Elite Financial ServicesFraud and scam


We received a phone call to say we were 1 of 3 in the world to have won a $10, 000, 14 day holiday to Cancun, Daytona Beach, and Orlando. The guy told us his name was Gavin Reeves. He gave us a confirmation number, a phone number, and a customer service number.

We were given the choice to take the holiday or the money, money back guarantee if we didn't like the package. We could make this decision after receiving the package. The $599 Au. Govt Tax had been taken out on the day they spoke with my husband. 20/9/08. We had not discovered this until we got our bank statement.

We were concerned and rang, spoke with ?Gavin Fletcher, probably the same guy, then was told a few different stories as to why we hadn't received the package, from The Floods and storms in America, to the package had been sent, but no-one was home and it was returned. I asked for them to email it, but they said they couldn't.

Could these have been a string of lies(convincingly unfortunately) every time we rang. I have record of all the dates I rang, total 9 times, I got through to them and probably 20 times I didn't. Warning bells rang loud and clear, but being a newly married couple we were over the moon at the prospect of a 'honeymoon of a lifetime'.

Reality set in when I searched the web for ELITE FINANCIAL SERVICES and came across the complaintsboard website. Thankyou for such a great service for those of us who are too trusting. It would be wonderful if there could be financial retribution from these thieves. Not only our money but our dreams being built up, then shattered.

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