E.G.S.Isalary of ms. lady anne dulnuan


This is to complain the salary of Ms. Lady Ann C. Dulnuan, former mc donalds crew assigned at san joaquin Pasig City. Ms. Dulnuan was hired last October 2008 up to Jan 2009, she had returned her uniform yet she never received her salary during her stay nor she haven't seen her payslip.She was once told that her salary was already in atm but when it was check, still there's no any amount loaded on it. Ms. Dulnuan received an AWOL letter dated May 8, May 25, JUne 4, 2009...stated that she have not repor for work since Jan 16-Feb 1, 11, 13 of the current year. Madam/Sir, if we can analyze Ms. Dulnuan's situation, who will be motivated to go for work if she is not receiving her salary for almost FOUR months?She go for work as she was expecting that she can help her financial study but its useless.. Mc Donalds Management especially San Joaquin Pasig Branch should settle this issue ASAP unless we file for complaint on NLRC..

thank you


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