Eldo Coachesbad service

G May 05, 2018

This the 2nd time using this bus service. I recently spoke to the manager in the Cape Town offices, and he apologies for the first incident.

About a month ago I used eldo coaches to travel to Eastern Cape. The bus broke for almost 3 hours outside Worcester, which didn't really irritate a lot of people although it was an inconvenience. when I came back from the Eastern Cape I went to collect my refund for my sister which couldn't travel with because she had to be admitted in hospital, the front line consultant were quite very rude until I spoke to their manger and he then told them he knows about the incident and I should be refunded, after a long struggle and unprofessional assistant.

Now, Today currently am using eldo coaches again, I actually regret booking with the bus again. I thought it would be a bit better after I was promised this ride will be a smooth and better one. it's actually worst than my previous experience. The bus is so dirty it smells like urine... it's even hard to breath. This is not only bad service but a health hazard as well.
how do you take people for long distance in a flirty bus, like you transporting pigs!!!

quite disappointed and making a ought that this well the last time I actually use this bus again. I've read a lot of complaints already about this bus and am thinking at the back of my head are these complaints addressed accordingly???

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