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Elegant RagsSick kittens


I am posting this, as I want people to be BEWARE of falling for lovely photographs of beautiful kittens, posted for sale on the Internet, AND TO STOP PEOPLE HAVING TO GO THOUGH WHAT WE ARE STILL GOING THROUGH.
I WAS TAKEN IN... after losing my 20 year old Ragdoll.
Also to NEVER BUY ANIMALS without seeing them first, ... AND NEVER BE AS STUPID AS I WAS.


Having lost our 20 year old cat 6 months ago, we have an 18 year old Ragdoll, who was
and still is, sadly missing her life long friend, so I actively was looking for a Ragdoll, or two Ragdoll babies, perusing the Internet for reputable breeders.
I know the thing to do is actually go to the breeders personally, you can only hope the breeders are legitimate,
breed for the love of the breed, . but Ragdoll cats are not in abundance, especially in Florida.

After finding a few breeders, I decided to call a few. One of the breeders I called, was ...
JESSICA PERRY, who I inevitably ended up purchasing from. She lives in South Carolina. ELEGANTRAGS.

After numerous calls to her, and emails, asking general questions, I left it for 2 weeks, then found myself looking at her site again, and yet again I called. She sent me extra photographs, and both my husband and I decided on 2 kittens.

I paid for them in full on the 6th October, $2, 000.00 unaltered, and we met the flight.
Of course when we received them we were so excited, and the first thing I said to my husband, was the male, wasn't breathing properly, and he was coughing.The female seemed very traumatized, and scared.

We got them home, and settled them down, in a separate room from our 18 year old cat.
It became apparent, however, that Max's breathing was not quite normal. and they both had worms.
By the next day Sunday, after Max had been running, with Mia, a little, he would seem to catch his breath, and have somewhat labored breathing, and and they were both sneezing and had, runny eyes.

I called the breeder, and explained the situation, and told her I would be taking them both to the Vet, first thing on Monday morning, which
I did, and they were both diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection, and they were put on Amoxicillin anti-biotic. and given a worm treatment.
I called the breeder, as I knew she had other cats and kittens, but she said none of her other cats were showing symptoms.
Of course we wore gloves, and changed our clothes when we handled the kittens, because our 18 year old Ragdoll was now subject to infection, HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING.

October 18th
After 5 days of anti-biotic's there seemed to be no great improvement to either, with Max fairing the worse of the two.
Off to the Vet again, and Max had an X-Ray which was not conclusive for Pneumonia., although he now had deep raspy breathing at times.They were both put on a stronger anti-biotic, which was Azithromycin.
I again called the breeder, and informed her of the outcome again of the Vet's appointment. They both seemed to respond to this anti-biotic, but Max then seemed to take a turn again for the worse, with breathing difficulties, rasping, and losing his appetite, along with labored breathing, sometimes 80 or more breaths a minute.

October 28th
Making an appointment for another X-ray, the X-Ray revealed Pneumonia. Max had a complete blood profile also, and it revealed he was anemic, was running a temperature of 105, was dehydrated, needed inhalation
therapy, and SQ fluids.
He tested negative for Panleukemia. Max was given 2 different anti-biotic medications.

October 29th
Max had a re-check, and oxygen/inhalation therapy. Mia had vaccines, as it was unclear if any had been given to her. my Vet, stated the symptoms, especially with Max, would have been apparent, before the hours flight, the breeder kept telling me it must have been stress that instigated this.

October 31st
Max had inhalation therapy, he remains weak and fragile. He is given a 25% change of survival.

I am going to the Vet every other day, for inhalation therapy for Max, where he is put into an incubator to help his breathing. Prognosis remains guarded. Though he is starting to eat a little more, with coaxing.
... Long term prognosis, if Max gets through this, remains unknown, as he is obviously
genetically challenged. Vet bills are on-going...Up-to-date they are approx, $900.00 and rising, every other day.

I have not called the breeder since the 18th October, and she has not called me, to ask about the welfare of the kittens.

November 3rd
Max had inhalation therapy, more anti-biotics were prescribed, Max is not getting better, and remains weak.

November 5th
Max had inhalation therapy, his breathing at times appears to be more labored, and he catches his breath, with movement.

November 7th
Max arrives for inhalation treatment, and he crashed at the Vet's office, with his gums turning blue. 100% air, could not stop fully the gasping for air.
We, on the advise of the Vet, put him down... to stop the pain and suffering, that was evident he would never recover from.
Max died on this day.


