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A Aug 06, 2018

I have had nothing but problems with Cox Digital phone. My digital phone was out at a peak hour of my business. I stayed on the phone with cox for over 3 hours trying to get this resolved. I talked to multiple representative an technicians with little or no concern for the impact this was causing to my business.

A technician was schedule to come out between 10;00-12;00 am which never called or showed. My company took a huge large in revenues and wasted resources due to Cox Representative an Technician inability to correct the issue. According to Matt/Area Supervisor in Tech Support this issue could have been resolved within 10-15 minutes over the phone. I had one representative that had no concerns at all each time I am what your account number and PIN. Cox Communication is not Business friendly or Business Technical. I do not recommend Cox Digital Telephone for business use.

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