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DuneBad Customer Service.. Missing Goods


I purchased 2 x pairs of shoes in the sale in June 2009 which never arrived.

I was told by Dune Customer Services to check with the post office - I did this and apparently Royal Mail seem to have misplaced the items. They asked me to go back to the supplier so that they could raise a claim for the goods and Dune could then refund my money.

I have emailed Dune, called and left messages and written letters countless times and they completely ignore my requests for help.

I contacted Consumer Direct who advised me to write and threaten with court action... still no response.

Shocking Customer Service... I have no shoes and have paid for them!!


  • Cd
    cdavies Oct 09, 2009

    I have had exactly the same experience.

    I never received a £40 pair of shoes which were ordered in March 09 and despite numerous and varied attempts to get any feedback from Customer Services I have received nothing.

    I have never experienced such bad customer service, and with an established and supposedly reputable brand!

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  • Ma
    Mary O'Neill Dec 01, 2009

    I absolutely agree, I also have never experienced such bad customer service. I purchased a pair of winter boots a year ago and within a week of my getting them out to wear again this winter the zip gave out. I thought not unreasonably that as I had deliberately bought an expensive pair from a reputable brand that I could expect a bit more. The boots also looked extremely worn, which I have since discovered from friends is not that unusual for Dune footwear. I have a pair of marks and spencer boots bought at the same time which barely show a blemish and a pair of john lewis boots bought four years ago the same. When I took the boots back to Dune I was told that this was wear and tear and to maintain them I should have kept the zip waxed and boots polished regularly and implied that I had somehow over used them. I told her I only had them a year, did not wear them in the summer and as a Mum I use my footwear to get me to school ten minutes away and back. The thing that shocked me the most was the antagonistic, almost bullying attitude of the the store manager and the customer service person. It was almost as if I was in the wrong just for daring to voice satisfaction. Very, very disapointed with this service, even if they do repair the boots, their customer service is rediculously aggressive.

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  • Mo
    MORRISH4 Dec 14, 2009

    Having just read the criteria for becoming as Assistant Store Manager with "Dune", I was gobsmacked to read the complaints. However, having rung them at 4.30pm mid week when they should have been open and remembering 2 weeks later that they haven't responded, now doesn't surprise me!!

    I am trynig to trace a pair of Dune "Bunnii" ankle boots to purchase and can't seem to find out which shops are holding them. So short of ringing around the whole country, I guess I'll have to give up my quest!!

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  • Ma
    Mariel Dec 17, 2009

    2 out of 3 pairs of shoes I bought at Dune this year had failre and I had to return them. Unfortunately it means travelling back and forth and wasting my time. Apparently Dune is reputable brand !! Am I so bad luck then ??? This week I was looking for the winter boots and visited almost every single Dune shop in London.Everywhere I felt discomfort with the customer service insisting me to buy a pair which I tried on but in the end I did not feel comfotable in. On the other hand, in the first shop I visited, when I found the model I liked which was displayed only in brown and I asked for the black version, the shop assistant tried to convince me that the black model had sold out and I would not get it anywhere.There are only brown left (apparently she checked the stock online) . Later on, I found these boots in black in any other shop I visited. I don't know why I come back every time to Dune.. It's reaaly hard to find a good quality pair of shoes nowadays. The quality of shoes in general in all these so called reputable high street footwear shops (Dune, Aldo) is so poor !!!They are not cheap and they are just crap . You just pay for the label on the shoe . And the shop assistants are sometimes so pushing as well (especially in DUne) . They make me feel very uncomfortable.

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  • St
    Steph1984 Jan 09, 2010

    I had one of the most horrible experiences at Dune. I received a pair of shoes for Christmas. I have a very similar pair so wanted to exchange them for something different. I found the pair I liked, and went to the till for an exchange - The pair I wanted were £20 more expensive, I didn't think it would be an issue. I was told by the shop assistant that she didn't stock them so I would have to go somewhere else! The next Dune I visited didn't stock them either so I was sent somewhere else. In this store, they stocked them but advised that I would have to go to Selfridges as they were purchased from a concession in Manchester. After spending an hour and a half going from Dune to Dune, I was told in Selfridges (Oxford Street) that I would have to go back to Manchester! Never in my life have I heard anything so ridiculous. I worked in retail throughout my student years in many different major high street shops and have never come across this before.
    I don't expect my complaint to be responded to so I'll cut my losses, keep them and never wear them. A complete waste of time!!!