Received results on Mia's blood test, 11/20/08 .
I had never heard of FIP, having had cats all of my life, but I have never had more than 3 cats at a time.
Breeders however, are well aware of the hazards of having a Coronavirus FIP infected cattery, SO I AM TOLD.

Mia continues to have problems... Yesterday Nov. 23rd we had to take her to the Emergency room, as she had diarrhea and sickness,
for the 2nd day, I was told she could have Coronavirus Enteritis. She was given Cerenia, but continued to have diarrhea all last night.
She remains off her food, and drinks a little. I made a call to our Vet to see what course of action must be taken.

My 18 year old, is not eating for the 2nd day, but drinks. She has also vomited... yesterday.
She remains lethargic, and then restless, and roams around crying. today.
Kiki had a complete blood profile done in August, with a clean bill of health incidentally.

The last 7 weeks has and continues to be a living Nightmare... I continue to fear for their lives.
I am looking at the ashes of Max, and praying my other two will not end up the same way...
It is more than I can bare to think of it... The outcome remains unknown, uncertain and heartbreaking.

UP-DATE MARCH 11th 2009
Mia continues to have problems and health issues, she is still trying to heal from being neutered 2 months ago, when the Vet deemed her fit enough to have the operation.
Yesterday she was back at the Vet's office, as she has one cloudy eye, that has discolored the Iris. This could be the onset of F.I.P.
She is on anti-biotics and steroids yet again. And so it continues...



  • Dm
    dmjkc Aug 16, 2011

    I too was excited to find a breeder that offered a payment plan for these beautiful kittens!!! That's what made my decision to go with Lovely Rags!! I, unlike so many others, have not had any health issues with our male Ragdoll kitten and I thank God we have not had to go through what others have gone through with their new furry additions!!! I would not have gone with Lovely Ragdolls had I found this site before. Of course I am glad we have our new family member and wouldn't trade him for anything!!! But I will not be going through this breeder again...I am confused though...Is Love Ragdolls, Lovely Ragdolls and Elegant Ragdolls all the same company???


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  • Pa
    Pauline01 Mar 29, 2011

    If you know so much more about her, why dont you post it? Prevent her and the other breeders associated with her from selling their kittens. I spoke to SC Dept of Agriculture. They have been to her house many times from complaints. Keep them going back and they will shut her down. People only seem to post once, say what they feel because they are angry at the moment and then never post again. I am guilty of this too! Something must be done! No offense Gayla, but it looks bad that you are bad mouthing another breeder. Im sure you have "inside" information, but why not post it here for all to see?

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  • Ga
    Gayla Pavolich Aug 26, 2010

    she is no longer Elagant Rags, she has changed her name to Lovely Rags

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  • Ga
    Gayla Pavolich Aug 05, 2010

    I can tell you allot more about Jessica Perry, not to mention her move to Arizona and the many cats who died along the makes my blood boil!!

    Why is she still breeding? we should all get together and put her out of business!! for good. if any one wants to talk to me they can reach me at [email protected] I'm Gail

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  • Ki
    Kittenlover Jul 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please do not buy kittens from Elegant Rags or Lovely Ragdolls (convenient that they now changed their website)! I got 2 kittens from her over a year ago. I was ecstatic that someone had a payment plan for these gorgeous kittens. However, I should have done my research. Things seemed legit till the day before my kittens were to be shipped to me. Jessica's mother called and said that the kittens couldn't be shipped because her regular vet was out of town and the new vet refused to ship because one of the kitten's temp was a degree above normal. She stated this was from the long car ride and nothing was wrong with the kitten. I got a bad feeling but talked myself out of it. My kittens were shipped a day later. When I went to pick them up from the airport, I noted that Sookie's (my female) eye was extremely red and swollen. On the car ride home both of the kittens were sneezing non-stop. My husband spoke with Jessica's mom that night and she blew it off, stating maybe it was a reaction to a vaccine. I took my kittens to the vet the next day and both were diagnosed with URI's which led to Feline Herpes. They were placed on antibiotics and both ended up having their eyes completely swollen shut and draining for weeks. They had non stop diarrhea and intestinal issues. Both my cats, whom I love with my entire being, are sensitive to everything to this very day. They have to eat special food so as not to get sick. Feline Herpes is something that can lie dormant and resurface at any time. Needless to say, I never received any other communication from Elegant Ragdolls and stopped making payments. I just hope someone will read this and save themselves some heartache. Buy from a reputable breeder.

