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On December 17th, a large tree fell and pulled the mast for the electrical wires off of the side of our house. 240 volts of electricity was supplied to all of our electrical devices. Our new Electrolux wall oven was one of the appliances that was damaged.

I found repair information on the Electrolux website that directed us to contact Sears for repairs if that is where we purchased our oven. We called the Sears Call Centre, gave them the model and serial number of the oven and explained the trouble. They said a repairman would contact us.

Several days went by and it was getting closer to Christmas so I called the Sears number again. They were surprised that a repairman hadn't contacted us and told us they would make sure someone called.

We got a call that day and Repairman 1 informed that no-one could come out before Christmas. He said someone would call to set up an appointment for after Christmas. So we were without an oven for the entire holiday season.

When we didn't hear from anyone by Thursday afternoon, January 7th, we called again. Someone called back and set up an appointment for the following week. Repairman 1 came out, looked the oven over and said that the oven needed two parts, a controller and touch panel and they would have to be ordered in before he could fix it.

The parts took until the middle of February to arrive.

Repairman 2 called to say he was coming to install the part on February 12th. My husband noticed that he said part, singular. He warned Repairman 2 that there were supposed to be two parts. Repairman 2 argued and said there was only one part needed and that he knew what was the problem was and how to fix it.

Repairman 2 arrived and installed the controller. My husband had to point out to him that the oven touch panel was still not lighting up. Also, an error message was showing on the display. Repairman 2 then realized he needed a second part. He called in to Sears and the control panel had been too large to put into his parts bin. It was sitting on the floor, near his bin. He wouldn't go back to Sears to fetch the part. He said he would come back next week.

Repairman 1 showed up the next Friday, February 19th. He had a small, opened part box with him. My husband told him it didn't look like he had the right part with him. Repairman 1 said that Repairman 2 had given the box to him, saying it was what was needed to be installed. It turned out that it was the damaged controller that Repairman 2 had removed the week before. Repairman 1 called into Sears and found out the touch panel had been returned to the parts supplier. We were told there would be a delay while the part was ordered in again.

My husband also told Repairman 1 that the oven didn't seem to be calibrated properly anymore. Repairman 1 said that was another issue and he would deal with it later. We had a dinner party the next day where we weren't sure what temperature we were cooking things at and we had to stare intently at the touch panel to try to see the unlit buttons.

So, we still have a broken oven that gives random error messages and random oven temperatures, after two months. I've never waited more than a week to have any major appliance fully repaired, until now.

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