Eileen May Lottertelkom cell phone contract and refusal to repair phone


To whom it may concern.
I have had numerous dealings with Telkom and now refuse to go near them. I have had a contract with them which included a Blackberry cell phone. Prior to the one year repair guarantee on the mobile phone expiring, the phone became faulty (no fault of mine). Which means that Telkom has defaulted on their contract specifications. They informed me that the phone could not be repaired and that I should pay a certain amount to retrieve my broken phone. Why should I make payment for a broken item and a sim that is now useless to me. Now I receive threats of legal action and summons being issued regarding this matter. Please, I do not know which avenues to pursue as no one seems to want to assist in this matter. My Telkom Mobile account number is [protected]. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP.

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