Emillionaire Institute/kevin Got His Greenmaking $5000 on google from home


I just found an ad on facebook and because the story sounded quite genuine and I'm very vunerable right now as most people are with the credit crunch I completed the online form and hit the submit botton.

It would be great to shut down this link to stop others being scammed. I did this about 45 mins ago then called my credit card to report myself. They said they could not block it, but if the transaction takes place, they could then file a dispute.

I hope it doesnt affect me, as no confirmation email has been sent out and it only asked for $1. This makes me feel so sick and stupid. I never fall for scams like this usually. Just because it had a face that seemed genuine. I hope its not too late for me.



  • Ph
    philbeck10 Feb 12, 2009

    i've seen the same advert, and quite intriuged.
    has anything come of it?

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  • To
    tortei Feb 12, 2009

    as usual when I see something like that link I search on no other than google itself... google reveal me this and a couple other post claiming that website ring to be suspicious of scam.

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  • Fr
    Frankie Feb 12, 2009

    Just got caugh, feels like a fool!!

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  • Li
    Liza Ivanova Feb 12, 2009

    just go caugh too :-((

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  • Al
    Alex Feb 12, 2009

    I just got scammed on this too...ugh...please continue posts with to resolve this problem. I hope my bank will just cancel the charge. Help!?

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  • Ap
    Applepie Feb 12, 2009

    Check out this website: /URL removed/?q5=emillionaire&Search=Search&q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search!
    it's a list of victim's reports on the emillionaire scam
    got scammed too, did my research straight after and rang the bank to cancel my credit card. since it's a debit, i took my money out first so i'm hoping they can't take anything out

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  • Es
    esormn Feb 12, 2009

    What happens? What is the scam?

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  • Ap
    Applepie Feb 12, 2009

    ppl sign up for a google money system kit and have a couple $100 charged on their credit account. emails to contact them bounce back, the kit doesn't come and by the sound of it, neither does the promised cheque

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  • Tk
    T.Khan Feb 12, 2009

    I also did the same, no confirmation or e-mails, no such log in website. I found the ad on facebook and thought it was reliable. I am just waiting to see what i can do if they end up attacking my credit card. Such scammers...

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  • To
    tokiwartooth Feb 13, 2009

    Just entered my details and got scammed as well :( DON'T DO IT PEOPLE, and remember the rule of thumb for all of these sorts of things: IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS...

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  • Bo
    bogus_mame Feb 13, 2009

    OOOH - I almost did it but chickened out when it asked for CC details and decided to search if there were any complaints - I used a bogus name and and 'alternate' email address so hopefully they wont keep contacting me via email - THANKS for posting you r complaints - I am VERY thankful that I did not hit the send me now button and that I had your comments of warning to refer to - Good on you guys - I hope it all works out OK : )


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  • Re
    rejoysing Feb 13, 2009

    I, too, chickened out when it asked for credit card info. Something just didn't seem right. I'm hoping they don't deluge my inbox with their ads. I used an alternate email account, and I suppose I can delete that account if necessary. Glad to have your warnings that this is a scam. $1 doesn't seem like much, so it really sucks you in. Facebook should be ashamed for allowing this ad on their page.

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  • Ca
    Carol Feb 13, 2009

    Yeah, I chickened out too when it came time to put my credit card info on the website since I am a victim of identity theft from a few months back and have a knee jerk reaction to websites I don't know asking for cc info.

    I decided to do a google search before finishing the process and found this page. Glad I chickened out. I wish Facebook would get rid of the ad.

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  • Ee
    EelKat Feb 13, 2009

    you said they only charge a $1... not true! Read the FINE PRINT! I saw that ad on FaceBook too, and I was thinking of joining, but than I read the fine print, and the $1 charge is a FIRST PAYMENT, it says that for each month after that they charge your credit card $39.95, until you cancel your membership!!!

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  • Le
    Lea Feb 13, 2009

    Thanks for the advice, I chickened out at the last minute, glad i did as i don't have money to burn with the credit crunch hitting me hard. Think its disgusting that Facebook are aware that these kinds of adverts lead people on, giving you false hope to easy money... I think its about time they police their website more closely ...


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  • Ch
    chris Feb 13, 2009


    Some help at the end... but I need to rant first!

    I fell into this trap as well. Feel really quite stupid because I am usually pretty good with this kind of thing... and looking back at it all the signs do point to 'scam'. But like one of the posters above the current climate made me ignore the reality and start thinking instead about a quick fix. Also I think I was duped because of all the ads in my facebook profile... for some reason it made me see the company as more 'real'. I think every person who has had this problem needs to complain to facebook... the fact that facebook is receiving money from this makes my blood boil and unless they take the ads down then I will deactivate my account. It might be my own stupid fault for following it through, but I feel a bit like I've been duped & had my trust invaded where the links were on my personal page.

