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easy engines barking/ parts plazafraud

qouted me on new engine for my celica gt4, gave me a very competitve price and picked up my car promising that it would be ready within the week. after three weeks and to many phone calls to list they told me my clutch and turbo were no good and had to replaced. when i actually went down there to check on my car it was still in their car park along with 100 other cars ( i think these all belong to customers but im not sure) hadnt even been touched let alone worked on. these guys r very roud once they have ur car and r not to be trusted. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. THIEVES.

please email on paul.[protected] if you have had the same problem aa i want to start a petition and get these guys on watchdog.


  • Jo
    joeyk9 Jun 16, 2010

    I agree with the complaint and am through the process of sorting out my complaints myself, I feel like I have been frauded by these people.

    I am not afraid to reveal myself, I am Joey with the S2000, I have returned from the garage just now having spoken to Imran and a VERY helpful MOT guy name Nadeem (not sure if I spelt it correctly)

    I booked in for reconditioned engine which on the receipt says "low mileage engine"
    fine... as long as the job is done. I was also assured by Ozman? Not sure how to spell either that there were going to be all replacement parts. Wrong...

    My cylinder head and bottom end cover was reused along with my rocker cover. Again...

    BUT!!! Prior to having my car for collection Ozman agreed that I may come up and view the engine with my own eyes that was going in, we turned up late as traffic was murder and I wasn't able to view the engine... Again... FINE!!

    BUT, prior to the car being taken in I had taken the rocker cover off and the head off myself and had determined that cylinder 1 rings had gone and something really funky on cylinder 2 had happened and the piston slapped the valves and smacked the cams into the rocker cover and damaged some of the oil running plates. They should have replaced the rocker cover right?

    Seeing as they haven't done that I am now worried that they used the same cams (which the engine rebuilder assures me he hasn't) as the profile on the cams were ruined by the meeting with the rocker cover. Although the rebuilder himself says not reused I am still reserved on the matter.

    Other problems are the car doesn't pull straight, the steering wheel points to the right but the car pulls to the left, the exhaust is blowing from where the manifold meets the cat, air-con does not work anymore (not cold), two scratches on my front bumper which they can only offer to buy (or charge me?) a touch up pen.

    NOT satisfied and I am a genuine customer writing my view on this.

    Imran offered for me to go down today before 2pm and they will sort it out for me but I was there for nearly 3 hours and nothing was solved, wasted my time and my petrol.

    Nadeem (MOT guy) however sympathised with me and even offered half his lunch to me as he knew I hadn't eaten, so Kudos to Nadeem but seriously unhappy with the rest of the service.

    I feel like I was conned out of half of the deal and if the problems do not get resolved next week I will be contacting the CAB the office of fair trade and I WILL be taking them to court.

    If you guys at AutoFix are reading this review then please get your act together and sort me out before I take the next step.

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  • Tr
    traditional cheese Mar 04, 2010

    Hi I am also a victim of their shoddy service. I wanted a recon engine for my Toyota but they patched up and botched my engine. Two days after collection, smoke is pouring out of the exhaust and the turbo has gone - which they say isnt under guarantee. Having read all these complaints I would like to know if any one has successfully taken them to court or has had them reported as I intend to claim for the repairs needed to my van since being in their garage. I do not want them to do any further work on my van. Please email me at [email protected] if you have had any success in prosecuting them.
    Sophie Austin

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  • Do
    donwowee1 Feb 23, 2010

    Absolute bunch of w%&*ers and t%&*rs do not trust them . I am taking them to court and will send in the baddest, meanest bailiffs once i get my court order.


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  • Ja
    Jay9K Jan 13, 2010

    I feel so sorry for you guys and so luck I found this board as I was about to take my BMW here.

