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Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting — michelle layton (kathleen pickett) troll, stalker

Michelle Layton is obsessed with handsome, successful people like Naira. When her boy-toys aren't visiting...

Elizabeth Gallo Court ReportingMichelle Layton, Mark A. Campbell, Marina Noble - habitual criminals and child-abusers

All posts against Dr. Naira Roland Renault (FKA Naira Roland Matevosyan) are posted by Michelle Layton (Kathleen Pickett) and her fellow co-conspirators Marina Noble (alias Marine Zaven Mkhitaryan), Mark Andrew Campbell, "Hon." Judge Clarence F. Seeliger and Ara Khachatryan (alias Ara Khachadourian) and all psychiatric patients. They are immensely jealous of Dr. Naira Renault and her innocent under-aged son who has nothing to do with anything you see here on Complaintsboard and elsewhere. Their venomous envy stems from the fact that none of them achieved nothing important or respectable in their entire lives other than mediocre, low-rank jobs. Perhaps Michelle is exhibiting her warped crush on Naira's brilliant child when she says "I'm flattered he likes to pretend he is me too. I have that effect." Please report these criminals to the authorities (9-11) if you see one or all of them together nearby. They are mentally ill and highly dangerous to children as well as adults.

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    Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting — ara khachatryan, troll, terrorist, sadist, shoplifter and internet criminal

    Ara Khach'atryany, Bruk'lini nizakaketayin ankyunnerits', Nyu York'its': DZer lezun kartses ch'ap'azants'...

    Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting — marina noble abuses azniv shahverdyan and sophia noble

    My names is Azniv Shahverdyan and I am 28 yrs old. My mother molested me from age five to age fourteen. She...

    Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting — assisting stenography for depositions, a private business

    This place is a chalet - full of undeniable psychopaths. No exaggerations. They lack education, they lack...

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