    Anyway... hopefully I can help a small bit.
    Like others above I haven't received the expected 'confirmation' email... also the email address given during sign up bounced back. However I did note down all of my sign up info & basically everything is linked to the website... http://emillionaire.com/ If you have noted down your user details and password then you can log on. The site itself is very confusing and seems to be a lot about nothing... there are training modules & vido sessions etc but it doesnt seem to go anywhere. From what I gather you are meant to be sent a starter kit with this $2 dollar payment, and then you use this kit alongside the online software to make money.

    The thing is none of this is clear & most people won't even realise that they are entering into a subscription service for the software. The lack of confirmation email (& probable lack of kit through the post) will mean a lot of people just forget about the $2 sign up and are subsequently charged repeatedly for the service. It's all very devious...

    On the emillionaire link you will see t&c / refund policy etc at the bottom... stuff that 90% of people wouldnt have seen. Do check it out if you've signed up...

    Anyway realising what an idiot I've been I called barclaycard cstraight up today and spoke to them. I only have the $2 dollar charge so I've stopped my card & am having a new number sent out. If anything else does happen to appear on my bill then I can dispute it.

    Anyway on this site I did find an email address that works... & they responded within 1 day. The address is [email protected]e.com. I've copied their response to me below. If you have signed up then write them to say you're cancelling the trial... but stop your account just to be saft.

    I just hope there aren't a ton of people who have signed up and are now going about unaware that they're going to get charged money for nothing.

    Hope you all sort this out... and remember complain to facebook!!

    Hi Chris,

    That $1.95 is a one time fee only, for the shipping and handling.You'll have to wait for the

    package for you to be able to start with the program, and you'll have a full 7 days to try

    this out, you can cancel at anytime within the trial period, and failure to do so, we will

    automatically debit $39.95 for the monthly fee, as understood that you would want to

    continue the program. But remember, that is only if you wish to continue with the programs,

    after the 7 day trial period. Thank you!

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  • Ja
    Jamblue Feb 13, 2009

    I looked at the ad as well BUT before I furnish ANY credit card info I google the name of the company for complaints or scams. Thats how I got here.

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  • Sa
    savedbygrace Feb 13, 2009

    Im not really sure of what the scam was? Did any of you actually receive the kit and try it? If it worked the way it says, then it would be worth the $40 each month.

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  • Jo
    Jon Feb 13, 2009

    I saw the same ads on Facebook and started checking it out. Thankyou to all of you who posted here as it narrowly saved me from making the same mistake.
    Facebook is a party to this scam and should have to pay for all of your losses. This needs stricter legislation and sharpish.

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  • An
    Andie Feb 13, 2009

    I just fell for this too. Found this forum and have just cancelled my credit card and have ordered a new one.
    Can't believe I fell for it, I guess we're all in the same boat with the credit crunch, trying to make a fast buck!!

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  • Ja
    Jason Feb 13, 2009

    Silly rabbit tricks are for kids. Fool me once shame on me, fool me again well I won't get fooled again..

    I just did this and promptly cancelled my card and sent the e-mail to cancel the trial membership. Never received the confirmation e-mail, and as I was on the site it popped up "congratulations page" you have been selected to gain more knowledge - for more money of course it just closed out. Never letting me see anything as far as how to get in touch with them, etc.

    This is what prompted me to check it out even more. The more I combed through the different ads from people saying I make more money then my Dad, etc. I re-opened some of the ads to read them to for clues to get in touch with them I found inaccuracies. <Links below>

    Chris thanks for posting what you did and I hope your post reaches all those who signed up. Take a look at this page.. The guys says his name is Dave, but look at the name"s" on the checks he so called received. http://davegetsgreen.com/?t202id=4205&t202kw=ft12550-s1-19. Here is the site with the "real" name that matches the checks on the other site http://www.richstudent.net/?p=1.

    We can all use extra money in this day and age of unemployment, etc just don't fall pray to scams and do your homework !! I hope and pray nothing else comes out of this but my $2 mistake, and glad it only took $2 initially to learn it.. - Silly Rabbit still didn't get his tricks ! He never does...

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  • Ja
    Jason Feb 13, 2009

    Silly Rabbit got a responce from the EMillionaire people:
    From: eMillionaire Support [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 2:59 PM


    Your request has been executed. You have successfully been deleted from our eMillionaire
    Program effective immediately. Thank you!

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  • Lo
    Loopy Feb 13, 2009

    Yes, I agree, Facebook have a duty of care & responsibility to ensure their advertisers are genuine. I also fell for the opportunity but had difficulty in selecting an English county from the drop-down menu. I opted for 'Maine' and went forward to the next page.

