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Tweeter subcontracted with Elwin for in-home repair for our 50 inch tV that is still under warranty. Elwin left a message on our answering machine that said they would send a service tech between "2 and 6" tomorrow and that we should call before 8:30 if this was not convenient. I decided to take a 1/2 day off work to meet them at the house. By 4:45 they never showed. I called and they said they were not coming. That our service call was canceled because we did not call. We called Elwin to try to resolve the problem and they were rude and not accommodating.


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    lucasskywalker1 Feb 16, 2009

    It appears in these tough economic times that #1, Elwin electronics business is doing so well they have to turn business away, when most companies today are trying to maintain or gain market share. A customer service representative is the liason between the customer and owner whose vocabulary should include the golden word TACT, I have had a few experiences with elwins myself fortunately they've been acceptable. However, with all that I've read in this site and others I would begin to believe that Fran is burned out from dealing with customers or needs professional instruction on how to handle either difficult customers or unrealistic expectations of customers". Having been in customer service for a good number of years the most important expectation of a customer awaiting a technician is an open line of communication, they should not have to call in the last half hour of their window to check the status of their service call. Be proactive have your technicians keep you posted and extend your customers the courtesy of a phone call. I've had to deal with very irate customers whom have been ready to literally swing at me because of their dissatisfaction with either product, installation or previous service calls. When a customer won't listen as much as I try to explain while I'm servicing their problem (of course I'm late and they've had a courtesy call) the greatest difuser has been TACTFULLY asking them how would they feel If I have their product partially repaired but I'm running out of time, That I'll have to comeback later(another day could be 2 weeks typical lapse time between appointments) because I can't be late for the next appointment! IT 95% of the time is disarming and before I leave they are usually apologetic for their behavior. Especially, if I repaired the problem first time out or returned a 2nd time with the correct parts that were specially ordered for them and then proceeded to successfully fix their electronics. Customers' will hold no ill feelings towards a 1st or even a 2nd service call but more than that for the same problem will try most customers' patience. My methods are tried and true having joined a nationally known company in Fall River, Massachusetts 3 years ago as a service technician, the company was ranked 20 the in the nation out of 75 franchises after one year 8th after 2 years 4th in service. Note, I didn't give away the farm either, throwing money at customers to win them over is not beneficial to the bottom line. Truthfully, does the manufacturers have CSI 's(customer service indexes)rankings for their service providers and does Elwin even care?

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  • Li
    Liam Blueridge Aug 26, 2009

    I worked for Elwin Electronics for several months. I can assure you that we always did what we could to service the customers, but we had an overwhelming number of customers to attend to. Often they insisted on being squeezed in to our already tight schedules, and then complained when we had trouble accommodating them for appointments we weren't comfortable scheduling in the first place. What you have to understand is that technicians cannot predict the amount of time a repair will take EVER, that's just not possible. Therefore, we had to give large windows of time that were always imprecise, and often times, we missed the window because of a million unforseen circumstances that we dealt with every day. We also had to deal with issues that were not our fault but may have been the fault of the manufacturer or the warranty company, and we still got the blame for all of those problems too. And after day after day of trying your hardest for customers only to be met with a constant stream of rudeness, you end up wanting to fire back at them. I developed a true love of saying "No" to people who called me up and acted like spoiled brats because, god forbid, a luxury item like their television wasn't being fixed overnight.

    Suck it up and deal. This is the nature of the electronics repair business. You want to go somewhere else besides Elwin, fine. They're going to be slower and worse. Elwin is filled with people trying their hardest to get you the best service possible, your expectations are just not realistic.

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  • Ca
    CasualObserver007 Oct 12, 2009

    Seems like Elwin employees feel like they're doing their customers a favor by taking their money, and get upset if a customer actually expects something in return for their money, such as professional, courteous, and timely service.

    Hmm. Looks like there's SO many customers in that area, Elwin is basically telling them to go somewhere else if they don't like being jerked around.

    Time for a decent bunch of techs to open their own shop, and take all those unwanted customers that Elwin doesn't care about.

