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Visit this Duncan Donuts often, is the one closest tp my destination
The other day, the temps outside were in the 90"s, inside the DD at 2435 Hylan Blvd, was even hotter... a fan was blowing hot air.. the workers sweating, and they were still as nice as they always am..the ice cream in the case melting... the donuts were exposed to this heat..
this is not the first time I have gone in there in this type of weather... everytime I visit, is the same extreme heat. Spoke to someone who worked there, they stated AC was being repiared, I do not believe that, as I said is always ike this...
also this DD has a dirty appearance.. tables.. not clean... but the main issue is the Heat... these poor people having to work in such an envoirnment is apalling. If this issue is not addressed i am taking it to the NY Board of health, making sure something gets done! I am just a concerned NYer who happens to Love DD, this being the only DD I have ever been too, with such almost unhuman conditions..and as i said ice cream was melted.. donuts in the extreme heat, and... employees sweating... as if you want to see that, when they handle your coffee & donut...

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      Aug 22, 2009

    And how is the heat unhealthy?

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      Sep 13, 2009
    Duncan Donuts - poor quality food
    Duncan Donuts
    United States

    This Duncan Donuts waters down its iced coffees. Other Duncan shops put way to much ice and milk in their coffee drinks. My iced decaf coffee is so thin I can see the straw through it. It should be dark and lovely like it used to be.

    The Duncan Donuts in Lutherville, MD burns their breakfast sandwhiches. Not only the bread but the egg too.

    The Duncan Donuts on Rt. 404 near the Maryland/Delaware state line does the same thing with putting too much milk or ice in their drinks.

    At least McD is consistent.

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  •   Dec 12, 2010

    how can they control the suns temperature?

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      Dec 12, 2010
    Duncan Donuts - Stale donuts
    dunkin donuts
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Donuts seem to be stale- I bought a dozen and the nexr day they seemed to be stale. When we went back today the service was poor. If you ask me there was not enough people to hanle the customers and the drive thru at the same time. I'll give it another try but we'll probably end up at Panera's instead of your place. Also Tables need to be cleaned more frequently.
    It's a shame because we use to love the place,
    Thanks Roy Brizell
    Store #1746149

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      Jul 23, 2011
    Duncan Donuts - Not so happy
    Duncan Donuts
    United States

    My boyfriend and I visit many duncan. Donuts in our area. We average spending around 200 to 250 a month at duncan donuts in the naperville il. Vicinity and have noticed that over the last year the service and quality has dropped terribly. We get cold or old coffee and the servers can't seem to get off the phones to even take our orders. And this is at all hours as we work nights and days. We have been thinking of taking our money somewhere else as duncan donuts no longer needs customers ..

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