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  • Ja
    janjam Dec 20, 2009

    There is no doubt in my mind about this so called company are conducting an extremely dodgy business. For starters they seem to be trading under a multitude of names which always arouses my suspicions. I have unfortunately come into contact with these cowboys after I found out my C Max required a new engine. My mechanic put me onto them purely because they quoted a reasonable price. He had only advised one other customer of his to use them in the past and had no comeback so he assumed they would be ok! Boy, was he wrong! They too promised that my car would be ready in 5 days. 2 weeks later they were fast running out of excuses as to why the works had not been done, 'sickness of staff', 'wrong engine ordered!' were just a few of the excuses used. Arousing my suspicions I googled the name 'Autofix' only to discover extremely bad reviews which sent alarm bells ringing. I decided to go up to their unit un-anounced only to discover that nothing had actually been done to the car although they had told my partner the previous day that the engine had already been removed. It was not removed, however the engine cover and a few other parts had just been dumped in the boot and on the seats with no protection underneath to stop the grease and oil. I decided there and then that they were not going to touch my car with a bargepole. I arranged for another engine replacement company to take my car away about 4 days later. 'Autofix' were not happy about this when told and seemd to want to live in denial. When we did ask them for their VAT number and insurance details we were told that they would have to talk to their accountant to get such details. What kind of car repair company does not have their VAT number to hand on their paperwork??!! By the way there is no sign of their company name on the building from which they operate. All part of their dodgy scam I assume. I shall be reporting this company to trading standards.

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  • Qf
    Q Farooq Dec 16, 2009

    Do not trust anyone from PART PLAZA and AUTO FIX! horrible customer service .They quoted me £1900 for replacing my FIAT ULYSSE engine with in 5 DAYS.After 2 weeks when they were not answering my phone calls i went to this place in BARKING, Unit 3, Rima House, Rippleside Commercial Estate, Ripple Road, Barking, IG11 0RJ and my car was still parked outside without any work done.After i pressurised them to start work they finished in 5 weeks.I could not work during these weeks as i use my vehicle for my work.Finally car was ready, with bill of over £2600 excuse was they have changed other parts along the engine.I wasn't happy with fitted engine as it was smokey and it was difficult to change gears, gear stick was getting struck in 2nd gear.So many times i try to contact them as i was not happy with fitted engine but they just ignoring me.After few days clutch gone which cost me £600.Then after one week turbo stopped working and car was giving black smoke and no pickup power.I brought back car to AUTO FIX again as engine was still on 6 month warranty, they promised to fix car in 3 days but after 3 weeks car is still with them and they have bill me for another over £800.I am just FEDUP with them.Can i take any legal action against them???

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  • Gb
    gb11 Dec 09, 2009

    We had an awful time with my girlfreinds mx5. It needed a new engine after running out of oil!?!? They quoted and fitted the engine for £1300 and did it promptly, to my relief. However after a couple of months it started overheating and we got back in touch with them. They told me to get the car over to them and they would fix it under warranty, which would take 4-5 days. They gave me no updates as to the progress, and I had to badger them continuously. They kept on saying it would be ready tomorrow, and to phone back then. Eventually I spoke to someone who said that the car was coming off the ramp, and would have a test drive tomorrow. When they phoned me the next day(for the first time ever) they said that they just had to fit a couple more parts and then test drive it. This just shows that they don't tell the whole truth during their dealings with customers. When the car was finally ready (after 5 weeks) they suddenly said that because this had been caused by a problem with the radiator we were liable for the full cost of repairs (£900 for radiator, cylinder head and gasket). This was despite the fact that I had spoken to them and emailed them right at the beginning to say I wanted to be told of any work not under warranty before it was done. They offered to drop the VAT if I paid by cash, which I refused. I took advice from the Citizens advice bureau and eventually managed to settle the bill to the cost of the radiator only. However a couple of weeks later the car started taking progressively longer to start and productive of black smoke, and was munching oil. It seems the piston rings were probably shot. When I tried to contact them regarding this they did not return my phone calls. In the end we traded in the car under the scrappage scheme for a new one! My advice would be to avooid using this company, I felt physically sick every day that the car was with them and have ended up out of pocket. What's more I feel I let down my better half as I found the garage for her. I have subsequently read lots of other bad reviews where people have said that their car which was put in for a new engine did not have a new engine at all, just a quick patch up which failed on the way home. Many other people also seem to have had a difficulty which we had, namely that it is near impossible to speak to the same person twice in a row, which means that they can claim that they don't know what is going on. I also got the impression an several occaisions that they flat out lied, in order to pacify me for another 24hours.

