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J Jul 24, 2019

I definitely was not a fan of my first experience with this new location that just opened in January 2019. An order from Edible Arrangements is my go-to gift for birthdays, mother's day, newborns, and just because. I was excited about this location opening on Malabar Road because it is closer to my home and I figured I wouldn't have to spend the extra $15 for delivery as often as I typically do. My cousin welcomed her first baby on Wednesday the 17th, so after seeing they close at 6pm I stopped into this location on Thursday the 18th around 5:50pm on a whim to see if they had any fast fruit that I could bring up to the hospital. There was an employee helping another customer, once she finished I inquired about an arrangement. She showed me the one arrangement available, it didn't look very fresh so I said no problem I wasn't really expecting them to have anything but wanted to check. I told her I would order online for another day. On the morning of Tuesday the 23rd I put in an online order for pickup at 6pm. Almost immediately after submitting my order I received a phone call from an employee at 8:49am telling me that the store closes at 6pm and asking if it would be okay to change my pick up time to 5:30pm. I told the employee I selected 6pm because only half hour timeslots were available but I planned on being there around 5:45pm. She said that was okay and told me she would change the pick up time to 5:30pm just so there was a time to have the order ready by. I said that was fine. At 4:30pm I received another call from an employee (not sure if it was the same as from the morning call) telling me that my arrangement was ready and wanting to know when I would be picking it up because they close at 5pm. I said they close at 6pm and explained that I even spoke to an employee on the phone in the morning that asked to change my time to 5:30pm. This employee reiterated that they close at 5pm and that my pick up time was inputted as 5pm not 5:30pm. I explained that wasn't my fault because I had given permission to change it from 6pm to 5:30pm and that I would not be able to be there until 5:30pm. I was again told that they close the doors at 5pm almost everyday. I said online their hours are until 6pm and even their door reads until 6pm. I also brought up the fact that I had stopped in the previous week right before 6pm and there was an employee and another customer. I was told that they only stay open longer on occasion to meet "business needs". Well imagine my confusion at that point. I thought me having placed an order that morning, already paying for the arrangement, and selecting a timeslot that was available on their website was a "business need". I was told that they close as 5pm but they could probably stay until 5:30pm for me to pick it up. The tone from the employee was that she was very annoyed. Mind you I am NOT a complainer. This is my very first bad review. I won't even send back wrong food, but this just really rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like the employee is used to getting off at a certain time and most likely had made plans and was trying to make sure she got out by the time she wanted to, but at my expense. The arrangement itself was correct but I will not be using location #1676 Palm Bay, FL again.

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