Resolved Eagle EquipmentWorst customer service ever and unethical


In January we purchased an automotive lift from this company, we paid cash and got the lift rather quickly but it was scratched up horribly, well we contacted the company and they finally sent touch up paint, no help, no apology, no explanation, NOTHING but we got the paint to try to help matters anyway, so we decided to just use the car lift and go on with our business, however late January early February we decided to buy more equipment from these people so we contacted them first about a parts cleaning machine and Rick Peters the customer service rep. was rude with my partner a man on the phone, totally unhelpful, we wrote it off to him being busy, but I tried contacting him by email since I am the backer for the transmission and high end auto repair shop we are building. So Rick was short with me and rude in my opinion, TOTALLY not helpful, I felt it was because I am a female until my partner also told me he was rude with him. That is NOT the way to conduct business, he was hateful because I had found the cabinet from another company and told him I would rather purchase it from Eagle, Rick's company because we bought the lift from them and wanted to be loyal to them. So he was short with me, totally NOT HELPFUL! Then my husband called back to try to talk to Andy or Andrew the one that sold us the lift because he was much more helpful and we filled out a lease to buy agreement, well they were NO HELP with filling it out and after that we NEVER got a response from them, I wrote a nice long letter to them asking WHY, that this is not good business to treat customers this way, we gave them PRIVATE, important information on that lease agreement and they kept our information but NEVER told us whether we were accepted or turned down, we have impeccable credit, this company was HORRIBLE to deal with, I feel Rick Peters is misogynistic, was rude to me because I was female, when I asked him if that was the problem, I got dead space. Its scary to fill out a lease to buy agreement with a company you feel is legitimate only to have them totally NEVER contact you back, I cannot

get an answer whether my information is safe or compromised or lost or what????


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