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I have Worked on this company last year. They are not releasing my 40 days salary yet. Also, they are not receiving my phone.

I was tried to talk with the owner of this company but not giving a response from there. In Aug 2019, 6 employees given resign on the same day and Eanythingindian is not releasing salaries yet.

HR doesn't have manners to talk with the employee.

The owner is also not professional. Don't Join here. These people will spoil your life. They are saying I'm learning. HAHA

If you are learning don't waste others' time.

- You need to learn how to run a company.
- You need to learn about professionalism
- you need to learn about HR policies.
- You need to learn about how to talk with employees.
- You need to learn about why companies making good relations with employees.
- You need to groom yourself first..

EanythingIndian Retail

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