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  • Sh
    sher24 Nov 30, 2009

    avaiod this company please they cannot repair a car to save there lives. They have had over 3 months to repair my car and still have not got it back. when got the car back the first time bits were broker on the car and pieces were missing. the amount of problems with both the car and there very very poor customer service is far to much to list. They have not done 1 thing rite and have ruined my car. i wish i had paid more to get it done at a real garage who actually care about the work they do and have a passion for cars which how it should be and not just a bunch of bodgers who dont care. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. THIS IS NOT THE LAST UR HEAR IM NOT LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS.

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  • Ja
    jay333 Nov 26, 2009

    I wish I had a look at this comment board before I gave my car to them for a recon gearbox. They changed it about 2 months ago, picked up my car after about 6 day's later. The next day I start my car, same problem with the gearbox, take it back to them and they say it's electrical problem, I should take to an electrician. I took my car for a full check up in my local toyata dealer, paid £125. They gave me a report saying the gerbox is still not functioning properly and MAYBE might need a new ECU. Took the report back to them they say the gearbox got damaged agian because the ECU was not working properly( should'nt they have checked if I needed a ECU when they changed my gearbox, if that was the case) and told me they will change the gearbox again and put in a new ECU and just charge me for the new ECU. Its been 1 month and they still have not given my car back, they dont give me no update's on whats happening, have to call them several time and then when they pick up all they say is the electrician that was working on my car is not in or somtimes they say his in, it should be ready in 1 or 2 days. I get the same answer all the time either the guy is in or not. dont know what to do know. I still keep calling them and Know they are THREATENING me saying they dont need to fix the gearbox because the gearbox got damaged becuase the ECU was not working, but they are doing it for me, and i should be patience, how long, they dont say. PLEASE HELP I dont know what to do know, still waiting for my car...

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  • Pa
    Parts Plaza customer Nov 23, 2009

    Do not trust anyone from Parts Plaza ! horrible customer service and mechanics are unknowledged about basics of how to repair your car. This company should be seriously reported by everyone having a problems with them to the Trading Standards etc... . Mr. TonyT - please don't make up funny stories and don't forget that this website is for people who had problems with merchants so that's why it is called complaintsboard. Happy people don't write positive comments in here.
    Thank you

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  • An
    Angry Customer04 Oct 09, 2009

    Ive got a huge problem with this garage.
    Had a quote for engine re-build and new clutch. They picked up car, said they had it done in 2 days?
    After collecting the car, all seemed fine until i got a few miles down motorway. The clutch became loose again, Loud tapping in engine and rattling exhaust.
    After myself, and the Honda dealer looking at the garage, we came up with a list of things that werent solved and extras that occurred whilst there. They hadnt done the engine re-build i paid for, or replaced new clutch, just bodged it up a bit to make it look like they had. They also broke my CD player so doesnt even turn on. Put chips out of my rocker cover, looks a state now. Broke the exhaust so rattles. Engine mounts are now broke, causing tracking to be out.
    Car went back for re-work, after me calling endlessly to get updates, i found out after 3 weeks and finally speeking to the manager (IMREN!) The car hadnt even been looked at. Rude little people and make up stories everytime you call. DO NOT TRUST. Paid £3k for them to bodge my car even more.They are going to court for Scam/Freud. everyone please report to Watchdog, Trading standards, police!

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  • Do
    doug34 Oct 07, 2009

    Im about to go down the route of a court case, 2months to replace an engine, no test results, no history, I told them not to fit it as it had gone well over the agreed time of 5-8 days, they ignored me and called to arrogantly and ignorantly ask if they could charge me extra for fitting an air filter, no I replied, guess what they did, fitted it anyway, 3 months later I get a letter informing me my car is ready, I'm in talks with them now over returning my range rover in its origanal state, these clowns wont get a penny out of me, watch this space...Doug

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  • Ah
    ahmed4099 Sep 21, 2009


    Recently vicim of this garrage . I found then Highly dishonnest and unfair in dealing.I agree all above reviews. Trading standerd agency must take a strict notice against them.