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  • Pa
    Pauline01 Apr 19, 2010

    One other very important bit of information about The kittens from Lovely Ragdolls, and Elegant Ragdolls is that their kittens will test positive for the corona virus which is the leading cause of FIP. FIP is a death sentence for all of these kittens! Your hearts will be broken and you will spend a fortune on vet bills! BUYER BEWARE!! DO NOT FALL FOR THE CUTE PICTURES OR THE PAYMENT PLANS!!! PURCHASE YOUR KITTEN FROM ANYONE IS BETTER THAN PURCHASING FROM LOVELY RAGDOLLS OR ELEGANT RAGDOLLS.

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  • Pa
    Pauline01 Apr 19, 2010

    I have first hand knowledge that your kitten has ringworm. If you have purchased a kitten from Jessica Perry, Elegant Ragdolls or Lovely Ragdolls in the last three months, your kitten definately has ringworm.. Ringworm is very contagious to you, your children, and other pets. It is also expensive to get ride of. You have to treat your house and have your ventilation system cleaned because it is flies around your house on the loose cat hair as spores. Its in your vacuum, too. Jessica Perry is professional scammer! I recommend to everyone that has purchased a kitten from them to file a complaint with TICA. It will be worth the $50! They need to be closed down! TICA will investigate and keep her from registering her litters. Also contact the Southeast Director of TICA, his name is Ed Manning @ [protected]. You can also contact the department of Agriculture at [protected] and file a complaint free of charge. They will investigate her and help close her down. Jessica is using Lovely Ragdolls website now because of all of the complaints for Elegant Ragdolls. She also uses her Mom to cover up for her. They always have an excuse for everything and have someone else to blame besides taking responsibility for their own actions. If you paid her by credit card, then dispute the charge with your company. They she will return your call or emails

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  • Mi
    misslissy Mar 26, 2010

    Thank you for the posts! I have 2 kittens on hold with them right now but will cancel. Wow!! I was a little leary when I was told twice I would receive follow up calls and I never received them, but the kittens were cute and being able to be put on a payment plan was allowing this to be possible. I feel awful for all the families out there that have had sick kitties, but thank you for the complaints so that we don't fall into the trap!

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  • Di
    dinglehopper Feb 25, 2010

    I, too, have just had problems with Jessica Perry and Elegant Rags and Lovely Ragdolls. Someone wondered if these things are true, and yes they are. I have experienced it myself. I just got a kitten 6 days ago. I took her to the vet, and she has a yeast infection in her ear, and her heart didn't sound right. She has a wound on her face that I was told was from a cat fight, but it looks like ringworm. I did bloodwork on her and an ECG. She has a 2nd degree AV block, and her bloodwork is not good. Her white cells are high, and 3 other things are wrong with her blood. And she is coughing a lot. If only I had researched their reputation, I wouldn't be going through this. I spent a lot of money on this kitten. She does sell sick cats. And Jessica has not once tried to contact me, her mother is always the one to talk to me. Don't buy from them!

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  • Mi
    Miss Moe Jan 31, 2010

    I have a rescue from Elagant Rags. I am so grateful for all of your posts so I know what to watch for. I am the second owner of a mink coated ragdoll. She is nine months and seems to be in good health. I will make sure to have my vet watch closely for heart disease and other cattery illnesses. I am so sorry all of you have had these heart breaking events. I hope I can learn from your stories. I wish all of you healing prayers and love. Take care.

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Popoloski Oct 02, 2009

    We also bought our Blue Point Ragdoll from Jesscia A. Perry (Palin). He was born on October 15, 2008. When we brought him home he was also sickly. Runny eyes, and would not use the litter box. He wanted to go to the bathroom everywhere else, but the clean litter box. ( I am a clean freak.) We actually went to the cattery to picked him up, the smell was strong, and there were a lot of cats... (and several children). However, ours is a better turn out. We were able to get the kitten healthy, and he is a very friendly, lovable cat. Not afraid of anything. (I think maybe because he was raised around children). My husband and I are retired, so we spoil our cats. They are our babies. We also have a Siberian Forrest cat. They are the best of buddies. We got the Siberian Forrest cat from a cattery in Georgia. We have had no health issue with him (Puten) . However, we have NOT received our papers for our Rag doll yet. My husband just e-mailed her tonight. I hope she responds.
    Cheryl Popoloski

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  • Ke
    Kellyr6 Sep 26, 2009

    If all these cats are this sick and many die just think of all the dead kittens and cats that may be in Jessicas house I bet its horrible she porobaly is a sicko that has dead cats piled up on floors and in cages and perhaps she is freezing them I really THINK this cattery needs animal control .

