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This Company ripped me off for $1000.00 wit hthe tactic of tell me what I wanted to hear to close the deal, then they quiclely changed their tune. Also, they get your money before you sign a contract, and they have in their contract that you have to give them 90 days to respond to your complaint.

Dont fall for it, the IRS Tax payers Advocate office will do the the same thing that Effectur offers only its free, thats what they dont tell you, they count on your fear of the IRS in order to rip you off for thousands of dollars.


  • Td
    TD Nov 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    The IRS Tax Advocate was absolutely no help to me whatsoever. I suppose it depends on the nature of assistance you need.

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  • Ge
    Gerry Apr 01, 2009

    Effectur's business model is to have a sales person convince you of the "21 different programs" they use to find the best solution for your tax problems then do next to nothing. The bottom line is they do very little other than delay your IRS settlement until Effectur receives full payment thereby causing you to accrue even more penalties and interest. After months of delaying, Effectur settled with the IRS for exactly the same monthly payments the IRS offered me before I talked to Effectur. The final monthly payment amount was triple what I told Effectur I would consider a reasonable amount BEFORE I paid any money. Effectur knew beforehand what the IRS offered me and that I was not satisfied with the IRS offer. Effectur performed a "Right Fit" analysis of my finances before I agreed to let them handle the account and assured me they could help. On roughly $50, 000 in tax liability Effectur arranged for one year of $2, 000 monthly payments which increase to $4, 800 a month after one year. This is EXACTLY what the IRS offered before Effectur conned me into trusting them.

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  • Ju
    justincase Apr 30, 2009

    I spoke to them on the phone and here is what happened:'

    1 - I gave them a background of my situation (I dont believe I owe the money the IRS claims). I spoke to Rickey Dalton.

    2 - They told me they needed $2, 000 fee with $600 up front.

    3 - I asked to see a copy of the agreement I would be signing. They told me they can only see the agreement AFTER I pay them the $600, I told them no way.

    4 - He then told me he would send me an agreement but needed some "basic" information, whcih started out with name and address, but then he asked about my credit card and bank details, which I would not provide, and I stopped and asked him why he needed this info, he told me that it was needed to see what the options were in dealing with the IRS. I asked if the options with the IRS were going to dictate different contracts for different people, he said no, its the same contract. So, I told him he had my name and address, and that should be enough to send a contract for me to review, he then said OK. As I hung up the phone I realized there were too many red flags and I would not deal with them.

    5 - A call 5 minutes later from Rickey said that he would be sending me the contact of SOMEONE ELSE with their info blacked out. I refused to deal with them from this point onwards.

    STAY AWAY - It is just a high pressure salesman trying to get a credit card payment from you up front immediately. He admitted he had never worked for the IRS in fact.

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  • Mj
    mjt Jun 20, 2009

    by mt.

    They have done nothing for me. About 8 months ago I signed with them for about $1800 and since that time I have submitted the same paperwork 3 times, my acct. rep either quit or was fired and the way it appears I will be right where I started with the Irs before I signed with effectur. Save your money.

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  • Hs
    hslantz Jul 30, 2009

    The title "tax consultant" is misleading as who you speak to on the phone initially is just a sales person hired for the job and taught some basic tax info to sound trustworthy on the phone. Only after you sign on do you get an account executive, someone with greater knowledge of taxes that may disagree with the hurried assessment the "tax consultant" gave.

    At no time do you ever speak with one of these "ex-IRS experts". Your account exec does, and acts as the liason for the varying success you may or may not have.

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  • To
    Todd1977 Oct 04, 2009

    Well folks,
    I'm out $6800! I requested a full refund 6 weeks ago after they started missing IRS deadlines. I also spoke with my IRS rep., and he said he hardly ever got his calls returned. I tried for almost 2 months to speak with someone with no avail. I recived e-mails that I was on their call list, but never got called or an e-mail returned.
    I tried to call friday, and every direct number I have says their system is busy. The main 800 line now just rings with a fast busy signal. They are no longer registered with the BBB either. Hopefully the fed has shut them down. I may be out my money, but I do plan to sue. Hopefully noone else will be hurt by these frauds!!!

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  • Wi
    wishyouknewme Oct 07, 2009

    I worked for Effectur for a long time (a long time there is more than 1 yr!). They started out meaning well and actually worked cases ethically at first when they were still small. Then greed caught up with the owner and he quickly hired a bunch more sales people, and that is when it got out of hand. And by the way, your case workers know nothing either. the only people that worked there who had actual experience with the IRS were the "Enrolled Agents". They are licensed and had to pass a state exam, or are former IRS revenue officers. But there were too few of them and way too many cases to work. Yes, the sales people were very much pressured to sell. The goals that were set were always unachievable, and that is why they put so much pressure on wanting people to pay immediately. If you paid money, they got commission. Period. I am normally not a vengeful person, but believe me, I had a party when I heard they went under. yay! May Kenneth Johnson and his fake "religion" rot in hell!

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  • Been there, fell for it... HARD! They sucker you in, waste your time having you continuously report the same infomation, for longer than a year. They communicate to you with an e-mail subject header reading DO NOT REPLY... until they get all their money. Then they don't communicate with you at all! I had to copy a lawyer on one of my e-mails just to get them to respond! I once acted like I was the new sucker on the block just to get transferred into the person assigned to my account. No... I am not kidding. I'm crying. I was sunk for $5, 000 and more stressed than I would have been if I had paid it to the IRS! Pissed? Waaaaaay passed that! They need to go straight to hell for that kind of heartless, flat-out fraud! With the time they wasted, I've racked up over $15, 000 in penalties and the IRS doesn't care that Effecture screwed it out of me. I wish the IRS would squeeze out of Effecture the money they stole from me... with interest!

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