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truckspec tsmm3086 magnetic flag holders 2-pack/ never received product

Order these Magnet back on 8/6/17, got confirmation #61614, didn't recieve product. Emailed them and they said they had been on back order and had some now in stock was working on my order and would mail them within 24-48 hrs. Never got that so emailed again they said that they went to fill order and the magnets were no longer in stock and that they were on back order again and would mail when they got some. Never recieved word on anything after that. Emailed again Oct 14, 2017 telling them I would like my money back. They have yet to contact me back or refund my money($59.90).

12-volt fused replacement cigarette lighter plug with leads

Do not buy from this company β€”! They take your order on line and never deliver product. Ordered on 8/31/2017 order confirmation #61877 and then never heard from them. The live chat was never available the times that they mentioned on line. And no one emails back when emailed multiple times.

Also after we placed this order, our credit card was used to purchase items a few states over from us when we were never out of our city β€” fraud charges!

no product delivery after order confirmation and payment

Can you please check on the status of order 60076. It was for serene-life pslhtm20 cordless handheld grass cutter shears. I ordered them on march 17 and have not heard if they have been shipped. If you cannot provide this information can you please refund my $33.77 so I can ordered them elsewhere. This is the second request for information. I did get a receipt from my last status request but no information. You can call me at [protected] or email me at [protected] If I don't hear from you I will be contacting my banks fraud team and ask them to dispute it for me. Sincerely, mike martinez

bait and switch

On september 29, I purchased an item from their website that was 10% below other competitors., with very inexpensive shipping. That should have been a red flag, but I am a sucker for "good" deals.

11 days passed without any correspondence, so I visited their website. Their "live chat" was down, and to send all inquiries through e-mail. I e-mailed but received no response. I e-mailed two days later as well as left a voicemail, but no call back or response. 3 more days pass before I receive a response that there was an error in their inventory and were unable to ship. I responded back saying to cancel the order and to credit my payment back (The payment posted the same day as the initial purchase).

5 days pass with no recognition of this cancel request, nor any credit to be found on my cc statement. I e-mailed one more time, now receiving mailer-daemon responses saying the e-mail has been locked, and that my messages have not been received.

I finally contacted my bank's fraud team and explained the situation, which they were able to dispute on my behalf and credit back my account.

Lesson learned: look (On google) before you leap.

stay far away!! total scam!!

Avoid buying anything from they are real scammers and you will never get what you paid for!!
I have made an order and never received it. They did not give me a tracking number and there was also no payment confirmation. Customer service does not reply! They don't respond to email, they don't pick up the phone and their "live chat" is rather dead than live!
I'm trying to get in contact with these scam artists for several months now and nothing!! They have my money and they're not planning to give it back!
Stay far away!! Total scam!!

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shipping/customer service

I placed an order on 1-30-16, never heard anything from them as to verification of my order being shipped. My bank account showed money was withdrawn and still nothing. After 10 days, 2-10-16, finally got home in time to try and talk with live chat customer service. Was told my order had been on back order, but I was never notified. Live chat said my order was being expedited and I should receive within next 2 days. We will see. I will never order from this place again and said so, to live chat. Person was very apologetic, but that doesn't change the fact that this company is stuck in the 80's, probably working out of his garage, part time. I haven't had to deal with this kind of customer service since the internet was invented.

item not in stock as promised

I ordered a product from eletotronics on 5/7/14 which was identified as "in stock" on their website. After 10 days I contacted their customer service because the item had not yet been shipped. They said the product was not actually in stock, but had just arrived and would be expedited to me that day. A week later the item was still not shipped and I contacted them again to complain. Again, they said that the item was not available and they would expedite shipping when it did arrive. One month later the item ships, but with the least expensive shipping option (Far from expedited shipping as twice promised). Reading other customer reviews, it sounds like this is a common practice from their fulfillment department.

Bad service! Shame on you.

  • Un
    unhappyelectotroicsbuyer Oct 03, 2014

    no product shipped after months of waiting, upon informing support i was told it must have slipped through the cracks, and the product would be shipped immediately. 2 days later no tracking number, or follow up.

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    shishkin Oct 18, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing happen to me, no product shipped after three weeks, they don't answer on my e-mails

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Seems to be a common theme here...
Ordered a marine water heater and paid for 2nd day shipping. Got order confirmation and thought everything was good. Two days later nothing. No water heater, no shipping confirmation, nothing. Oh except my credit card was charged the first day. Tried contacting them via their online chat but that never seems to work. No phone number to call. Just an email address.
I sent an email complaining and asking for status and I got back an apology saying the "warehouse made an error and the product is back ordered". I then requested a refund and a cancellation and got a reply, "the item just showed up in our warehouse, can we ship it to you?" my reply was no, please process my refund. To which they said it would take 3 days. That was over a week ago.

Don't do business with these crooks. If you do, then do it at your own peril...