    Attempting 'Members Login' proved fruitless and I even 'changed password' which didn't work either. I have emailed [email protected] and await confirmation of cancellation.

    Very clever & cunning site and even searching online for supporting evidence one way or the other, one is still led into believing it is a genuine site, although other sites are implying it is a Con.

    Buyer Beware!!

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  • St
    StarGal Feb 13, 2009

    I have just spent the past two hours reasearching information on the whole "get paid to type BS". THIS IS A SCAM! I have just read some really sad posts from people in Britain, here in Aus and all over the place. THERE IS NO KIT! If you have given your details CANCEL THE CARD RIGHT NOW! they stipulate in the fine print that your details "are allowed to be accessed by thrid parties"!!! I have read numerous posts that saw the add on FB etc. These were all recent, made in the past week and people have found that not only is the $1.44 being deducted, $144 HAS ALSO BEEN DEDUCTED! God only knows how much money these buggers have stolen, but for anyone who thinks it "could be ligit, there are some ligit businesses out there" I thought the same thing until I did research on these so called home businesses.
    A MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to the poeple who have been ripped, if it wasn't for all your posts I would have fallen for it too im sorry to say! THANK YOU!!!

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  • St
    steve Feb 13, 2009

    like a fool, ive just done exactly what a lot of other people have done.i signed up to this sham.i paid my 2 dollars and waited for an e mail which never came.i then started reading the ads and some said they were making money straight away.i found the emillionaire log in site, and requested a password as i hadnt been given one.
    I got a password to log in via e mail, then went on the site.It doesnt really tell you anything, and certainly nothing about sending links.
    Only then, did i decide to find reviews, and to my horror, found these.
    I understand from my bank that i cant cancel the starting fee, but now i have to cancel my card to prevent any further payments going through.im going to look a right prat when i tell my wife.
    For anybody reading these reviews right now, please take our advice...DONT JOIN EMILLIONAIRE.COM.
    i found the ad on facebook like many, and now feel really stupid.if you want to make a lot of money, then im afraid youre gonna have to work and save for it...or pray for the lottery.

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  • To
    Tom Feb 13, 2009

    I agree that Facebook needs to take some responsibility here. I will certainly send them a nice note to let them kindly know that they are in essance taking avantage of people's money by promoting a scam.

    I want to thank everyone for their response to this post. I had submitted my personnal info, but wanted to double-check to make sure this was legitimate. I am so glad I found this before giving them more info. I just hope my identity stays intact.

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  • Jo
    jowyn Feb 13, 2009

    SHIIIIIIIIIT i foolishly joined!! what do i do now? i think £1.90 or something has only been deducted i didnt click on that add to my payment thingy.. so i hope no more money is going to come out... emailed them twice to cancel my memebership! any advice please!!

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  • Ed
    ED Pimental Feb 13, 2009

    I too am just another sucker for this scam! I felt sick about it immediately after since once I finished giving them my credit card, email, and cell number the page closed and I could not go back to the site. I am usually wary of websites with blinking offers and countdown timers but for whatever reason...
    there I was! I called my bank and instead of $1 they charged $1.95. Also the name linked to the charge was MARQILIFE which I googled and found lots of scam warnings. I called Marqilife (1-877-462-0055) and they told me they were in dispute with eMillionaire for their name being linked to eMillionaire's charges. Marqilife gave me eMillionaire's phone number (1-800-309-6980). The woman I spoke with told me Marqilife is part of the same company. She also said the extra 95 cents was for shipping and that I should received my confirmation email shortly and my kit should arrive within a week. It has only been one day but I have not received a confirmation email. Needless to say I am not going to be checking the mailbox for my kit. What they don't tell you anywhere is that you are purchasing a "membership". I still have not figured out how to cancel the "membership" but I will call that number and let you know... Good luck everyone!

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  • Ed
    ED Pimental Feb 13, 2009

    Okay, here are the results: I called and apparently poor eMillionaire is having a bit of a "computer glitch". That would be why none of us poor suckers have received a confirmation. I think all of our comments are confirmation enough that this is a scam!!! Anyway, I had to give my email again (you know, because of the glitch) in order to receive a confirmation of my membership cancellation. I should receive it "as early as tomorrow". Again, the telephone number for eMillionaire for any of you that missed it is: 1-800-309-6980.

