Ecommerce Management GroupAvoid dealing with this ppl


I received a call from Eric Collins of eCommerce Management Group regarding earning money from my own website. After much conversations about “No I have already been taken for $5, 00.00 from another similar company.” He assured me that I should earn 2-3 thousand dollars each month depending on how many visitors come to my website and buy from the over 60 stores listed there. After some time he lowered the price to $199.00 and finding out how much I had left to spend on my credit cards I agreed. Then came the advertising cost. I spent $1, 000.00 to get 1 year of advertising (where it goes i do not know). They gave me a certificate for $200.00 of free advertising.(Big deal) Guaranteed over15, 000 visitors to my 200 qualified business leads (whatever that is). As of 6-12-12 I have over 5, 000 visitors to my website and not one penny from eCommerce.

I am unable to talk to anyone there as I leave messages at least 2 or 3 times a week. No calls back i was promised a personal coach whom I have never heard from. then they sign me up with a company call Precision Corp Services cause I need to set up my business. All they did was take more money from me and got nothing in return. They wanted to do my income taxes for $800.00 this year. Yeah right!

Jessica is the receptionist and she is very rude. I have talked to her many months ago. Most numbers I have associated with this company are not working any longer.

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