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W Aug 04, 2018

Scum!!! Liars!!! Stay away!!!Szot Family Maria Szot President of Company and Perry Szot General Manager business tel:[protected]
20w267 101st St
Ste B
Lemont, IL [protected]

This purchase started off as a 5 star and quickly went down hill. The day of the purchase 07/21/18 everyone was very nice and i had a great feeling about paying for the car in full. i had to leave the car there for 3 minor repairs, that we agreed on in writing, for four days. I came back to pick it up on 07/25/18 after Julian my salesman, said it was ready and only one repair was made. i called them back to tell them that the other 2 repairs were not completed and they told me that they would order the part for the second repair, and i told them i would find out what was needed to make the third repair. i just found out today 08/03/18 that my part was on back order and Julian was ordering another part today, 2 weeks later!!! i called and spoke to Julian on 07/27/18 and told him that the third repair was because the tires that were on the car had flat spots on them and they were tires for a light truck and not a car. Almost all of this time that has passed i had to contact Julian for an update because he would not reply back or call me first to give me an update. Julian told me that we would split the price of the tires ( which i thought was not fair because they agreed in writing to make the repair) so i sent him an estimate for 3 different types of tires. He told me that they would find some tires on the internet because he knew they could find them for cheaper. I am so disappointed with my decision to buy a car from Ebuy Motorcars. Now they are very rude, and not so nice anymore! They are nice until they gain your trust, then they lie and rip you off! They will turn very aggressive on you PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

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