Edible Arrangementsnon-delivery of product

My husband ordered an edible arrangement to be delivered on Sunday, September 29. The representative called me (the recipient) that same day to say that the driver had already come to that area for the day. I gave the rep my husbands number and assumed that it would be delivered the following day. It was not. My husband is currently deployed. When he was able to give me a phone call a few days later I asked if he cancelled the order because I didn't get it. He said he didn't on Friday October 4 I called asking about the status. The woman who answered the phone said the manager was out and would call me on Sat if he came in, if not first thing Monday. Monday comes still no call. I call back and the rep tells me that the manager is busy and will call me within the hour. No call. I call back. The rep puts me on hold and then hangs up. I call back and continue to get hung up on. It's 4pm, I drive 2 hours from Seattle to the store because they keep hanging up on me. I get there and the rep asks how she can help. I tell her the issue, the throws up her hands and tells me she can do nothing. I ask to speak to the manager she said no, he's gone for the day. I ask her to call him so I can talk. She refuses. She then says all I can do is have you call him. I say no ma'am. That won't work. I've been asking to talk to him all day for the past 3 days. Just get him on the phone. She says no. Storms to the back and calls someone. The strip mall security comes. I continue to tell her to get the manager on the phone. She refuses. She goes in the back again and says she's calling the cops. I said if that is the best way to mediate the situation do it. I need help and you're not helping. She comes back and calls me and angressor and tells me how does she know I'm not lying, because people like me always come in and lie about an order to try and get money. I said well not me. I'm instantly offended being a black woman, because the assumption is that blacks do this. This woman is yelling and screaming and I'm doing the same. But she and the security guard are acting like I'm the threat all the while she's throwing racist jabs. I feel so violated by this store and the actions of this employee. She keeps threatening me with calling the cops, I said go ahead I need help and you won't give it. Shortly after the manager arrives. Even though it was said that she can't get ahold of him and he's out of town. This franchise is not living up to your reputation of excellence in service. Please speak with the manager and the employees and provide customer service training and sensitivity training to avoid instances like this. This is a despicable trainwreck and it makes it worse that a military family was preyed upon. I would like to be contacted regarding this matter.
Latoya Surratt

Monday October 7 5:55PM.

Oct 07, 2019

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