Eastbourne Majestic Hotelholiday to eastbourne

M Sep 03, 2018

ref. R462468.. Eastbourne Majestic Hotel. Was a very poor. hotel from the start. No Porter service. Lots of steps up to hotel.. I am disabled.. Meals and meal times horrendous. meals are a set times with tickets.. Wo betide you if u go down to restaurant 6 mins early. even though empty tables. I my wife and I were sent back to the lounge. Like naughty children.. the following morning was a stampede.. allowing 70/80 people into the dining room all at once, the following was a dissorganised scrum trying to get self service brkfast.. Not acceptable at at all.. I voiced my complaints to reception. Who said that they w0uld pass my complaint to the management.. This complaint was logged. after 2 days I did not get a reply. from any body. this I recomplained to the receptiostatn desk. Food at dinner very poor.. Soup was warm water with a few shavings of vegetables thrown in?.. food waitress says it tastes better than it looks to a lasange. The menu also stated chefs special would be displayed on blackboard daily. ItTo was not? every day you had to ask.. On two ocasions I as I do not use sugar I asked manager twice for sum sweetners. I told her where I was sitting, Non came. I eventually found them near the butter.. where she had left them.. On the 2nd day TV would not work After numerous attempts by reception staff. Only allternative was to change rooms from 110 to 116.. ALL clothes and accesarys and toiletries etc.. Last day the mad scramble we were told to take brkfast at 8.30.. the driver John wanted us on coach for 9??. This Hotel I wud not reccomend to any body.. And this was supposed to be an upgraide from the hotel that I had previously booked.. This was not acceptable for our poor experience and The treatment.. The journey home to cap it all but not the drivers fault.. Took over 10 hours.. I would not ever reccomend or stay at Eastbourne Majestic Hotel ever again..

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