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  • Jo
    jowyn Feb 13, 2009

    thanks alot ED... will they definatley cancel the membership? am really worried that more moneys going to come out my account... i have a few direct debits and it would be such a hassle to re-organize payments that come out each month eg, bills etc.. so shall we email them again to as for cancellation?!!? thanks

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  • Jo
    Jonjo Feb 13, 2009

    I emailed facebook and told them what i thought of their ads policy, and i also changed my status to "Facebook should be ashamed for promoting "make $5000 a month from google" ads, search "emillionaire scam" on google. Shame on facebook!" if everyone does this, the word will spread quite quickly and maybe facebook will get the message :)

    i've also emailed a current affairs program here in OZ about this, with the current credit crunch and tightening of purse strings, they will be all over this story of facebook promoting scams on its members..


    as for this emillionaire mob... they should be all shut down and prosecuted for fraud.

    its not too hard to find them in this day and age...

    their address as registered with their domain is :

    601 Cleveland Street
    Clearwater, FL 33755

    they appear to be hosted with www.datapipe.net (the company they host their website with)

    under section 7 of datapipe's TOS emillionaire could be conceived to have contradicted section 7... "fraud"
    check it out at http://www.datapipe.com/Terms_of_Service.aspx

    an email to [email protected] with your concerns may also reinforce the argument against this emillionaire mob.

    or http://www.datapipe.com/Contact_DataPipe.aspx will list all current contact details.

    Datapipe will most likely try and shovel the blame onto emillionaire, but if they receive enough complaints, im sure they will have to take notice!

    let's get these scammers closed down before anyone else gets sucked in with their crap!

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  • Pa
    pancho Feb 13, 2009

    I called at 05:47 (-8:00 GMT) at 800-309-6980 to cancel the membership. The lady who answered the phone spoke like she was scared by me... I was told the exactly same thing that ED has just said. I have to give my email again.. I just wonder if the membership will eventually get canceled within 24hrs or not.

    Hey ED, please report here later if you receive the confirmation email by tomorrow. Thank you very much.

    I can't believe what i did after telling my friends not to believe in this spam... if my friends knew it they would've laughed the sxxx out of me..

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  • Ir
    Irish818 Feb 13, 2009

    I too was scamed. The ad that I recieved said recieve free kit, and all I had to pay was $1.50 for shipping and handling. I checked my pay pal to see if the 1.50 was taken out. It was, and also another $197.00 was added. I only had $15.00 in my account. Pay Pal is trying to get funds out of my bank account to pay for this. Now I have bounced checks, and owe money to my bank. I'm trying to put this transaction on hold. I can't even get a hold of any one at EMILLIONAIRE to cancel this order. I am so tired of scamers, and this is the first one I've fallen victim too. I feel like an idiot. Avoid them. IT IS A SCAM!!!

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  • Br
    Brandon Feb 14, 2009

    Me too... on top of the 1 dollarish charge, they also took nearly $200.00 out of my account. Not good.

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  • Ma
    matt Feb 14, 2009

    well.. it's lucky i was only charged $2...
    everybody please join the facebook group call Petition: Remove/Review all Money-Making Ads
    we need to bring attention to everybody

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  • Li
    LIn Feb 14, 2009

    Please beware this company is faud you will be charged 197.00 not 1.97 as they state in there agreement . This is faud and is punishable by law . Google is supporting this web site and can and will be involved in the lawsuit . This is a class action suit that can be done and will be done . Please reply if you have been affected by the scam . Please keep all record of and charges .


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  • Sh
    Shann Feb 14, 2009


    Google is not involved and even states so on the scam website:

    Google™ does not endorse or sponsor this site and is in no way affiliated with eMillioniare.
    The trademarks of Google™, MSN™, CNBC™, USAToday™, ABC™, CNN™ and Yahoo!™ are the properties of their respective companies.
    These organizations do not specifically endorse or sponsor this site or eMillionaire.

    Always read the find print...

    Anyway, it looked suspicious to me too, and found this complaintsboard before submitting. I'm glad I did.

    I do wish you all good luck in getting your money back.

    I can't believe people are this malicious with the issues occurring in the world right now. ###... nothing more.

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  • Ni
    Niki Feb 14, 2009

    Im grateful to everyone for your complaints, my husband encouraged me to investigate before signing up and thats how Ive got here. You all saved me alot of worry Im sure. I will definately be complaining to Facebook, this is very wrong of them to advertise this rubbish. Thanks for your complaints!

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  • Ro
    Robert McMillan Feb 14, 2009

    Hi. I'm a reporter with a newswire called the IDG News Service. If anyone would like to share their experiences with emillionaire.com with the press, please drop me a line at [email protected]

    Robert McMillan
    IDG News Service
    San Francisco

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  • Kn
    KN3 Feb 14, 2009

    I was fallen victom to this EMILLIONAIRE SCAM
    I feel like SUCH an idiot
    I submitted my information yesterday
    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP?! I don't know what to do.

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