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  • Bu
    Busy Service Tech Dec 07, 2009

    If Elwins is not able to handle the volume of service calls and repairs, then I would suggest they hire more techs and customer service people. Obviously the work is there and if business is THAT good, they can afford to hire more service people to handle the workload. Maybe then customers wouldn't have so much to complain about and Elwins could meet realistic service deadlines.

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  • Li
    Liam Blueridge Mar 16, 2010

    There are plenty of techs opening their own shops. They'll take a lot longer to service you than Elwin will.

    Elwin cares about all their customers and works their hardest to accommodate everyone. Customers just don't have realistic ideas of how long repairs take. Mainly because none of the customers have worked in a similar industry and think that television repair consists of turning a switch on the back of the set from "broken" to "fixed."

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  • Sa
    SalesConsultant May 06, 2010

    I really don't care whether you have worked for Elwin or not. I have had my TV set repaired by three different companies over the 4 year course of my extended warranty and I have never come across incompetence as gross as theirs. They have had my TV for over 2 months now. I scheduled the service 5 months ago. I called them 3 weeks ago and told them that I didn't care whether or not my TV was fixed I just wanted it back.

    One week ago they finally scheduled me to have my TV brought back to me, they don't know whether or not it has been fixed because apparently they do not keep anywhere near accurate enough records. Well Monday was the supposed delivery date, but instead of bringing me my television they called me and said that they never should have scheduled the delivery because they were not ready to bring my television back yet. This is mainly due to the fact that my TV is apparently in one of several storage facilities they have rented and are not sure which one my TV is in.

    They told me they would be unable to return my TV set until they had finished inventory. When I called them and told them I wanted to come get my TV with 3 business days worth of notice (rather than them scheduling me for another delivery which they probably would not honor) they told me that they could not guarantee my TV would be available for pick up because they still had to complete their inventory and then check the operational status of the unit.

    I told them that I had already given them weeks worth of notice that I wanted my TV back regardless of the "unit's status" and that such notice should have given them sufficient time to locate and inventory my TV. They still said they could not guarantee my unit's availability for pick up but that they would work on it and give me a call on the third business day as to whether or not I should come get my unit.

    At this point the customer service representative informed me that "she wanted to get me my TV back just as badly as I wanted it." Somehow I fail to believe that since I am the one who spent 3 months with a broken TV and 2 months with no TV (and no idea when I would get it back) while they sent me through scheduling hell.

    Yes, that is right, I had several appointments over the course of 2 months for them to come get my TV. Each time I received less than 24 hours notice that in fact they could not pick up my TV on that day of the week because no one is scheduled to come to my part of the state on said day of the week. You would think that they might have known this when scheduling the initial appointment.

    I suppose the point of my long and rambling textual monologue is that if you need repair for your electronics... seek it elsewhere. If you have an extended service contract through Best Buy or whoever, ask that your unit not be sent to them.

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  • Ka
    Karmababy2010 Jun 15, 2010

    If you think that being a customer of Elwin is bad you should hear what they did to their employee's this year!! My husband a loyal, hardworking technician of 3 years was told with 3 days notice that his salary would be cut by 40% and his vacation cut to one week with no sick days...when he did not agree to this since we just had a baby 7 months before this they told him to "find another occupation" this was "company wide whether you've worked here for 30 years or 1 day!!" How would you like to be the guy who's been there 20 years and is nearing retirement to have your pay cut to less than $600 a week before taxes?! When I called to talk to the man in charge and explain how this was our only income and that we are a family of 5 with a new baby who could not survive on this amount of $ they basically told me to F off!! Great American company right??? Then on top of it all he challenged my husbands claim for unemployment!! WOW!!! Since then my husband is taking their advice and getting out of the industry, we'll be just fine with him working as a network administrator with not one but two Cisco Certifications!!! Elwin is the most unscrupulous, uncaring, greedy corporation I've ever known of I am glad karma found them!!! (flood 2010!!)

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  • Ry
    Ryan8943 Oct 26, 2011

    you want to be hung up on, waiting a month and a half for a diagnostic on your television, waiting all day for someone to come in for five minutes on numerous occasions and keep on saying there seems to be something wrong every time, then this is definitely the place for you. if you're looking to get something done without frustrations or feeling like you just wasted your money, don't go. im just a disappointed customer who got fed up.

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