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  • Bo
    bobo188 Mar 21, 2010

    The worst company ever!!!afte a week of wearing new boot i have bought from them they were soaking wet obviously faulty.and reply???its just a waste of time to mention!!

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  • Mi
    misshh Apr 15, 2010

    I could not agree more with these comments and am happy to have found others in a similar situation to me.

    I have had a very similar experience with Dune. A few days before Christmas, my partner bought me a pair of Dune shoes. Lovely as they were, they did not fit so I thought I would take them back for a refund - normal proceedure. Considering that most shops have an extended or more lenient returns policy around Christmas to account for present buying, I was completely taken aback by the way I was treated when I went into the store for a refund. I was told that I could not have a refund, even though the shoes were within the usual 28 day returns period and were as new. Reason being? Because the shoes were bought in the sale (only £25 off by the way, they still cost £100!). I explained that they were a gift, and my partner was adament that he had not been told about the sale refund policy, nor had they displayed a 'no refunds on sale items' sign. The store manager simply told us that this was 'our word against theirs'! By this point, and obviously frustrated, the store manager reluctantly agreed to an exchange, albeit with the same attitude I have been reading about here - unfriendly and frankly, blunt. I would advise to buy sale shoes online so that you are guaranteed a return if there are any problems, however...

    I have also had a multitude of problems with the Dune website. I ordered a pair of shoes at the beginning of the year only to be charged twice for them (£150 for a pair of sale shoes!). I was told I would have to provide proof of this, which I could quite easily but the return took a number of days, by which point I simply wanted to cancel the order. I was told the order had been cancelled, only to receive an email a few days later to say that my shoes were ready to be collected (I used the click and collect service). Well, of course I was angry again since this would mean a trip into London, plus postal charges to send back and get my refund (which took nearly a month!).

    Lastly, (and by this point I don't know why I even bothered) I ordered a pair of sandals online. They arrived damaged so I posted them back, again at my own cost. Once again, Dune has proven to be utterly useless. I posted the shoes 1st class recorded so I KNOW that they have been received, and within the given time period. That was over a month ago, and still no refund. I have emailed but, honestly, what's the use...

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  • Kl
    kl1001 Apr 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Do not buy from this company - the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I placed an order in early December for almost €500, never delivered. (Verified by Fedex tracking number!)

    I have tried everything to get in contact with a customer service rep to resolve the matter. 4 months later & no contact. I have sent on details of communication attempts to my credit card company - they are reviewing the case & will hopefully reverse the transaction. DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY - IF THERE IS A PROBLEM THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY!

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  • Ha
    hayleymay Aug 07, 2010

    I bought some shoes from their website in June. I sent them back the same day I received them as they were too big. they received them on the Monday as they were signed for I tracked the number. it's been 11 weeks and no refund. I have rang several times and left messages to which no one replies. I have sent 8 emails, after one that was threatening to take them to small claims court they replied and said they would refund me' asap. still no refund. disgraceful customer service I will not buy from them
    again !!!

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  • To
    ToriM Jul 22, 2011

    The customer service from this retailer was awful. Ordered items did not arrive and no explanation was given. Phoned several times and have e-mailed three times (each time I have received an automated response with a promise of a return e-mail) and have received no reply to any of these.
    Needless to say I will not be purchasing anything from them again.

