After noticing my pay as you go phone balance diminishing dramatically everytime a certain text message was sent to me, I contacted my service provider, TESCO, and they informed me that a firm called EMEXUS had been thieving money from me for some time and they gave me a number to ring to stop it, which I did but I have not had a refund to date.
I can't recollect signing up to this scam.

David Bumford.


  • Mr
    MR.R.HOOD Sep 23, 2008
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    gran child must have used the phone with out us

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  • Jo
    Johnny Andersson Mar 31, 2009

    I am living in Sweden and the same thing has happened to me. As I have understood some body in my family must have used my mobile to play some internet game. The problem is that the game is not onetime happening. It goes on for ever until you stop it. It is not enough to ignore to answer the questions emexus is sending to the mobile. The amount drawn each time is small SEK 30, 00 and if you are making a lot of normal calls you may not notice the withdrawals. It is a business that should be stopped. But how?

    Johnny Andersson

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  • Al
    Alicia Elsawey Apr 16, 2009

    This company cost me hundreds of pounds and my personal number which I had for seven years. My current service provider gave me only this name and said that I can claim the charges from them..
    Does anybody knows how to go about it?


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  • Je
    Jenspen Jul 21, 2009

    This company does indeed charge YOU for texts it sends to you - even if you haven't subscribed - its disgusting really. I contacted my service provider orange and they put me through to 2waytraffic which is part of the emexus group - i asked them to remove me from their list as I had never signed up for anything and demanded a refund - i doub that will come, but i will keep on at them..

    If you are getting texts from 64848 as i was, call 02030262817 and demand that they remove you from their list and get a refund..

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  • Ge
    georgialynn Mar 10, 2010

    I just finally figured out the $.99 daily fee to my prepaid cell phone a/c and got it stopped (I didn't understand my first answer from my cell provider otherwise I might have nipped this earlier)however, my "live chat" customer service agent said they don't know who really signed up for their service so I won't get a refund. My daughter is under legal contract age and I would never sign up for something so stupid. They refuse to give the name of a customer service supervisor--will only give me a number to who knows where and then they hang up (twice) buggers! I am ticked off--I have a pay as you go so I can control how much money to budget and they managed to even stop her unlimited texting because our a/c balance for emergency phone call s was used up. ARGHHH!!! Anybody ever received a refund or just stone walls.

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