Elmore County Department of Human Resourcesimproper supervision/care of my child while in foster care

S Jul 29, 2019

My daughter and son were put in foster care as of the beginning of December 2018. they have both been relocated to numerous different foster care homes since then, with the last relocation causing them to be seperated. My 15 year old daughter has been placed in a home in Selma which is 2 hours away from me and her father. as a result we were unable to see her for an entire month when she was first placed there. we have recently learned that she has been seeing a young man and has been able to go over to his house, and has been having sex with him. she has to go to the doctor now as a result to make sure she is not pregnant. we have also learned that the foster mother of the house she is staying in often works alot of nights, which leaves our daughter at the home, by herself, with no supervision at all. we have told Elmore county dhr that we would like her to be moved to another home because of the lack of supervision and they tell us they cannot. she has been told that she can no longer see the young man in question but with the lack of supervision in the home there is no one to keep her from having him come over while the foster mother is not there. i am concerned for my doughter because of the fact that she is a teen and do not want her to make any mistakes that could find her pregnant, or god forbid something worse. someone could try to break in the home at night and she would not be able to do anything about it. She has told me and her father that she is ready to come home on more than one occasion and it seems to fall on deaf ears of DHR. i cannot be a parent to my child or help her from making stupid mistakes if she is not with me. both me and my husband have been doing everything that DHR has asked of us and we are getting fed up with the way both ourselves and our children are being treated and it must come to a stop. please let me know what we need to do to get this fixed asap so our children can be back home with us. thank you

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