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This company had given me a $300.00 loand and has taken $90.00 on 4-24-09, $90.00 on 5-08-09, $90.[protected], $90.00 6-5-09 and still have made two more additional $90.00 hits to my checking account. Today I called and spoke with Samantha it seems she is the one who is running this business on her own after several request to speak with a supervisor..she was the only one answering due to me trying to pay this balance off to aviod more fees and she did not want to recieve my payment. sounded very suspicious? She told me they will continue to hit a $90.00 fee and have proven e-mails where they did a wrong deduction from my account. Please help me from this cash fraud company. Don


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      Apr 22, 2010

    I can't even get a hold of them by phone so i went to [protected] and this coplaint board was he only ting that came up related to them!!!this is rediculous!!!very unsatisfied!!!i barrowed this money to finish stuff for my wedding!!!

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