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  • Ve
    Veritas1670 Aug 14, 2009

    In addition, during telephone conversations, I have found an aggressive response, along with the 'untruths'; and then, when I have spoken to someone sensible this contact, is a Female, whom, is pleasant, but, has only been employed, a matter of weeks. The 'Big' Boss, Mr. K. Khan, clearly has no regard for his Customer's, and instead, delegates, any problem to a Member of Staff, whom is being thrown in at the deep end. Why so Shy - Khan!; he probably recognises there is no point me having a battle of wits, with perhaps an unarmed man!.
    Lets hope then that, the 'Appropriate Authorities', deal with this Company, and either ensure they then operate in a Professional way, or, issue relevant Court Proceedings.
    I have also reported this to Ebay, whom I shall be directing to these Postings, so that, consideration can be duly given to, whether such a Company should be Trading there.
    Apparently this Company were previously based in Stratford, but had to move due to the Olympics.
    I will obviously update the situation, as it unfolds.

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  • Ve
    Veritas1670 Aug 14, 2009

    I am having the same problems already highlighted above. My quote was to replace my engine in five days, and on Monday it will have been five weeks!.
    I had no contact with them for the first two weeks, and thereafter, it has been one lie after another. For example, I was told the replacement engine, needed a new flywheel bearing, and then someone else said it needed new pistons; obviously I began to worry about, what state this so called 'newly imported, low mileage engine', was in!.
    Yesterday I was rung up to say, Job done, but that my car may not start, due to 'glow plugs'; well, a) A Service was only 7, 000 miles ago, and, b) in their Ebay Classsified Ad, it clearly states a Full Service, including, Plugs will be done. I felt this was another attempt to gain money, as the two Persons I spoke to, told me a Service was extra!.
    As I am Diasabled, I had arranged for them to re-deliver my car back to me, and at the moment they are insisiting I pay upfront, prior to seeing how/what state my car is in.
    I have spoken to Consumer Direct, whom have passed on my details to Trading Standards, and also have reported this to the Metropolitan Police, in whose area they are operating under (Not Essex Police).
    Prior to sending my car off, I took photos of exterior, interior, and engine bay, so will hopefully spot anything untoward. However, I am being held to ransom over, the return of my car.
    They are not communicating with me, and not asking the very basic questions I have asked them to provide such as the 'new' engine's number!
    I would not recommend them at all, and I may well have to pursue this in the Courts.

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  • Sc
    SCOTT909 Aug 11, 2009


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  • Za
    ZafiraGraham Aug 06, 2009

    I have to say that I was put off when I saw these comments, but I needed a replacement engine for my Zafira so took a chance. I was treated very well. They collected my car (engine was wrecked) and although it took a little longer than I was originally told (7 days instead of 3) I am very happy.

    I travelled by tube to collect the car and they picked me up from Upney station. The car was returned with a used engine that sounds quiet and is guaranteed for 6 months, the car was fully valeted and when I noticed that the air box was a bit loose they couldn't fix it quick enough while I waited. So far I'm very happy (obviously if something falls off or breaks over the next few weeks I'll be back to them!).

    Imran treated me courteously and good luck to them - a fair price for a good job.

    I have no affiliation with anybody connected with Easy Engines, I'm just a happy punter.

