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I purchased an Electrolux microwave 2 years back. The buttons have been giving some trouble for the last few days. I lodged a service request with the service center, they first promised to send a service engineer within 2 days. I did explain to them since we are all working people, they will have to stick to the day they have promised, so that we can ensure at least someone is at home to attend to the engineer. On the given day there was no sign of the engineer till late afternoon, so i finally called the customer service desk again and they coolly tell me that the person will not come that day. Thats the first time i threw a fit, how can they not keep their word, if they assure a customer, they have to stick by it.
Then the engineer comes and informs me that the control panel needs to be changed. I ask him to do the needful and ensure that the part is good and authorized by the company. he assures me the same. After 2 days the service engineer comes with the replacement part, only to my shock that the replacement part looked older than the used one in my microwave. It had scratches and the worst was there was no quality control stamp. When i called the Service Manager he tells me that since the parts are kept in the godown its quiet possible to have the scratches. They can give me only 3 months guarantee and if the part stops working again i can call them. Firstly the manager did not know how to speak to a customer as at one point he also told me that take what we have sent or just live with the faulty panel. Also when i asked why is a new piece not brought to the customers residence and then opened and fixed, he said he cannot do it, as all the pieces are kept in the godown and thats how it works. When i asked him for his supervisors number he insisted that he is the only one and he takes all the decisions. The person was extremely rude, discourteous and had no clue what customer service means. This kind of service from a company like electrolux is disgusting and bad.


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      Mar 30, 2010
    Electrolux Microwave - pathetic service

    I purchased an Electrolux microwave with convection 4 years ago. It worked fine initially but the convection always mal functioned. I complained a few times - the necessary repairs were done but never lasted long. On the 10th of March 2010 the microwave packed up. I complained again and was told the element needed to be replaced. After repeated phone calls today I am told that my microwave is OBSOLOTE (obsolete I presume) very rudely and cannot be repaired. This could have been done initially so why was I made to wait for almost 20 days.
    I have now decided to get rid of it and purchase of another brand.

    Dr Kavita Syal

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      Jul 13, 2011
    Electrolux Microwave - Instruction on the dashboard wiped off

    I have a Electrolux Microwave. It is now out of warranty. It is used on very rare occations. It was purchased from Vijay Sales in Thane. While cleaing the body of the Microwave the instructions written on the dashboard/buttons got wiped off. After complaining the servce person told that if you are going to clean it slightly hard the instruction will go off even if you purchase a new pannel the same thing will happen. My query to Electrolux is why is such a material is used which gets wiped off while cleaning. Any item in the Kitchen is bound to get dirty and will require cleaning. I need explaination why should i pay 750/- Rs. for a faulty product from the companey

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