DUprepaid mobile

F Oct 10, 2019

I got this free tourist sim on arrival at Dubai Airport. Attempted recharging 150Dhs at the machine as the DU shop was too crowded.

Failed. Tried again. Failed again.

The staff at shop helped me to call the customer hotline, and said there was some technical issue and the total 300 Dhs will be put into my account within 24 hours.

I couldn't wait for 24 hours without mobile and data so I rechared at another DU shop for a 75 dhs with 40 flexi minutes and 2.5 G data.

and the 300 Dhs was put after 24 hours.

Then my nightmare came.

First was the balance always wrong, I couldn't get correct balance of my account via sms. It says always "I have used all my bundle and need to buy a new one" even I didn't use any service.

Second I got this msg says my ID was failed to be registered that I have to go to Du shop to update otherwise my line would be cut.

I went to DU shop 4 times during a week to register my passport while my phone service was cut for 3 times. Finally I got my ID registered via online support, the support tells each time a different story about my problem.

Third and the worse, right after when the 75Dhs bundle was expired (validation for 14 days), this number was cut immediately even as I had still 300 dhs in account.

I went to DU shop, again. Staff helped to submit a claim ticket and promised that I would have a call-back within 24 hours.

Now it has been 4 days, and all I have is a msg says I would have a call within 3-5 days after I asked several times online and offline support when I would have a feedback.

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