EBizProgram.comFraud and cheating


I ordered the Acai Berry Supreme from Ebizprogram.com, which stated that they offer a 30 day free trial offer. I received a phone call from them a couple days later confirming the order. They told me that I would need to call and cancel within 15 days of shipping the order or they would charge me $88.62. They gave me a phone number to call if I wanted to cancel. I received the order and called the number they gave me [protected]) so I could cancel. When I called it didn't even ring; it just hung up. A few days later my credit card was charged $88.62. I called the phone number that showed up on the charge [protected]) and it said the number was disconnected. I then went online to research the company that I placed the order with and found another phone number [protected]) and again, it didn't ring, but hung up.

I called the credit card company to dispute the charge. They reversed the charges, but notified me that I was the third caller that day with this same exact problem. They also told me that my credit card was setup for continuous billing with them and the only way to stop them from charging me again, would be to change me credit card number.

Don't be scammed by these people like I was. There is no way to cancel the order or to stop the reoccurring charges.

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