East Coast Commercial Financedeposit theft


Lorenzo Hills at East Coast Commercial Finance promotes his company as a commercial lending source. I submitted a commercial refinance loan application to his company on behalf of a client. He replied with a written term offer sheet and a Letter of Interest. He then requested that my client fill out his application and remit a $10, 000 deposit for expenses to underwrite the loan. From that point forward Mr. Hills was unresponsive until I pestered him incessantly; would not directly answer any question I asked regarding the status of the loan; after 2 1/2 weeks of telling me he had all of the information he needed to issue a commitment letter he then sent a request for more information; never once was available or answered his direct line; and finally left a voice mail for me that changed the structure of the loan to cross collateralize with other property when he had been told several times that type of structure would not work for my client. My client requested his deposit refund, as stated in Mr. Hills Letter of Interest, and Mr. Hills refuses to refund any of my client's money. It is apparent to us he never intended to make a loan, only to collect a deposit and hope we would go away quietly. My client is pursuing further action through legal channels; however, my reputation is permannently damaged.

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