eDreams (Opodo)taking too long to resolve an issue

D Sep 30, 2019

Flight reference number: [protected] / NRHQHR

I booked this flight via eDreams on June 24, 2019. There was a problem with the booking of the seats because I requested wheelchair assistance so I was told that the 'system' canceled the seats and then eDreams told me they couldn't rebook them for me and that I had to book (and pay) directly to the airline. It took nearly 3 months (with several calls and mistakes on eDreams's part) before I received the refund.
On Sept 10th I received an email from the airline, TAP Portugal, advising there had been a change in the flight departure date (losing one day of our trip) and the return date would be the same but from a different airport and a different time as they would no longer be flying from London City Airport. So I called eDreams but got no help and then called several times after that, calls totaling an hour or more at times, where I'd be put on hold (once the call got dropped after I'd been on hold on and off for over an hour!), and still no resolution to my problem, even when they said they'd get back to me within 24/48 hours. When they do send an email, they tell me to contact them but when I do, nothing gets resolved. I called them today, my 11th time! God only knows how much my phone bill will be! They keep telling me they need the authorization from the airline, which I understand, but I've been dealing with this for weeks now! They once explained to me that as the customer service of the airline company is in France and they don't speak English there, they send emails instead. Well, the first email from Sept 11th (they copied me in that email) they said they got no reply back. On Sept 16th they told me the same thing (they needed the airline to authorize the change) and they'd get back to me, which they never did. I had also asked them to send another email to the airline and copy me in that email but this time they told me they weren't authorized to do so even though I told them I had the first email they'd sent (see attached photo)! During one call I asked for a refund but only if I'd receive a full refund, otherwise I wanted to change the return date. They then sent me an email telling me to contact them because they had different requests from me and they needed clarification. So on Sept 20th I contacted them saying I wanted the return date changed to Oct 28th from London Gatick at 13:00. The usual response - will get back to me within 24 to 48 hours. Well today, 10 days later (because I have a life) I called again they said they would send me an email within 6 hours. They told me the airline no longer had seats in the class I'd initially booked (economy) when on the 16th, I'd checked with the airline and they told me there were plenty of seats. This has dragged on for so long, they may no longer be able to accommodate us or at least not without a price hike. Well nearly 9 hours have passed and no response, hence this complaint. And it's not my first online complaint about this issue with eDreams.
I am at my wits end. I have an 86 year old father who I was hoping to take on a relaxing visit to London and about 3 weeks before the flight, I still have no resolution to our problem, which began on September 10th.

eDreams (Opodo)
eDreams (Opodo)
eDreams (Opodo)

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    Isn't someone looking into this??

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