this is for anyone who has been screwed, ripped off or felt that they had been done wrong. The name of the site is, it gives you a voice to the people who will not listen. Not only does the person who you are complaining about receive an email letting them know that they have been put on the deadbeat list (as long as you provide email address) but, they will also receive a post card (as long as you provide a mailing address) notifying them too.

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  • Me
    Meaghan Feb 02, 2009

    WOW!!! I am soooo sorry that this had to happen to you. I was an almost victim, as I was searching for a Miniature Pinscher, but NOW thankfully fortunate to have found a min pin breeder in Canada. I now feel somewhat compelled to help others searching for a pet and also in attempt helping this to never happen again. I did make contact with Anna just asking basic questions and would visit the enchanted ridge site almost on a daily basis keeping an eye out for a perfect puppy for me. She most definitely knows how to talk and make herself sound good, and in one case a victim herself, "We will not be intimidated" which was a link discussing a bad deal she made with another woman, her side of the story can be read at:

    /URL removed/

    I have also found more of Anna's available puppies and hope that these links will find someone well, in hopes of deterring them AWAY from buying one!!!

    Some of the puppies are listen as being available as recent as Jan. 30/09 which goes for TWO sets of litters!!! Others Jan. 2/09. Oh and one puppy is named...Savannah.

    Anna actually contacted me first (on or .com works too) and here are two copies of the emails she sent me:

    #1 sent out to other people in search of min pins:

    We specialize in and breed ONLY Quality Miniature Pinchers. We breed Quality puppies within the standard of AKC. We breed all colors Black, Chocolate, Fawn and Blue all with Tan or Rust markings. We also have Red, Stag Red, and True Tan puppies. We give a 2 year health guarantee on all our puppies. There are no known genetic or hereditary defects in our lines. We have also tested for MPS VI in our dogs they are Clear/Normal. Puppies are raised in our home, as we are not a KENNEL!! We socialize our puppies with kids, cats and other dogs. You can view our puppies, dogs and upcoming litters on our website. If you want to wait please fill out our waiting list form on our upcoming litters page. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have. Please also visit our review page to Read some of the reviews from our past puppy buyers. Our reviews speak for themselves. Please feel free to call me if you like with any questions you may have. [protected]


    Enchanted Ridge

    #2 in response to me asking where they are located so I could pick up a puppy at their home (I'm from Canada)

    We are in Grand Forks, ND it is about 4 1/2 hours from you. I have only 1 black girl left at this time. Please feel free to ask me anything. Our puppies are raised in our home with us. We are not a kennel. We put alot of work into our puppies. Anna

    Enchanted Ridge

    As you can see she does talk very well about business but also includes a sense of urgency. I feel that finding the perfect breeder should take time and they should not be pushy and should understand this as a responsibility on their part as to looking for a proper home for their puppies if they are so proud of them.

    You can email Anna at:
    [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chris Antonicci May 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Chewed up your couch? That sounds like your a bad dog owner and a failure at training dogs. Either that or an envious breeder losing business to them. I would guess the latter since the lengthy complaint. I bought a puppy we named Miles from Anna and Aaron about 4 years ago and my family and I could not be happier. As far as meeting you in a public place, why would anyone want some crazy crack pot like you at their home. Also another question why didn't you leave your name complaint person if your story is real. Anyone that has any questions about my wonderful experience email me at [email protected]

    A real customer
    Chris Antonicci

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