E-Z Rent-A-Car at LAX Airportovercharge due to deceptive sales tactics

T Nov 24, 2017

When I rented a car at the E-Z Rent-A-Car at the LAX airport on October 21, 2017, the agent (I believe deliberately) misrepresented the collision damage waiver option. She explained that the waiver was declining the option, when in fact it meant that I was accepting the option. In every English dictionary the word "waive" means decline or refuse, but not in the tricky language used in this company's rental contract. This resulted in an overcharge of $138.72. She failed to show me in advance a detailed list of charges which would have exposed the extra amount. The electronic signature device handed to me also did not show the total charge. The company then refused to refund the overcharge when I finally discovered it.

The whole sales process makes me very suspicious that this is the normal business practice for E-Z Rent-A-Car: they deliberately misrepresent extra options to run up the bill.

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