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  • Sa
    sam 1211 Jul 02, 2009

    extremelt dissapointed with service and attitude
    i thought genuine garages were ripping me by the prices they were
    quoting but in reality they were giving me genuine prices with
    always use a recommended garage

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  • To
    Tonyt Jun 22, 2009

    Some of these comments do sound reasonable but no need for the racism that Jimmy clearly shows. Surely a company that size that has been around for a relativly short time does have some problems that need ironing out. It is unfortunate about some of the cases seen here but what about the other side of the story. There are people out there that are very happy with the service they provide, including some of those qualified main dealer mechanics and other garages that use their services, hardly monkey business i think. Having been in thier workshop recently i noticed a lot of high performance vehicles such as rx8s to lexus's as well as porches and new vehicles from local main dealers, all of which their mechanics are capable of rebuilding and repairing time and time again.

    Looking at other main complaints boards. Unfortuantly repairing vehicles is not the easiest thing to deal with. Having been in this business before, untill the vehicle arrives at the workshop, a garage never ever knows the complete job that is required and never knows wether parts are missing (if car has already been worked on in previous garages) or if any electrical components are damaged. It is a real nightmare and i feel this has not been adressed in any one of the comments on this complaint board. I dont belive any company out there that aims to rip people off can survive that long, and still under the same name that it originally started as. Its common sense really.

    Its a shame that just anybody can come on here and say anything about any company with no proof. Yes, some complaints do sound reasonable and it is unfortunate that it happens, but Jimmy is way out of line, taking advantage of the sterotypes of foreigners in this country. Very immature and does nothing but take away the credibility of this complaint board. Being a foreigner i am insulted that comments like that are allowed to be posted with such ease and discretion with no evidence to such claims. To me it sounds like a competitor or lazy worker that got fired...

    Anyone can post anything here so i guess the good people out there have to use their knowledge and sense to tell truth from lies and to those that have had bad experiences then it is very unfortunate that it happened but i dont beleive that they are out there to rip people off. Yes, at times the jobs may not be done 100% just like any other garage ive been to but this complaints board does not do the company justice. I guess thats why its called a complaints board, but i feel it is important that people understand the nature of this kind of work. I used to have a garage back home so i feel it is my reponsibility to say what im saying, and many garages in the present can vouch that what im saying now is true for all garages, wehter they have one mechanic or fifty.

    Before anyone comes out and say that i have some affiliation with this company then good luck to you. As if it really matters.

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  • Mi
    Michael S Brown Jun 22, 2009

    This is a fake complaint. Blatently someone in the same business. Hmmm i wonder who... Probably that guy who loves a bit of crack now and then. Rot in hell you ###.

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  • Pr
    princegary Jun 09, 2009

    I was on the verge of bookin in a car with "Autofix", I enquired about an engine replacement and was quoted a good price, then called back shortly after by another chap quoting more. I found them through an Ebay advert selling re-con engines. Well literally just before I called to book in I thought I wanted to view their website if they had one but I only had a number for them. I googled their number and surprise surprise it's the same as per easy engines. Im so glad I found this thread as it's probably saved me the cost of the engine and some. They were very pushy once contacted though and the constant inflation of the price was a worry.

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  • Ma
    Mateusz Jun 05, 2009

    I wish I saw these comments before I decided to fix my car by "Easy Engines" . I quoted on new engine for my Mazda 6 and I was given quiet good price and promise that the job will be done within 5 - 8 days as they had the engine in stock. After almost 3 weeks I was told that other parts of my engine are broken and it will cost me almost double what I quoted. I had to agree as they said that otherwise they will not give me the warranty for the engine and they were quiet rude by saying that. After 3 weeks I collected my car and I was told to come back in couple of days to recharge my a/c as all gas was lost. When I came back they refused to do any job. It costed me another 60 quid to do it somewhere else. After few weeks I noticed that I had a oil leak under the bonnet as I had to top it up quiet often. Apart from that the Turbo unit is very noisy between 2.5 and 3 k and stoped working already twice, when I had to turn off the engine and start again (Turbo is also under the warranty). I booked with them the oil change so by the same time they could fix the turbo and leak. I went there twice taking day off from work and again they refused to do anything to some circumstances. I changed the oil somewhere else as I was fed up of calling them, speaking every time to different person and the manager is never available. Finally I left the car with themto fix the turbo and the oil leak. The day after I picked up the car, which suppose to be fixed, but the person who was dealing with me, couldn't exactly say what was done or changed. I was told "it's all good". On the way back home I had exactly the same noise coming from the turbo unit and the they after the same leak under the bonnet and another 1L of oil pured to the engine (I spent over 100 quid for oil within a month!) In the meantime I realised I have to let DVLA know about the new engine number and SURPRISE ! when I went there to ask about the number I was told that my engine was't really replaced but it was fixed! The receipt exactly say about the new engine, which suppose to be fitted. I got so angry as they simply lied to me. Incredible how they deal with the customers. Very dissapointing. If you had similar problems with them e-mail me: [email protected]

