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EastAsiaWholeSaleTheif, con, scam!

Juan Luckey alias Terrell Lucky alias eastasiawholesale. This guy has many names and partners. He is a scam artist. He sets himself up as a wholesaler from Korea. What will blow your mind is that he went as far as having his cell phone number set up in Korea. He actually lives in the USA mostly in Raleigh, NC . He travels from NC to Texas pulling scams and internet scams.
If you have additional information please post it on some blog or board to help track this guy down. Remember he is a con man. He will try to win your confidence and trick you into sending him money and then you will never receive any goods, or at
best receive far less than you expected. I was tricked and told all kinds of stories in order for him to buy time to keep me on the hook in hopes I would send him more money. Stay away as far away as possible. IF you do find him he is wanted by the police.


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    Adrian Calcagno Jan 03, 2008
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    I think the guy posting this comment about Juan Luckey is a scam artist. I used East Asia Wholesale, I am a reputable dealer from Florida, and I have spoken with Juan Luckey several times about placing orders. He has always been very reliable with me and he delivers what he promises. I think the guy who is posting this is full of $%$# and he is probably a competitor who wants to ruin someone's business. I've seen this guy on alibaba and other websites going out of his way to try to ruin and cheat people. Don't believe him.

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    VitaliyKVS Mar 02, 2010

    There is a good site on which there is constantly an updating of bases of swindlers to whom interestingly look there already more than 7500 swindlers and administrators constantly fill up base

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