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  • Sa
    savetherags Aug 22, 2009

    Another tragic sick adorable "" kitten has also died due to the FIP dsease. Our kitten arived with two upper respitory diseases, worms and fleas. Jessica Perry was heartless, cruel and unreachable. Contact us at [email protected] we can forward our copies of phone records (of trying to reach her without calling back, ) medical records/vet bills, and pictures of our dear cat. The money is the smallest of our loss at over $3, 000. She insisted we neuter our kitten even though he was not completly well so we could fullfill our end of the contract. After we sent her all of our neutering paper work, monthes passed and we never recieved our registration papers which were promised acording to the contract to be forwarded within 30 days. Please spare yourself this tragedy. This is only a small hint of the suffering that our cat went through.

    1 Votes
  • Me
    Megailee Aug 18, 2009

    Wow, I just read some of these complaints.
    Poor kittens.

    When one looks for a breeder you should check responsiveness to customers, health guarantee, FIP incidence (should be <5%), health screenings, etc.
    A kitten should be shipped at least 5-7 days after being altered. Not every kitten should develop an URI unless there is a herpes carrier somewhere. You need to ask lots of questions and prices should be consistent with the area. Also consider whether a cattery does early spay/neuter and size of cattery. Smaller catteries may be preferred for socialization and other health reasons.

    Megailee Ragdolls

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  • Ra
    ragcatlover Aug 07, 2009

    Please go into the sight and see the many pages of happy customers for Elegant Rags!!!

    -3 Votes
  • Ra
    ragcatlover Aug 07, 2009

    Why complaints anonymao, these seem unfounded...Elegant Rags has never received a vet bill...could it be other breeders are trying to damage this reputable breeder by false anonymos comments.

    -2 Votes
  • Ra
    ragcatlover Aug 07, 2009

    Why are these posts anonymos, if these comlaints are true, there is only one person listed and the cattery claims never to have sold to a Janelle Smith.

    -2 Votes
  • Ja
    Janelle Smith Jul 14, 2009

    I am another victim of Elegant Rags - I sympathize with you and hope that time will make it easier for both you and your children. I purchased 2 kittens from this same breeder last fall. I had to have one put to sleep and the other one is still hanging on with constant URIs. I have spent over $2, 000 in medical bills in six months. I can't believe she is still in business. How can someone be so cruel and money-hungry. And think of the poor little kittens who are being brought into this world only to suffer. Someone should shut her cattery down!

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  • Ve
    very sad family Jul 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also feel in love with a beautiful picture of an adorable kitten on the Elegant Rag's website and purchased her. Two weeks after receiving the kitten I was visiting my Vet finding out that she had an eye infection and was very underweight. After several visits to the Vet with eye infections that would not go away and upper respiratory infections my cat began to lose weight and just lay around and not eat well. It was apparent from the beginning that my kitten was not healthy; however after discussing this with Elegant Rags (which took may tries to get them to call me back)they denied have any problems with their cats. After lots of testing my Vet told me he feared my cat had the FIP Virus. I received my kitten in March and put her to sleep in June. I watched her go from being playful with my children, snuggling with them in their beds, and loving to be held --- to a kitten that could not stand up on her own to even take a bite of food or water. During the time I was holding my kitten while the vet was administering the medicine to put her to sleep I could only think of how do you explain to a 4 year old and a 10 year old why Mommy had to put their beautiful kitten to sleep. A kitten that brought them so much joy each day. Please do not fall in love with the beautiful pictures on the website like we did. She should not have the right to sell these beautiful, sick creatures and play with peoples' lives. My four year old just asked me yesterday was our kitten always going to be dead.

    1 Votes

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  • Ja
    Janelle Smith Jun 13, 2009

    It's a shame she is still in business. Of the two kittens I purchasd from this cattery, one died and one is very sick. How can someone be so money hungry and cruel??? Good luck.

    1 Votes
  • An
    anonymous Jun 11, 2009

    Oh my god! I wish if I had seen these complaints before I made my payment in FULL!!! I have not even gotten the kitten yet and I am already having problems with elegant rags! I am having extreme difficulty getting return phone calls and replies to emails. ONCE you make the payment in full then they stopped replying to calls/emails.

    1 Votes
  • An
    anonymous Jun 11, 2009

    Oh my god! I just wish I saw this before I made my payment in full!!!
    I have not even gotten the kitten yet and I am already having problems with elegant rags!! I am not getting any return calls or replies to emails!!! AFTER they receive the money!!!

    1 Votes

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