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  • Ia
    IanMarlow May 27, 2009


    Ive seen these comments and suprise suprise ive had the exact same trouble!! Took my car to easy engines for a rebuild, quoated me a good price, and 5-8 day wait. After THREE months and returing the car THREE times, i was then given my back with A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SECOND HAND ENGINE and DAMAGED PAINTWORK!! Ive paid for a rebuild which i havnt actually got now as theyve taken my engine!! Nuts, bolts and clips are broken and loose, some even missing! Was never contacted in the three months, apart from to increase the price!! Went back to speak to the manager, was then told 'take me to court' by the owner. Am now in the process of legal action and currently awaiting a reply from them before i get a court order!! If anyone else has had the pleasure of dealing with these bandits please contact me! [email protected]

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  • Pa
    Pat Jacker May 21, 2009

    I gave them my car for a gear job. Offered to pick it up from my place and quoted a new gearbox. As it was the cheapest in the market, i gave them the car. I was promised that the car would be ready within 5-8 days which was written on their quotation. I called back to see if the car was ready after a week and was told to collect it on a Monday, some three days later. I had to go to Birmingham for a meeting so scheduled it for Tuesday, thinking my car would be ready! Nothing even on Tuesday. Was told to collect it on the Friday. Nothing on the Friday. I called back after the weekend, luckily I was told that it was ready for collection! I went over, paid the cab £25. The car was being cleaned, I was happy.

    The Manager told me to go for a drive and when we got in the car, it had to be jump sarted (told me my battery was gone). Once on the road, the car was in a worse condition than before. By this time it had been about 2 weeks and they had f****ed my car up.

    I started recording their phone calls, as by that time I was pretty sure they were dodgy. My car was with these guys for about 7-8 weeks and wouldn't even give it back so I could take it to someone else. I was told that they had changed the gearbox and will charge me labour if I wanted to take my car back. I was also told that my car needed some electronic unit for which they would charge extra labour and parts. The price was suddenly double! I agreed to it and they did that job too.

    Eventually, I went to pick my car up, and the bodywork was damaged!! They promised to do it for me when I was free. I will be going there soon, but I am not sure if I should do that.

    About the gearbox; it is still giving me the same problem after paying a hell lot of money! If someone is interested in taking these guys to court, please contact me as well and I would definitely like to add my bit. I also have phone recordings of these guys, lying a hundred times.

    [email protected]

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  • Hu
    Humid Apr 02, 2009

    However the car is working fine now but It would be great If they have changed the way of communication between them and customer. If you don't really care about the amount of money you spend for the repairs and also the time, which they need to do the job done (ages) It would be only your choise. Thank you

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  • Hu
    Humid Apr 02, 2009

    I was so stupid when decided to fix my car by these guys. I had similar problem with them. I had my car checked by authorised service and all other parts were in good working condition before given to "Easy Engines". By giving me competitive price I was told that my car will be ready within 4-5 working days. My car has been already with them almost 3 weeks and I never got contacted by them. When you call them it is always so difficult to get any information. Don't believe them if they promise to give you the warranty for the part as they never do. They always say that there is something else to be changed in your car and If you don't agree to do so, they won't take any responsibility for the job done by them. Finally It will cost you at least 3 times more that you quoted. It is only your choice but I think it is a big shame that mechanics like these, still exist. Unbelieveble, very dissapointed. The worst company I have dealed with so far. Good luck

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