E Z Bright Whitening SystemWill not honor FREE offer

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On June 5, 2009, I ordered of the INTERNET from E Z Bright teeth whitening system
Based on Web advertising I ordered the FREE TRIAL $5.95 shipping and handling.
The package from Michigan arrived on June 10, 2009.

On June 17, 2009, I call [protected] to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (R..M. A.)
I am speaking to Jessica ( no last name given)
I tell her that I want to return the E Z Bright she states that “You are 24 hours late and That I would now be billed $83.73."
I protested, she said “Sorry”
Can I talk with anyone else? “ Sorry, NO ”
I bring up the fact that product was delivered June 10, 2009 and that I was within the Seven ( 7) day trial period.
Again she said no. That they have no control over when the product was delivered.
I proceed to cancel all future orders which I found out that I not knowingly authorised
Cancellation # 52384.
As she tried to sell me on a different program I refused because she would not authorize
a return.
On reviewing the E Z Bright advertisement on Teeth Whitening Warning sites I see that the TRIAL is for seven days upon receipt of the product. ( see copy of ad )

I also filed with the Michigan Attorney Generals Office

E Z Bright Whitening System


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      Jun 18, 2009

    the fine print:
    EZ Bright:
    Start your RISK-FREE Trial now to receive a full 30 day supply of EZ Bright (retail price of $450.00). You have 7 days from the day you receive your product, to evaluate the product and see the results for yourself. If you enjoy EZ Bright, simply do nothing. You will be billed the super low price of $84.73 at the end of your trial period... and still enjoy a significant savings! If, for ANY reason, you decide that EZ Bright is not for you, simply call [protected] before the end of your 7 day trial period for an RMA number and return instructions. Then, return the unused portion of the product within 10 days of receiving your RMA number. Plus, when you accept this RISK-FREE Trial, you will also receive a FREE membership in the EZ Bright VIP Program. That means you will continue to get a fresh supply of EZ Bright every 30 days for the low price of $84.73, plus shipping & handling of $5.95. No commitments, no hassles. Cancel anytime. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal!

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      Jun 18, 2009

    "Bam Boozled"
    I read your post and I have a few issues with your complaint. You should have reviewed your comment before posting it, and certainly should have done more research before submitting it to the AG.

    First things first, the "advertisement" that you attached as an EZBright order confirmation is in fact not an EZBright site. If you actually looked at the page before submitting it you would have realized that it says it is from ezBrightPRO. EZBright is not the same product as ezBrightPRO and does not have the same return policy nor does it have the same Terms and Conditions. I have placed an order with EZBright and I read the Terms and Conditions before placing my order. I also got an order confirmation page after I hit "SUBMIT" which stated the date that I would be billed. It also stated that if there were any issues or questions about the product that I should call within my trial period to have them addressed. The order confirmation page stated that it should be printed "for my records", and I did so. I also received an email reiterating the T&C as well as my "bill on date". There really should be no confusion as to when or why it was billed, or that you had to call before that date to get an "RMA". If you did not have a full seven (7) days to try the product and you knew your billing date it is your responsibility to make contact and extend that time period with the customer service agents.

    As for "Jessica" she is more than likely doing her job, I would imaging that anyone there would say the same thing to you as you were outside of your trial period. I have worked in one of those type of call centers and if it is clearly the customers lack of reading the information that was provided to them then there is really nothing that they can do. Whether you had been speaking with a manager or just a "floor employee" they would all say the same thing, there is nothing that they can do. Personal accountability needs to be considered when placing an order over the internet, especially when the Terms of the *Risk Free trial are disclosed to the customer at least 3 times before the product shows up on your door-step.

    I am sure the Michigans Attourney General will look over your complaint and review the EZBright website just to find that they were in compliance, at which point they may or may not inform you that you should educate yourself on the programs that you enroll yourself in before you waste their time.

    Best Regaurds,
    Satisfied EZBright customer (not a customer of ezBrightPRO)

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      Jun 21, 2009

    EZ BRIGHT PRO ? EZ Bright Both links get you to the same order form it is still a scam. I am glad it works for youbut, others including me do not think this PROMO is on the up & up

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      Jun 24, 2009

    Got an E-Mail today stating that I will have my cc credited. We will vsee.

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  • T
      Jan 07, 2010

    Does anyone have any futher information about complaints against this company for their fradulent behavior? I am also trying to locate the nationally syndicated news program that featured them when they first come out with this product?

    As the story is described here, the same happened to me.

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