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I placed an order on May 11, 2009 for a Smart Battery Charger for CRV3 for $13.95 and two Kodak CRV3 Rechargeable Batteries at $8.49 each. I live in PA. I received my three items on May 18, 2009. That same day I put the first CRV3 battery in the Smart Charger to charge. The light on the charger starts out red and turns green when the battery is charged. Light turned green, battery charged, put the battery in my device and device indicated 'low battery' and shut itself off. Put the same CRV3 battery back in the Smart Charger, light remained green (already charged), but I left it in the charger overnight to be certain. 15 hours later the battery was still not charged.

I put the second CRV3 battery in the Smart Charger to charge. No charge. Device would not work. 'Low battery' was indicated yet again. No problem, I thought.

I emailed eMartCentral (because no one ever answers the phone, just an answering machine) on May 19th and eventually received a response that I need to "Please slightly and gently adjust the prongs / connectors on the charger using a pencil so they will be in firm touch with the battery(ies) charging plates and re-charge the battery(ies). " The prongs were fine to begin with. I did as they said, but neither battery would charge.
Every time I emailed them and said I would be returning my three items, they emailed back and inferred 'yes, send them back so we can fix them and send you back the repaired items.' I politely and clearly worded my email to indicate I was not interested in any repairs, simply my refund.

Their response was:
"Please return the item(s) along with a copy of this email in a proper mailer to the address below for tests / repair / exchange:

Maple Group /
P.O. Box 1564
Andover, MA [protected]

Their website indicates: "You need to email us at the email address below and obtain a return authorization when returning merchandise for refund, exchange, repair, etc." The word REFUND is there. "Refund will be issued only within 30 days from the original transaction date."

I did the above RMA# from them and mailed the items back on May 22, 2009. I did not hear from them so I emailed on June 7th to ensure they received them. They emailed back 'what does your package look like?' I emailed them that I sent in the same manila envelope they sent it to me in with all the proper paperwork they wanted.

Nothing yet. I just emailed to find out where my refund is as it has been over 30 days. I did use PayPal so my next complaint will be to them if I do not hear from today.


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      Jul 15, 2009

    UPDATE: After contacting the PayPal Resolution Center (useless) and then the BBB (unsatisfactory resolution=no refund) I phoned Chase credit card company today.

    Immediate refund of our hard-earned $39.94 and I opened a dispute. Problem solved!

    I most definitely sent the defective items back to eMartCentral on May 22, 2009 and I find it highly unlikely that the USPS lost the package. Shame on them. Next time I will use a reputable company and I will pay the $1.50 for tracking.


    eMartCentral is currently on vacation for a month. Due back August 20, 2009.

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      Oct 03, 2009
    eMartCentral - Fraudulent Sale
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I have ordered from many online companies and never had a worse experience. When my product arrived, it was in an oversized box with no packaging material; as the product was a memory card for a digital camera, transport without any packing material was inappropriate. I then found that the memory card they shipped was not the one I ordered. When I contacted the company by phone I received no response (and since have never reached them by phone despite posted business hours) and followed up with an email. I was then told that with restocking fees, shipping charges, etc. it "may not be cost effective" to return my product. Given all of the charges I would accrue by trying to return the incorrect product, I agreed to take an exchange for the correct product. I shipped the product back to the company at my expense and I have confirmation from USPS that my product was received by them but still there has been no resolution. I contacted the company again by phone and email and received an email response that exchanges were processed in nine business days. Nine business days came and went with still no resolution and/or communication and I remain without the product, without the money I paid for it and still attempting to have a resolution to this matter with a company that appears to have no interest in serving the customer in a reputable and ethical way.

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      Oct 03, 2009

    Anytime you are treated by a company like this, and they have used the United States Postal Service to conduct business, you are entitled to file a complaint of mail fraud with the Postal Service. You can do this at I did it once with a rebate scam from a software company. The company gave me the run-around for six months. After filing the complaint, I had the check within two weeks. Good luck!

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      Oct 05, 2009
    eMartCentral - Sony Memory Stick Problem
    United States

    I recently purchased two - 4GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo cards from eMartCentral. The units arrived within a week and I was very surprised to find they were loose with no packing in a fairly large box, removed from their original packaging and quite obviously used. They had finger prints on them and some of the paint was worn off from being inserted into a device. One of the adaptors was slightly bent as well. Neither memory stick worked even though I tried them in my camera, my computer and a sony game console.

    I contacted eMartCentral and let them know I was quite upset with them and demanded an immediate refund. They gave me the song and dance that they sold what was advertised on their web site and that if I wanted to I could send the memory sticks back to them, but that it might not be cost effective to do so. I told them it would be cost effective as I would be receiving a full refund.

    I mailed back the memory sticks recently via USPS Certified Mail and it appears eMartCentral will not sign for them (accept them) as they have been sitting unclaimed at the post office for six days now. I sent the package certified because I read that several others were told by eMartCentral that they never received the RMA'd product.

    My next step is to file a fraud claim with my credit card company and possibly a USPS mail fraud complaint as well. This is unbelievable. I will follow up with the outcome.

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      Nov 04, 2009
    eMartCentral - Poor Quality Merchandise
    P.O. Box 1564
    United States
    Phone: n/a

    Purchased a 2-pack of rechargeable batteries (NP-60) for my Casio camera. Though the website said "2-Pack Casio NP-60" batteries, when they arrived they clearly weren't from Casio...some cheap knockoffs instead. Tried to charge the batteries but they would not take a charge (at all). Emailed their customer support, got the following reply..."It is very unlikely that both are defective. Please use a known good charger and fully charge the batteries. Reply with the result.". Suffice to say, the one and only charger I have is the one that came with the camera and it's been charging the battery that came with the camera all along with no issues. Tried again, neither of the batteries would take a charge.

    Obtained a return address from them via email and it stated to return for "tests/repair/exchange". Returned the batteries to them on 10/17/09 and stated I did not want an exchange (who wants to go through that again), and that all I wanted was a refund. I guess I'm luckier than most, I did get a partial refund on 10/28/09. They didn't refund shipping (as expected) and it looks like they withheld a $3 processing (or perhaps restocking) fee. Oh well, guess something is better than nothing. Will not deal with this company again.

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      Nov 07, 2009

    I purchased an 8 gig Sony memory stick Pro Duo, it came loose in an oversized box and when I put it into my Sony HX-1 camera, I got a message saying that the card maynot record or play. Obviously a rejected card being sold as a new card that would work . Other people seem to have similar experience with eMartCentral. Buyer beware. I am going to see if paypal is of any help.

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