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I had an eye exam at the begining of this month, They advised me that I needed glasses, I picked the frames I liked and made a partial payment. When I got my glasses, they weren't the right frames, they were completely different. I told them this, and I was told that there was no way I could prove that they were the wrong ones by Leslie, I am assuming the manager. After I left, my husband called with some harsh words because of the way they had treated me. They finally said ok, we will fix this. I took the glasses in and my frames that I had picked out and showed Leslie 20 minutes before were gone. I had the frame model, and name, another lady found them in a book and they were in fact the glasses I picked out weeks ago. So she said she would order them for me. An hour later I got a message from Leslie saying I was trying to pull something over on them and that I was kicked out of the practice. Now they have the glasses that I have made a partial payment on and they wont refund the money or get me the glasses I originally ordered. When we tried to fix this they yelled at us and hung up on us, when my husband went into the office, again Leslie was the rudest person I have ever met and she said they wouldn't give us the money back. So they are stealing money from us, kicking us out for something that was their mistake and they are defaming our character. Not acceptable. We are honest people who CHOSE to go to their business, and they treated horribly.

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