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  • Xx
    XXPhoebeXX Sep 05, 2011

    Can't agree more! Now I just wish I read all these comments before placing any order! More than a week ago I ordered three pairs of shoes on their website, but immediately after placing the order I realised I didn't use the discount code I received by email, so I just email them asking if they could simply apply the code for me (as I believe the shoes wouldn't have been shipped just yet). I got a polite response next morning, but the guy said they couldn't do that and if I would like to cancel the order and reorder again. I did so immediately after and sent him the 2nd order number and he promised to cancel the 1st order for me. Couple of days later I received an email saying my 1st order has been dispatched, and not long after another one saying my 2nd order as well. In shock, I replied to the Customer Service guy and he insisted that he "sent an email to cancel my order". Also, he said he managed to "save my 2nd order just before it's dispatched" and "would refund my discount". Now it's been like 5 days and I have not received any shoes yet, plus, I just checked my bank account and I have been charged TWICE!!! And, WHERE ARE MY SHOES!!! I'm getting really really fed up now!!! They are absolutely the worst and mostly poorly managed company ever!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM EVER AGAIN! :(

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  • Na
    Natstar1 Jul 26, 2013

    Absolutely ridiculous - I ordered a pair of shoes and was sent the wrong colour in the correct colour box. Upon ringing them they said this happened often and I should return for an exchange. I was then sent the wrong colour three times (!) before being told that the shoe wanted was now sold out. It had't been the three weeks earlier when I originally tried to purchase them. Upon complaining I was told that there was nothing that they could do.
    I am thinking of asking them to refund my postage but they will most likely refuse!

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  • Sh
    Shariken Nov 10, 2013

    I bought a pair of occasion shoes from Dune. With only about 5 times use, the heel snapped off completely. I took them back to the shop with proof of purchase, being a copy of my bank statement. The manager was rude, he first off stated I had not bought them back within 28 days. I carefully explained, I wasn't returning under Dune's procedure, I was returning under the sale of goods act. Then he started to state than I had had them for a long time (over a year) therefore were not prepare to do anything. Again I carefully explained that the Sale of Goods act implies 'Durable Quality' not how long you have something and you could tell by the condition of the heels, they had been hardly worn. He then suggested I was lying when I said the heel just came away and I must of caught it in a grid. I replied that I was there when the heel snapped and he wasn't, further more there are more scuff marks on the other shoes, so following his logic, that heel should be off as well. In the end he wouldn't budge. So I pointed out he was denying me my statutory rights and left the shop. I then sent the shoes back to customer services, pointed out my rights under the Sale of Goods act and threatened them with trading standards etc. Plus the lack of customer service from the manager. I got a full refund, but that is all, no apology or anything extra to make up for my bad experience. So anyone reading this, stick to your statutory rights, push it and don't back down on poor quality... Or just don't buy from this horrible shop no matter how pretty the shoes look - I have warned all my pals.

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  • La
    laura12345 Nov 12, 2013

    totally agree!!! I bought a pair of boots for £92 last week and dune have charged me twice for one order!!! I rang up when I realised what had happened and was told that the payment transaction had gone through twice but it will be returned automatically within 3-5 working days... 7 days later they still have £92 of my money! as a poor student my overdraft is maxed out because of them and I have no money to last me!!!

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  • Co
    corinepm Dec 10, 2014

    Sadly I have another bad experience to add to this board - having ordered a pair of boots and a pair of shoes on line I was very pleased on receiving a text that they would be delivered on the following Wednesday ... and as per my instructions left on our porch! To my surprise Tuesday evening I found a card that delivery had taken place a day earlier than planned and my parcel was with my neighbour ... Unfortunately the neighbour has not signed for any delivery for me - and a week later despite numerous calls and emails I still have no news on the whereabouts of my parcel ... The customer service of this brand is awful, no replacement parcel has been despatched nor have I been refunded - stay away or order from a reputable department store -

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  • Sh
    SheGri Apr 27, 2016

    Totally agree! Their customer service is unbelievable!! I placed an order in the 1st week of April and after almost x3 weeks when I still haven't received my items, I contacted customer care which replied back saying that for some reason unknown the parcel was returned to their warehouse and that a refund shall be processed accordingly...I explained that I would prefer my items rather than a refund.
    In the meantime I tried to re-order the same items online but they weren't available anymore in my size and product is being discontinued!
    I emailed them back explaining that since parcel was at their warehouse, obviously they were still available! They advised that this is not possible and that they are unable to fulfill due to stock availability! This reasoning is dreadful considering that parcel was returned to the warehouse so they should just locate it and re-send it.
    They are absolutely the worst and mostly poorly managed company ever!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM EVER AGAIN! :(

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