Resolved won't give credit for item not in stock

I ordered an item it was supposed to come in an assortment of 12. I received 1 of the 12 items and that was it. I am having a horrible time getting credit from the company and plan to contact the better business bureau if I do not hear back from them today. They have no contact phone number. Only email which they seem to not respond to.

Resolved item not in stock

Searched for best price, in stock reseller. Placed order based on item listed as "in stock". 24 hours later I asked for a order update and was told item was on back order. I phoned the manufacturer, and two of their wholesalers, to learn there are plenty currently in stock on both coasts. I was deceived. Now I have to cancel my credit card because I do not trust

Resolved electronics

This website has horrible customer service. I was in a rush to receive a product from them, selected a faster, more expensive shipping method and then heard nothing from them for several days. I finally sent the customer service emails because they have no phone number to call (How convenient) and received an email back about a day later saying that it should be "shipping today hopefully or in the next few days." I ordered the same product off three days later and received it two days later for 67 cents cheaper. I have yet to hear again from electotronics after several emails yet my credit card has been charged already.

Resolved didn't ship as promised

I ordered an antenna and was promised shipment within two business days. Six days later the item shipped
With a different carrier than was specified. The only time I could get a hold of anyone on their live chat service was when I threatened to cancel my order then an operator would suddenly come on. My item finally did ship
But I 'm very leary about this company. They have no numbers to contact them like most companys, it seems
Like its some kind of offshore operation.

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    Reviewer36345 Feb 17, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a lorex camera and expected it to be delivered in 2-3 days but after a week I haven't received it yet. So I emailed them once, then twice, thrice. But I only received an automatic pc response that it received my emails. I tried their chat service but it is nowhere could be found in their website. I emailed them for the last time that I wanted my order to be cancelled. But I'm not even sure if they'd read my email.

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Resolved in-stock products not in stock

Ordered products listed as "in-stock" from the web site. After 5 days with nothing shipped, I received an email stating products were not available and my order was cancelled. Then had to scramble to order from another source with fast shippng to have products arrive by the date needed. All in all a poor experience with

  • Br
    brynndc Dec 29, 2009

    I had the same problem! Awful shopping experience! I used Froogle to search for the product I wanted and electOtronics had one of the best prices. The product was indicated as "in stock" on the website. I placed my order and got the order confirmation by email immediately. Then nothing... for 10 days, despite my upgraded shipping. Then, on the 11th day, I got an email alerting me that the product was out of stock and my order had been canceled. What a joke. So much that Christmas gift. electOtronics FAIL big time! I'd strongly suggest you consider shopping elsewhere.

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  • Da
    dave1974 Oct 12, 2011

    "I am disgusted with the level of customer service I received from this company. They barely return e-mails and when they do they are completely rude and full of lies. I have been asking from a Manager or Supervisor to call, still have not heard from anyone and don't expect to either. I ordered an in stock Item and I did not receive it until 12 days after the date I ordered it, even though I paid an outrageous amout for FedEx. They finally gave a partial refund of the shipping charges ($5.00), but that is not good enough. THIS COMPANY IS AWFUL. STAY AWAY!!"

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  • Dc
    dcagnolatti Nov 20, 2012

    I ordered a product from Electotronics 15 days ago. My Paypal account was charged. I have not received the product. I have received no communication from the company. No email, no phone call. I reported the problem to their "customer service" department. I got no responses. Nothing. I still don't have my merchandise, and I have received no communication from the company at all.

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  • Ja
    James Christofferson Dec 29, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This place LIED and listed a monitor in stock, I ordered it on 12/7/15. No tracking number... on the 17th I got an email saying they had a small backorder and I would get my tracking number in 24-48 hours. It is now the 29th without another word from this scam act! I emailed them a bunch of times and haven't gotten anything back. My 13 year old got cheated on his big gift this year! NEVER TRUST THEM! They are a SCAM!"

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Resolved worst service ever

I was looking for a clover cm600w. Found this store elecotronics. Their web page said in stock. Just in case, I contacted them and to my "surprise" I was told it was out of stock and discontinued.

I believe they should not lie to customers, and when they are not sure of something they should at least avoid mentioning that something is in stock. They should either put call or leave that blank, but not say in stock, which is misleading to customers.

  • Gu
    guttermedic Oct 28, 2009

    Stay clear, this guy will pull your cord. Do your own google search all these people can't be wrong.
    This address was on google. it took 5 sec. to get. Not counting all the bad reviews.

    Electotronics, LLC
    7#5 Saint Johns Pl Apt 1A
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
    (718) 809-####

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  • Sk
    Skinny2010 Dec 24, 2010

    Stay away from this guys...they list their item very cheap make the customer interesting, then when you are place order, , , a little windows pop out asking for you pin number the visa or master, discover then you go back and the order process and submit without pressed place stay away from this guy...if you order and does not has in stock or delivery slow you still fine but they are tried stealing your PIN number...stay away from this guy..

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    clin58 Feb 13, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered 4 units of Brinkmann smoker basket with email confirmation. But the item was never shipped. I contacted them through their live chat and was told by the operator that the order has been cancelled because the item is discontinued.

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