Eastern Regional Pike Police Commissionmisuse of commission and title

K Aug 02, 2018

One of the Commission members used their nexus to the police to communicate their opinion on the mental health of a non resident to a municipality outside their political subdivision.

The individual, who is an elected official, misled a NY government agency that he was talking on behalf of the police he has a commission link to. This vile individual told a government agent that a person was mental. He alluded that this person was armed. In fact the person owns no firearms.

This elected official, in our opinion, communicated unethically and abused their position. The elected official in Westfall Township should be reprimanded for their vile and unethical actions.

  • Updated by Kevin Holian · Aug 02, 2018

    The elected official being discussed is a Westfall Township PA Supervisor. This hateful and spiteful napoleonic type is also linked to the Westfall and Matamoras Police Commission, yet not a true sworn offIcer.

    This elected officer is not a LEO, yet presented in our opinion, himself as a police official to a non Pennsylvania state entity. He, the elected official, communicated to a NY government agency using his police connection abusively.

  • Updated by Kevin Holian · Aug 02, 2018

    In the Westfall and Matamoras PA municipalities apparently it is the norm for this type of elected official. He is a short p, fat, balding napoleon type who must think he is god.

  • Updated by Kevin Holian · Aug 02, 2018

    This elected official is a true abuser in my opinion. We can only hope he gets ousted.

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